Behind the competition, the exciting events of the competition itself, and the exciting events of Sister , which in fact imply society's physical culture and gender discrimination , are shared with you , so that girls can protect their bodies and allow the public to respect their physical autonomy."(Extended reading: When the woman is happy, don't make gender stereotyped the impression that it is not the US!))

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The most hottest topics in the recent baseball pitches are the controversy over the performance of baseball . The baseball presentation ceremony is part of the game. Many foreign celebrities have also appeared on professional baseball pitches. Even the President of the United States has set foot in a ball of the ball!But what happens after this classic ceremony moves to Asia ?The opening ceremony of Asia often invites the young actress to serve as the opening guest. Not only is the atmosphere of speculation in the field more popular, but more media reports have made more people pay more attention to the game.When women enter masculine men's courts, what kind of appearance does they look like?These women must have the beauty of beauty , the spicy body language, the flexible body language, and the appearance of the female appearance, the atmosphere of the hotspot, and a spectacular performance show in the eyes of the whole audience!But have we ever thought that there must be so few female stars on the planet?(Sibling : Please, give us back to us )

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In addition to the opening of the women's star, there is another role played by women in the field: a cheerleading squad.The four major players in the Taiwan Baseball team are responsible for playing the role of a team of cheerleaders. The girls' performance is a good interaction, but the more women are making use of women's appearance as a tool, and as a woman, the public is not a woman's own identity, but a woman who can be replaced by her.


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From these scenes, feminists often protest: society processes the feminization process. term "materialization" to of the body as an instrument of labor, and thus to the reward or outcome of labor, but when it extends to a gender relationship, the "sex" represents a sexual mutilation of the woman's body, regardless of the dignity of the woman itself, and the opening is in with the physical .In a male dominated field, "male " introduced by the feminist movie theorist: Laura Mulvey contend that women ability to respond to women's abilities, intelligence, and to meet the public's expectations, is a way to satisfy the public's for a woman's body to look at). United Kingdom, Germany, and the United ,

first time in the United Kingdom,

and the United States, idea that women were sexually assaulted was a protest against the social bias of

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We can think from this news story about the female face of the field, in addition to paying attention to the dominance and physical culture of the entire patriarchal society to the female body, and to allow the public to learn the right way to treat the female body, and emancipating women, giving them women's autonomy, allowing them to freely decide what kind of looks like they can wear, but that they can wear out on the field, but rather than being a tool of social media manipulation, believe women a unique female character on the field, making more attractive to . (shared with you: [hard to get emotion] )

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