The 30-year-old figure is just another growth, to learn to embrace yourself and to start a new journey in your life. Depart, our wonderful 30!

Dear, you enter 30, occasionally feel a little nervous, a little afraid?

A few days ago, forever Taiwan's first supermodel Lin Ling-ling 40 birthday, she wrote in the face: "Now we have a 10-year-old, 20-year-old positive, 30-year-old youth Moving, 40-year-old intelligent integration, life, each stage, in fact, are very good." 」

Every stage of life, are very good, 30-year-old you, know how to pamper themselves in the maintenance, expand their horizons in the travel, you have more ability to control the life you want, more courage to portray the shape of life, so youthful moving. Then you will be ready to move on to the age of 40 and learn to be a woman of "intelligent harmony". This "process" may be a bit unsettling, deep feeling the body changes over time, feeling that people no longer treat you as a little girl. (Extended reading: from girls to women, we learned 10 things )

The beautiful not flustered life proposal, gives each earnest to put into the life you, because you ponder each moment carefully, enables you to experience the unique time fine lines, because of you strives for the dream the endeavor, causes you to embrace each to be able to obtain the happiness.

Once in a while, life tastes better.

You have drunk countless good friends of the wedding, experience more with the occasion of social intercourse, find the favorite, or in Friday night off, and old friends meet in the 70 rock music bar, drink a cup of your youth. You begin to understand that wine is not to be drunk, not to pour worry, not to stimulate, you know your liquor, drink a little alcohol, relax nervous nerves, give yourself a night to talk about is the most important. (Hey Dear:"Favorite is not necessarily the most suitable", the woman and the wine of Love )

The night alone at home, also very suitable for opening a bottle of wine, with the album, or put some music, red wine grape polyphenols with antioxidant, promote blood circulation, winter to some sweetness, metabolism and color are followed to become better!

Without waiting for a lover's gift, I have the ability to reward myself.

"I like to see the money I make ... Hang in my closet. "Sex and the City" actress Kelly Bradshaw "I Like me money right where I can", hanging in my closet. "-carrie Bradshaw

Use the money you earn, buy what you want, more happiness than when your boyfriend delivers a gift. Because you understand that every effort brings you to today, you know this gift is to celebrate your growth! Set milestones for your ideals, and don't forget to reward yourself for every goal you reach!

I have heard of the ingenuity of a friend's reward, and it is not a reward to donate more money to organizations that need help, to do international volunteer work with strangers, every time we set a goal. Can enjoy the value of material, also don't forget the wealth of the mind! It's beautiful to know you love yourself and love others. (Recommended reading: International Volunteers teach me: How to go, should not miss their own life )

Cross the comfort zone and make more friends!

Now we, sometimes seem too accustomed to communication, and people become a kind of homework, life is nothing more than colleagues, bosses, customers. Do not think that the 30-year-old life is such a constant, do not let their life circle less and less, and strive to cross the comfort circle, to know more different people, and a broader vision of the intersection!

Expand the circle of friends first to open up their own life circle. Does your life have only one bed with the company and the family? Go to the gym to run, go to the sincerity to develop reading habits, and even you can learn language courses for yourself, participate in the island group, a person's trip. There are so many things that you have the spare to do. Hey, don't Fashi, as long as the heart is active, your life will follow the wonderful! (same field Gayon: live with Heart, it is a kind of habit )

Don't be overly demanding to have a good body.

Previously will be for the S curve diet not eat, I hope to become the "ideal type". But now you know, the person who really loves you, how can you care about your lower abdomen, the arm of the butterfly sleeve? In a comfortable state, is the best ideal type! If the other person is only greedy for a woman's appearance, then maybe he is not worth your effort to change yourself.

Understand this, you will be more worry to ask yourself to have a "perfect state." For once in your life, you want to go through more countries, taste more delicious food, and meet more smiles. You know that experience life is limited, even willing to put down the salary to the world adventure! And, you know how to experience the changes in your body, and you embrace it gradually, because you have begun to learn to love every part of you. (Recommended reading: women with lower abdomen, in fact, the most sexy )

Dear, always eat the super business microwave food you, every month at least give yourself an impudent meal, the table sitting opposite you important people, even roadside stalls, is also a luxury delicacy.

Read, become a book worth reading again

Travel is the reading of the mind, while reading is the journey of the mind.

You can't travel as you want, but you can always take a book with you. Reading, like in a limited life, has been to several different lives. Never stop enriching yourself, for you deserve more possibilities! Cheng and Green said: "No longer do other people's bookmarks, but a book worth reading again." "(You will like: enjoy reading, give yourself time and space to quiet down )

Because your bottom interreligious deep, so always intriguing. Even if there is a long-term companion, he will not because of the passage of time and "get used to You", you read the world to share to the people around, together to find a book charming and unknown scenery, with reading forcibly embrace the beautiful alive!

More than the mystery, more like Steadfast love

Younger, we easily be a bouquet of flowers, a film, a kiss, we are fascinated by the enthusiasts of each heartbeat accelerated, suddenly far and near the sense of distance, later found that the distance is not beautiful, but each other's protective shell. Now we no longer look at which bad smile is enchanted, because understand, really care about your people, will not always want you suspicion, jealousy.

We also finally understand that the so-called "conditions", and can not take two people to a better place, even if it is Gaofu, a person who does not want to understand you, ultimately can not accompany you to take the long way. (Recommended reading: The condition is temporary, get along with is a lifetime )

"Remember to turn your mourning Phoenix off, don't text me in front of me, or check my face book before I walk out of my dressing room." You can only, intently, look at me and say something to me. the necessity of old-fashioned dating

30 years old, we do not love fast food, we chew slowly, savor. Begin to learn to put aside everything that falls in love, put down the city, put down the business, put down the idea that we are old, learn to listen to each other, and take a long way. (Recommended reading: Young or mature, what kind of love do you want to choose?) )

"We are going for a walk, we have a long, long way to go." About half of Taipei's length, about 93 red green lights as long as the hand holding hands. 」

30 years old, we see enough scenery, hurt enough heart, finally understand to let go of their own, is to hold a better life. Not the kind of "I must live better than you", but "this is my life, not good how to do?" 」

30 years old, we like to know more people, because their life experience also make our life richer, also see a lot of different life. And, we no longer force ourselves to participate in the fellowship, stroll on the road to "he" can also enjoy the scenery along the way, are you ready to step out of the 30-year-old happy first step? (Extended reading: The conditions of happiness: a person is also very happy does not mean to refuse love )

Cheng and green: "I do not object to your 30-year-old called the beginning of the old, but my 30-year-old called the climax of life!" 」

Dear, 30 years old, the splendid day is just about to bloom, six life proposal, give us, also promise oneself: "Never give up better possibility." 」