The classic dialogues of 12 Oscar finalists, all of which contain different attitudes to life. Try which words can bring you forward momentum!

do you have a movie dialogue in your mind that belongs to you? Remember sitting in a movie theater, when the actors say that, let your heart feel a shock? Whether it is to let you full of power, think of the past, or even shed tears, every simple dialogue, often has a profound philosophy of life, which is why we always for the film deeply fascinated by the reason it.

Tomorrow morning is the 87th annual Academy Awards ceremony, many of which include a number of shortlisted awards, and you are as curious as the female fans are the various awards will be winner? Don't worry, before watching the awards ceremony, women fans have sorted out the classics of these Oscar finalists for you to see what they are hiding in the movie.

1. Bird Man (Birdman): Best Film etc nine finalists

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"Popularity is the reputation of the dissolute little cousin." "popularity is the slutty little cousin of prestige."

Over gas movie star "bird Person", think of the past scenery of their own, always some lonely, good want to seize the last chance, let the audience for their own crazy once, even if only once good. Life is like this, challenges often begin after achievement. When you have tasted fame or wealth, do you still have the means to stick to your original purpose and not lose yourself? (Take a look: when "bird Man" applause again: we are afraid of the stage of the discontent field )

2. Young age (Boyhood): Best Film and six finalists

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"Everyone is always talking about the moment, but I think it's the other way around, but it's the moment that grabs us." "you know how everyone's always saying seize the moment?" I don ' t know, I ' m kind of the thinking it ' s the other way around, your know, like the moment seizes us.

People always say to live in the present, but this "present" often makes us feel pain, feel no choice. But do you believe it? Everything happens at the right time. Even the things that make you miserable, waiting for the moment to pass, always make you happy that it happened at that time.

3. The universe of Love (the Theory of Everything): Five finalists for best film

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"Human endeavor should not have boundaries. Everyone is different, no matter how bad life seems, there are always things you can do and do. As long as there is a place of life, there is hope. "There should is no boundaries to human endeavor. We are all different. However seem, there is always something you can does, and succeed at. While there ' s life, there is hope.

When the physician pronounced Stephen's life for only two years, he chose to continue to devote himself to the physical research he was good at and to live a new self. We often feel that our lives are hopeless and want to shuffle again, but what can be worse than the passing of life? Finding what you can do and do, and stick to it, Stephen has proved that hope is not far ahead. (Extended reading:"The love of All things": Hawking's story, let love condense in enthusiasts moment )

4. Welcome to Budapest Grand Budapest Hotel: Nine finalists for best film

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"Rudeness is just a manifestation of fear, and people are always afraid not to get what they want." If the most odious people feel loved, they will bloom like flowers. "rudeness is merely a expression of fear. People fear they won ' t get what they. The most dreadful and unattractive person is needs to is loved, and they would open up like a flower.

Sometimes, we crossbow to others, because we see the same vulnerability from each other. dear ones, we must not only desire to be loved, but also believe that we can love each other well, and that we do not need to belittle or disguise ourselves in exchange for love. (same field Gayon: Golden Horse Fantasy Film Festival opening film: Welcome to the Hotel Budapest )

5. The drummer (Whiplash): Best Film and six finalists

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"In English, nothing is more harmful than the word" good job "two. "there are no two words in the 中文版 language more harmful than good job.

Andrew is already one of the most dazzling drummers in the conservatory, always hitting his fingers in the skin, bleeding, and often dyed his skin red. But his taskmaster Fletchey never praised him, and even abused him often. Your potential and talents can sometimes be easily dissipated in comfort. Those who are strict with you, is it because they do not want you to be willing to live a dull life? (Share with you: young people, you can do more than you think!) Don't lose your enthusiasm in comfort.

6. Selma Parade (Selma): Best Film, Best score Finalists

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"If we don't want to die for the things that we love and believe in, then we don't really live," he said. "our lives are not fully lived if we don't willing to die for those we love, for what we believe.

Is there anything you must do? What was the first thought that flashed through my mind now? If you're even willing to sacrifice your life for that idea, you're already alive. This society often force us to give up their favorite things, the mainstream is always arrogant high Zhang constantly flow, but sometimes, those difficulties is to test whether we dare not to be outdone to the upstream.

7. Imitation Game (The Imitation Game): Eight finalists for best film

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Sometimes, people who are forgotten by the world can accomplish things that they have never imagined. "sometimes It is the people who no one imagines anything to the WHO does the things that no one can imagine.

We often envy the famous people, feel that we are only a nobody, but in this world full of possibilities, we also have unlimited possibilities. Those who have accomplished have been a nobody, but they did the right thing at the right time. Believe in yourself, you will be next.

