The festival Fashi at home, the soul of tourism is constantly burning? Honey, open your heart and savor every lane in Taiwan. Enjoy the light travel of Songshan line!

Travel, not far away from home, but play happy, let Heart to run. After the opening of the Songshan line last November, many people said that work has become easier! The Songshan line is not only a good way to go, but it can also turn into a fun route! Today I want to share with you the day travel map of the Taipei MRT Songshan Line, enjoy the Taipei that you have not known well, the street with the fragrance of the fragrant coffee, the streets of the daily hasty footsteps will not be found. Go, you will find that the good details to rest assured that is the meaning of travel. (Recommended reading: for their own design a trip "heart"! )

Route one, slow life, deep breathing every fine detail

Planning route: New store station--mansion station--station of electric power building

First stop: New store

Let's go in the morning! First to the new store station of the Green Lake to stroll the Old Street, take the drawbridge to the other side after some snacks. On the drawbridge can be seen surrounded by Green Lake, Green Lake, such as the small Xihu, makeup light wipe total affordable, different solar terms have different wave billow. A full meal can be used to step on the duck boat, closer to the majestic mountain wall. In addition, the blue pool is also very suitable for the evening with the other half to walk, face the lake sit down, then see the City of lights on the lake reflected on the surface of the beautiful, such a romantic not to Paris, people, the lake is also very flavoursome.

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Second stop: Mansion

Walk through the blue Pool to enjoy the body and mind of the washing, in the afternoon with a close to the humanities walking itinerary. Mansion Treasure Rock International Art Village is a famous artist in the village, stealth in the bustling business circle, such as a Xanadu. The Treasure Rock has no fancy scenic spot, but a clump of quiet green tree turf, an old house with years of baptism, a wall of graffiti left by the artist on one side. Every corner of the treasure rock, there are avantgarde and retro-stirring surprises, take a walk around the alley, you will have to walk in the beautiful forest imagination.

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At the same scene add Ying Villa Cafe: The mansion station Taiwan University opposite Alley has many lets the person covet three this afternoon tea, the café, some is suitable to do one afternoon, some is famous for the coffee fragrant, introduces several to enjoy: Picnic picnic coffee, the snow can house, the road picks up a cat, Flügel Cafe, The seaside Kafka (often live band at night, listening to music to kill a good night to relax). (You will like: must Have you like, eight must go to the Taiwan Coffee shop )

Third stop: Taiwan Power Building

It's time to have a good meal after a long day's journey. You can choose to ride from the mansion YouBike to the normal business circle, you can also take the MRT to the Power Tower, exit 3rd right turn down the road, bend into the lane is the lively normal university night market, the normal University night market, many personalized clothing store, but if you want to eat a meal can choose to walk while eating, ice Fire Pineapple Oil, Division garden Salt Crisp Chicken, Anoccoli cakes, lanterns, and lo-Mei are hot line snacks! Of course, if you want to sit and enjoy, secretly recommend the normal University treasures charcoal Roast Thai Chicken leg rice, bite a mouthful will feel tender to melt. (same field Gayon: will eat also want to speak!) Taiwan Night Market snacks in English so to speak

The same field Gayon: If you walk through the night market of the normal University, you still reluctant to go home, you can sit in a nearby café, not sleeping coffee, find coffee, street lights, coffee and other popular cafes are in the vicinity. and specially recommended Bistro O, drink a cup of wine, chat, the cat in the side rub off, a lazy night.

Route two, greedy map: The days of good food is the day!

Planning route: North Gate Station--Zhongshan station--Songshan station

First stop: North Gate Station

As soon as he stepped into the North Gate MRT Station, he was in a monument. The North Gate MRT Station left the water pipe ruins of the sewer construction in the Japanese-run period, and the history of the Taipei station, which almost recorded the history of the traffic progress of the whole Taipei, as if walking into the time tunnel, the black and white picture on the wall was the memory of the Northern dynasty to Taiwan. The Centennial Railroad history concentrates in this corridor. North Gate Station shows Taiwan's first architectural art of incorporating monuments into MRT stations, presenting the beauty of unadorned.

Tacheng Street for five minutes, came to the Tihua street interests Business circle. Every new year while traveling on the side to do Spring Festival, there are many characteristics of old shops and buildings worth visiting! Line food can refer to yongle Tainan soil 魠 fish soup, rich beef noodles, Zheng pig's feet rice, yongle rice moss and so on.

