Grow, love, and be happy, enjoy your life, and enjoy the imperfections. To rebel against perfectionism, embrace failure, life will still be wonderful.

If someone suddenly asks who to run the world, you will be very interested in picking up girls, and if someone sings all of the Single ladies, you will continue to sing all of the single ladies, yes, you have to admit to being influenced by her familiar songs.

her, is Beyonce, is the United States won the 17 Grammy Award R&b singer, lyricist, record making, Golden Globe nomination actress, dancer, fashion designer, as she is also a mother, wife, daughter, a teach us how to love their life teacher.


"I think I have a talent for singing, and I've decided what to do in the future." 」

She was an amazing performer at the age of seven, when she was nominated by the local Performing Arts awards and was reported by the leading media. At the age of eight, she met friends at a women's group audition, a group of girl's time, in the United States, the largest talent show "Star Search" on the stage, although the challenge failed, but she is still very clear what they are pursuing, but also know that they have talent, so even if the failure, still continue to walk on the road of performance. (Recommended reading: believe in the strength of persistence )


Girl's time was renamed in 1993 as "The Real Woman of Destiny" (Destiny's Child), she is the tonic and the Captain, the first album of the Real woman is resounding, the next album is also successful, so that they won the Grammy best R&b singing group Performance award, After the third album of 2001, the team broke the business and the three of them developed.

After that, Beyonce began to take the film, the "Angels of the World", "The trump card", "the billions of choirs", "The Pink Panther" and so on, and recorded many songs from the soundtrack of the film. The 2006 "Dream Girl" in the superb performance, but also let her win the Golden Globe Award nomination.


Since 2003, five albums have been released, each with many best-selling songs, and she has won many awards. Beyonce is the third highest-grossing female singer in the Grammy Award, with 17 Awards, 14 for individual awards and 3 for group awards. She was also named Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2014. (Recommend you: seven tips to become an influential couple )

Failure is inevitable, to embrace failure and imperfect

At the age of nine, in the Talent show Challenge failed, did not give up her pursuit of music dream, and indeed received a lot of awards in the future, and now, so much beloved Beyonce began to think about what she won the trophy, in addition to the affirmation, in the end give her what? Behind those trophies was the sacrifice, the childhood that was spent in the studio, and now she wondered what was most important.

"Grow, love, be happy, enjoy your life, and enjoy the imperfections." "This is what Beyonce's fifth album wants to say, to rebel against perfectionism, to embrace failure, and to live a Wonderful Life." (You will like: from girls to women, to fall in love with their own six kinds of imperfect)

Beyonce, let the music be seen

At the end of 2013, Beyonce released her fifth album without any publicity, and she hopes to stop using outside propaganda and fans, but to present her favorite music to the fans in the most direct and complete way. She said: "I see more music than I hear." "So she broke the rules of the album, filmed all the music tapes and posted the new album directly on her website, hoping to get fans to see the real idea in her head."

Among them, the new song "Pretty Hurts" won this year VMA the most enlightening music video, the content describes the contradictory mood of female growth, from childhood was taught beautiful good, the head of what is not important, perfect like a disease, the beauty of social indoctrination, such pretty,pretty hurts; Another song, Blue, shows her love for her daughter, Blue Ivy, even if she is tired and emotionally worse, nothing can compare to her gently calling for a mummy to heal; In addition, the 2014 VMA best combination music video "Drunk in Love" shows her and her husband Jay Z's deep love, I hope that every day can soak in the state of the micro-alcohol, has been love down. (Extended reading: not to be the little girl in Your Eyes )

There are also a lot of songs and music videos that can be found on Beyonce's official website , very fully presented. She thought that pop music lost something, everybody only listened to each song a few seconds to give the comment, she hoped can change everybody listens to the music the method, hoped everybody hears also sees the most complete album, the most complete she.

Next, listen to how Beyonce defines a woman's power.

"Why choose to be a woman?" Why must you label yourself? Woman is a woman, I love to be a woman's feeling. If you are attractive, you can't be sexy or smart. What the hell! No reason. 」

Before the VMA (2014 MTV Music Video Awards) on the performance of 16 minutes, more exquisite strength to win four awards. Beyonce proves by action, not having a family should sacrifice the music she loves, and she doesn't feel like she's going to lose herself after she's been a mother, she's been working hard at the lactation stage, preparing for her new album, and, also, active fitness, she wants to be more sexy and want to show her body.

She wanted to tell everyone that the baby can still be very sexy, still can have a good time, still can try to chase the dream, for their own lives. Beyonce is proud of women's growth because it makes her sexier and sexy doesn't need to be shy or hidden, she says: "Sexy is the power of all girls." "(Extended reading: Five sexy keywords for French women )

Beyonce receives the Michael Jackson Pioneer Award from her husband's daughter, source

"We need to reshape our view of ourselves. As a woman, we must stand up and master the situation. 」

Beyonce in "Pretty Hurts", "Run the World", "If I Were a boy" and other songs have strongly expressed her desire to defend women's rights, she said, gender equality still has a long way to go, women are still working, and men should join together, for their own mother, Sister, wife, daughter voice.

A block devoted to women's issues at Beyonce's official website.

Beyonce's feminism was actually influenced by a woman writer who listened to the Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the young woman writer of Nigeria, who was inspired by the TED speech, and even revealed her conversation directly in the new song "Flawless". We teach girls to be ambitious but not too much, to aim for success but not to be successful, or to threaten a man. Because I am a woman, so I was expected to enter marriage, the marriage is important, is the joy and love and mutual support, but why we only teach girls to enter marriage? We raise girls but let them compete with each other, and we teach girls not to be full of sexual thoughts. But boys are, we should all be feminists, feminists are people who believe in social, political and economic equality. "(You will like:6 TED Speeches, you see your strength )

Go women power, we run the world!

Feminism stands for being strong, powerful, and confident to be yourself. 」

Feminism is a woman who tries to choose different, tries to embrace freedom, and treats her peers equally. 」

"Women should encourage other women rather than think of each other as competitors." 」

"A woman can be a mother, a career woman, a dancer, and she can be anything they want to be." Women are very powerful creatures and can do all the things. 」

Beyonce made the girls feel confident to come out and say to her fans loudly, women are capable of trying all the different things, don't forget that we want to be independently. Girls, brave to be their own, to be the masters of the world.