8. American Sniper (American Sniper): Best Film etc six finalists

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"If you think this war has not changed you, then you are wrong." You can't escape from reality forever, one day you have to face the real world. "if You are the This war isn ' t changing for you ' re wrong. You can only circle the flames so long.

"You are here, I can see you, I feel you, but you are not here." "When the soldier Chris came home, his wife said to him. He shut his heart up and did not want to face the world, he lost the temperature. Have you locked yourself up because you've been hurt? In the face of those who give you love, you choose not to turn a blind eye. Dear, we cannot live forever in our own fortress, to come out, to be soft and to receive love. (Recommended reading: Love is great: even if afraid to still bite the bullet to Love )

9. Diablo Champion Road (Foxcatcher): Best Original Screenplay, etc four finalists

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"The coach is Daddy, the coach is the Spirit guide." The coach has a great influence on the sports player's career. "coach is the father. Coach is a mentor. Coach has great power on athlete ' s life.

Do you have such a coach in your heart? Is he your father, or your teacher in the country? There is always a person who appears in your life and then makes you believe that you can do more. Just his words, a lesson, even a book for you, but accompany you to meet better yourself, and then hope that you can become someone else's life that person.

10. Never yield (unbroken): The best mix of three finalists

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"No matter how dark the night is, how dim the hope is, the light will always follow the darkness." "however Dark The night, However dim our hopes, the light'll always follow.

It's getting dark, there's always daylight. Looking back at those sleepless nights, I felt as if I couldn't get through it again, and the world was about to end. But now you, but it has crossed the "through", a strong hundredfold himself. If you feel dark, look up to the stars, and then the sky will shine.

11. Interstellar effect (Interstellar): Five finalists for best film score

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"We were looking at the stars and trying to find our place in the universe." Now we only know how to bow our heads and worry about this dusty land. "we used to look up on the sky and wonder at the" Our "stars, now We just look down and worry about our place in th e dirt.

When did the dream stop being so important? We forget the shape of our dreams by looking at the unpaid bills on the table and the invoices for the convenience store without winning. Have you ever wanted to be an astronaut, have you ever wanted to be a scientist, remember the one who always looked up? Calm down, that oneself must still live in your body somewhere. (Take a look: the soul beyond the Lens and the story: the original "star effect" soundtrack!) )

12. I miss myself (still Alice): Best Actress Finalist (Julie Ammole)

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"The art of losing is not difficult to grasp. In the world, too many things are doomed to lose, but their passing is not a disaster. "the Art of losing isn ' t hard to master. So many things seem filled with the intent to be lost this their is no loss.

Alice recited the verse of the poet Elizabeth Bishoponce, a successful university professor who was diagnosed with Alzheimer Alzheimer's disease, gradually lost his memory, and doubted what he had left. But he found that the original memory does not represent everything in life, loss, is not a terrible thing. Dear, Perhaps from small to large, we have lost a lot, but also get a lot, because the gains and losses are always accompanied. (Share with you: Oscar-winning actress predictions!) "I miss Myself" Julian Moore, with a smile to interpret life )

Life, often some moments let us feel overwhelmed, if you can not put down everything to fly away, give yourself a movie! Give yourself a movie time, calm down to feel the ripples that it brings to you, that story, is it somewhat similar to yours? Did anyone ever tell you that line? Life, in fact, is hidden in the film. Look forward to tomorrow's Oscar presentation with a woman fan! :)

87th Annual Academy Awards finalists list finishing

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Best Film

. Young age (Boyhood)

Richard Linklater, Cathleen Sutherland

. Bird Man (Birdman)

Alejandro González Iñárritu, John Lesher, James W. Skotchdopole

. Selma Parade (Selma)

Christian Colson, Oprah Winfrey, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner

. Imitation Game (The Imitation Game)

Nora Grossman, Ido Ostrowsky, Teddy Schwarzman

. The Universe of Love (the Theory of Everything)

Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Lisa Bruce, Anthony McCarten

. The drummer in advance (Whiplash)

Jason Blum, Helen Estabrook, David Lancaster

. American Sniper (American Sniper)

