There is a group of women who dance and dance for their own body, for each breath of their own, to be happy for themselves and to have value for their happiness.What do you hesitate to do?

do you think about the dancer?In my mind, a hot woman who faded away from a temple in the temple was one of the world's most popular dances. The dance floor looks like a happy "pleasing dance", and even more daring and daring to interact with the audience is a blush heart.In recent years, however, steel tube dancing has been extended into a "extreme movement", with many people choosing to have steel tube dancing to achieve a moving effect.

A video “ Why I Dance ” has recently appeared on the network.Women in different social roles danced, and they used limbs to tell people: "I'm a teacher, I'm a mother, I'm a physicist, I'm an American, I'm a vegetarian, but these roles are not related to me as a woman, and I'm a dancer, because I like it."(Sibling: Who says there can only be a white swan?The ballet, the actress, the "Miss", The " " The " " The " " The " " The

"Jump, it's like nobody's looking at it."Each of these beats, the extension of each arm, is as strong as it is.Look at these people, dance with the steel pipes, like the robes of the Chinese and American dynatres.Their body is soft and similar to silk, which can resist the gravity of gravity, and every second is required to be extremely rigid.

" I dance because it makes me complete." In this film, I see them closing their eyes, immersing themselves in every effort, every soul following the dance of music, and they no longer focus on the onlookers, and in this space, they just have to be responsible for their bodies, and that is to make their bodies happy.(Recommended reading: Dancer: Don't be afraid of me and the world will be different )

" I dance because it releases the power of my heart.When you dance for yourself, you are frankly.You don't have to face others' assessment of your body, and you love every inch of the cell, the orange peel, and the grain that you dance with.When you dance for yourself, you do everything you can, not prizes, not beauty, just because " This moment, I'm happy." A turning round, a wave of blood running through a burning life, a buttocks and a rundown at a time, are all shapes of rhythm and spirit.(Sibling: Let the girl go!Women's body on the field of emancipation )

" I dance because we deserve to celebrate." We deserve to celebrate because our bodies are free.You can determine the way you want to be sexy, because you just care about what you see in your eyes, you can show tenderness in your strength, not just the dance of expressive sexual desire.You can randomly mess with your hair, because your happiness is more important than modeling.

Hey, you are worth celebrating, either as a woman, or as a person.You have to be aware of the beauty of your existence.

When the film was played to the back half, I saw these women wantonly wriggle, stretch, and dance like a celebration, and they were happy with their faces, and they embraced it.And I saw their souls coming out of a deep space, and that's what we're focusing on when we focus on the physical, our youth, and we don't see it.(Recommended reading: Each age has its own poems: Enjoy aging graceful process )

What is a woman's taste?What are you, a beautiful dancer? Hey, woman, this is your own business, don't let others decide. Fortunately, years of old age can only be seen in the plentiful beauty of our inner wrapping layer.We were lucky, because I was a woman, and so in the strength of strength, there was a beauty that men couldn't perform, and we were lucky, because our bodies could make us happy.

director of this film Julia Roth said: " As a woman, it is always difficult for us to be a woman.This film is about one thing: love oneself, it's a revolution.These women really touched me."

We, as women, are discouraged so often from being comfortable with ours … The editor on the film said at one point, ‘ Loving yourself is a revolution in this social, ’ and that really hit home for me.

" I dance, just because I can."

You are free, you are beautiful, you can.

(point map entry, March Women's Special Topics )

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