The same field Gayon: Here Xia Hai Temple of the Matchmaker is also crowded, passing may wish a good marriage!

Second Station: Zhongshan station

To Zhongshan station, you can go to the light point of the Taipei courtyard Stroll, the light point of the predecessor of the Japanese ruling period of the "U.S. Consulate in Taipei," more like a move elegant villas. Light Point Taipei has restaurants, cafes, exhibition halls, as well as a light point film museum, want a slow pace of the holiday, watch a movie and then go! (Do not want to go out can also let DVD accompany your holiday: gentle and resolute, 19 to your female force film )

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MRT Zhongshan Station can be said to be café and gourmet of the first-level war zone, including day coffee, churlish canteen, mushroom Café booday, Miranci, Japanese-style old house built Green Island Serenade, cheap pasta screws mary, long nose Thai restaurant.

When you are full, you can export from number 1th, follow the line park along the MRT to get to the Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art MOCA Taipei, digest the full belly, into the quiet exhibition room, to know more new contemporary artists, so that works to cultivate anxiety, but also a journey to wash the soul of the humanities.

Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art MOCA Taipei exhibition information

Third stop: Songshan station

First of all, for the MRT, you will see a large art device that is flashing neon colors, "domain See". This works as the Songshan station originates from the River Bend place converge into the essence of the place, there is "the river Bends, the domain see the flowers of light dome" meaning. It is fascinating to look at the gorgeous colorful.

And then there's an exit. Raohe Night Market thoroughly, first of all, there is no patience do not row of Fuzhou Shi zu pepper cake, Chen Dong medicine stew ribs, Shi boss stinky tofu, the next Hong Kong tofu, Fudao house round to burn, want to point exotic also have a pulp Yuzi burning, Australian meat pie, tangerine like Thai food monopoly Shop (banana pancake), Japanese hand scrolls, what more than the Taiwan night market like the place of the Earth village?

If you are full, you might as well walk in the Rainbow Bridge on the Keelung River, or bring some snacks to the door to open a conversation, and end today's little trip with a sparkling river.

Route three, educated youth map: Travel, is to learn while walking!

Planning route: Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Station--ximen station--Songjiang Nanjing railway station

First stop: Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Station

Come to the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall early to see the exhibition. During the annual leave with the family to visit SpongeBob: Swimming than the special exhibition, or taste Bologna World Illustration exhibition, is a good idea to slow down the pace! After reading, walk in the Broad Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall to enjoy the sun, go out and do not forget to enjoy the nearby food, Hangzhou small steamed bun, jinfong rice, and so on. (Extended reading: The 10-year plan for the Taiwan Design exhibition, what is your role?) )

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Second stop: Simon's Station

To Simon, in addition to be able to visit Prudential products, Prudential Products 116,UNIQLO, can also go to the bank of Simon's mansion message to listen to music, there are often like indie music, rock and roll singer performance. This evening to a point of wine and music, soft tired nervous nerves.

Third station: Songjiang Nanjing railway station

Entering the miniature Museum of Songjiang Nanjing is like a surreal Gulliver's Travels, everything is presented in a smaller version. The Pocket Museum is a world-class collection of miniature art masters from all over the world. From 2000 years ago, a glimpse of the Roman ruins of the Roman Empire to the 90 's million apartments in the United States to feel the comfort of gentlemen, the Italian water is Venice's romantic amorous feelings; the luxurious British Queen Buckingham Palace, the slums of London's eastern suburbs, the fairy tale world of Snow White, A stroll through the Pocket museum is like a time tunnel into exotic times.

(Photo source: Pocket Museum )

Then walk through this Taipei Lilliput, don't forget to fill the belly! There is a reputation in the vicinity of the super loud and spicy hot pot, as well as Japanese cuisine, Japan Dual-track rotary sushi Kura (くら sushi), やよい Xuan Yayoi (Nathan) and so on.

The same work route, not the same get off the station! Did you experience the difference in Taipei City? Maybe you can try it today, don't open Google Map, follow any route plan, go to the alley and get lost, go to a stranger by asking for directions, and visit more interesting things. Not frustrated always can not find a long holiday to enjoy, holding uneasy ordinary caper heart to go to jump, every day is holiday! Three to see Taipei into the heart of the Songshan line proposal, to you, wish you have a good holiday. (same field Gayon: holiday travel picks!) Three strokes, teach you to play Crazy MRT Lutheran line )