Clint Eastwood, Robert Lorenz, Andrew Lazar, Bradley Cooper, Peter Morgan

. Welcome to the Grand Budapest Hotel, Budapest

Wes Anderson, Scott Rudin, Steven rales, Jeremy Dawson

Best Director

. Aliandro Rey Inali Figure Alejandro González iñárritu/Bird Man

. Richard Lin Colette Richard linklater/young age

. Bennett Miller Bennett Miller/Diablo Champions Road

. Weiss Anderson Wes anderson/Welcome to the Budapest Grand Hotel

. Motten Tedum Morten tyldum/Imitation Game

Best Actor

. Eddy Redmenil Eddie Redmayne/ love of all things

. Bannedic Comber Pai Benedict Cumberbatch/ Imitation Game

. Bladley Coober Bradley Cooper/ American Sniper

. Steve Carl Steve Carr/ Diablo Champions Road

. Macko Keeton Michael Keaton/ Bird man

Best Actress

. Julie Julianne Julianne Moore/ I miss myself

. Mary Chant Cotia Marion Cotillard/ two days and one night

. Rachel Vera Witherspoon Reese Witherspoon/ at that time, I was left with the courage

. Rosa Mont Park Rosamund Pike/ control

. Jones lived Jones Felicity Jones/ the universe of Love

Best Supporting Actor

. J. K. Simon J.K Simmons/ drummer of the advance

. Lauber Dois Robert Duvall/ Chancellor

. Ethan Hawk Ethan Hawke/ young age

. Edward Norton Edward Norton/ Bird man

. Mark Rufallo Mark Ruffalo/ Diablo Champions Road

Best Supporting Actress

. Patrick Sia Equit Patricia Arquette/ young age

. Laura Deng Laura Dern/ at that time, I was left with the courage

. Kee Lah Naitley Keira Knightley/ Imitation Game

. Emma Stone Emma Stone/ Bird Man

. Melly Shi Mary Streep/ Magical Black Forest

Best Original Screenplay

. Young age (Boyhood)

Richard Linklater

. Bird Man (Birdman)

Alejandro González Iñárritu, Nicolás Giacobone, Alexander Dinelaris, Jr., Armando Bo

. Diablo Champions Road (Foxcatcher)

E. Max Frye, Dan Futterman

. Welcome to the Grand Budapest Hotel, Budapest

Wes Anderson, Hugo Guinness

. Exclusive fishy smell (Nightcrawler)

Dan Gilroy

Best Adapted Screenplay

. American Sniper (American Sniper)

Script: Jason Hall

Original: American Sniper by Chris Kyle, Scott McEwen, Jim DeFelice

. The drummer in advance (Whiplash)

Script: Damien Chazelle

Original: Damien Chazelle film of the same name

. Imitation Game (The Imitation Game)

Script: Graham Moore

Original: Alan turing:the Enigma by Andrew Hodges

. Sexual Evil (Inherent Vice)

Script: Paul Thomas Anderson

Original: Inherent Vice by Thomas Pynchon

. The Universe of Love (the Theory of Everything)

Script: Anthony McCarten

Original: Travelling to infinity:my life with Stephen by Jane Wilde Hawking

Best Cinematography

. Bird Man (Birdman)

Emmanuel Lubezki

. Welcome to the Grand Budapest Hotel, Budapest

Robert Yeoman

. Ida's Choice (IDA)

Łukaszżal, Ryszard Lenczewski

. Mr. Turner (Mr. Turner)

Dick Pope.

. Never give in (unbroken)

Roger Deakins

Best Clips

. American Sniper (American Sniper)

Joel Cox, Gary D. Roach

. Young age (Boyhood)

Sandra Adair

.歡迎來到布達佩斯大飯店(The Grand Budapest Hotel)

Barney Pilling

.模仿遊戲(The Imitation Game)

William Goldenberg


Tom Cross



Hans Zimmer

.歡迎來到布達佩斯大飯店(The Grand Budapest Hotel)

Alexandre Desplat

.透納先生(Mr. Turner)

Gary Yershon

.模仿遊戲(The Imitation Game)

Alexandre Desplat

.愛的萬物論(The Theory of Everything)

Jóhann Jóhannsson


.Everything Is Awesome/樂高玩電影

音樂、歌詞:Shawn Patterson


音樂、歌詞:John Legend、Common

.Grateful/Beyond the Lights

音樂、歌詞:Diane Warren

.I'm Not Gonna Miss You/Glen Campbell... I'll Be Me

音樂、歌詞:Glen Campbell and Julian Raymond

.Lost Stars/曼哈頓戀習曲

音樂、歌詞:Gregg Alexander、Danielle Brisebois


.美國狙擊手(American Sniper)

Alan Robert Murray、Bub Asman


Martin Hernández、Aaron Glascock

.哈比人:五軍之戰(The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies)

Brent Burge、Jason Canovas


Richard King


Becky Sullivan、Andrew DeCristofaro


.美國狙擊手(American Sniper)

John Reitz、Gregg Rudloff、Walt Martin


Jon Taylor、Frank A. Montaño、Thomas Varga


Gary A. Rizzo、Gregg Landaker、Mark Weingarten


Jon Taylor、Frank A. Montaño、David Lee


Craig Mann、Ben Wilkins、Thomas Curley



Bill Corso、Dennis Liddiard

.歡迎來到布達佩斯大飯店(The Grand Budapest Hotel)

Frances Hannon、Mark Coulier

.星際異攻隊(Guardians of the Galaxy)

Elizabeth Yianni-Georgiou、David White


.歡迎來到布達佩斯大飯店(The Grand Budapest Hotel)

Milena Canonero

.性本惡(Inherent Vice)

Mark Bridges

.魔法黑森林(Into the Woods)

Colleen Atwood


Anna B. Sheppard

.透納先生(Mr. Turner)

Jacqueline Durran


.歡迎來到布達佩斯大飯店(The Grand Budapest Hotel)

Adam Stockhausen (Production Design); Anna Pinnock (Set Decoration)

.模仿遊戲(The Imitation Game)

Maria Djurkovic (Production Design); Tatiana Macdonald (Set Decoration)


Nathan Crowley (Production Design); Gary Fettis (Set Decoration)

.魔法黑森林(Into the Woods)

Dennis Gassner (Production Design); Anna Pinnock (Set Decoration)

.透納先生(Mr. Turner)

Suzie Davies (Production Design); Charlotte Watts (Set Decoration)


.美國隊長2:酷寒戰士(Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

Dan DeLeeuw、Russell Earl、Bryan Grill、Dan Sudick

.猩球崛起:黎明的進擊(Dawn of the Planet of the Apes)

Joe Letteri、Dan Lemmon、Daniel Barrett、Erik Winquist

.星際異攻隊(Guardians of the Galaxy)

Stephane Ceretti、Nicolas Aithadi、Jonathan Fawkner、Paul Corbould


Paul Franklin、Andrew Lockley、Ian Hunter、Scott Fisher

.X戰警:未來昔日(X-Men: Days of Future Past)

Richard Stammers、Lou Pecora、Tim Crosbie、Cameron Waldbauer


.依達的抉擇(Ida) / 波蘭語

Paweł Pawlikowski

.纏繞之蛇(Leviathan)(Левиафан) / 俄語

Andrey Zvyagintsev

.生命中最抓狂的小事(Wild Tales)(Relatos salvajes) / 愛沙尼亞語、俄語

Zaza Urushadze

.廷巴克圖(Timbuktu) / 法語

Abderrahmane Sissako

.金橘(Mandariinid)(მანდარინები) / 西班牙語

Damián Szifrón



Laura Poitras、Mathilde Bonnefoy、Dirk Wilutsky

.尋祕街拍客(Finding Vivian Maier)

John Maloof、Charlie Siskel

.在越南超脫末日(Last Days in Vietnam)

Rory Kennedy、Keven McAlester

.薩爾加多的凝視(The Salt of the Earth)

Wim Wenders、Lélia Wanick Salgado、David Rosier


Orlando von Einsiedel、Joanna Natasegara


.Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1

Ellen Goosenberg Kent and Dana Perry


Aneta Kopacz

.Our Curse

Tomasz Śliwiński、Maciej Ślesicki

.The Reaper (La Parka)

Gabriel Serra Arguello

.White Earth

J. Christian Jensen


.大英雄天團(Big Hero 6)

Don Hall、Chris Williams、Roy Conli

.怪怪箱(The Boxtrolls)

Anthony Stacchi、Graham Annable、Travis Knight

.馴龍高手2(How to Train Your Dragon 2)

Dean DeBlois、Bonnie Arnold

.海洋幻想曲(Song Of The Sea)

Tomm Moore、Paul Young

.輝耀姬物語(The Tale of The Princess Kaguya)(かぐや姫の物語)

Isao Takahata、Yoshiaki Nishimura



Oded Binnun、Mihal Brezis

.Boogaloo and Graham

Michael Lennox、Ronan Blaney

.Butter Lamp(La Lampe Au Beurre De Yak)(酥油燈)

胡偉(Hu Wei)、Julien Féret


Talkhon Hamzavi、Stefan Eichenberger

.The Phone Call

Mat Kirkby、James Lucas


.The Bigger Picture

Daisy Jacobs、Christopher Hees

.The Dam Keeper

Robert Kondo、Daisuke Tsutsumi


Patrick Osborne、Kristina Reed

.Me and My Moulton

Torill Kove

.A Single Life

Joris Oprins