If you want to relax at home, enjoy Me time, don't miss the love songs that women are preparing for you. Let's have nine female singers accompany you on the Rock and Roll Women's Day!

\fnCronos \fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fnCronos \fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000:How do you want to celebrate yourself again when you're a beautiful woman?This special holiday will come to a music party that is specific to women. As a woman, we can't love ourselves more.

This day, the International Women's Festival Featured song, organized with Spotify, wobble, loudly sing out how proud you are for women.At the same time, we also organized the women's spirit of the nine most popular female singers in the song list. Come and celebrate the women's festival together with them!

1. When Mom is more sexy: Beyonc é

Why choose what kind of woman?Why do you have to subscript yourself?Women are women. I love the feeling of women.If you're attractive, you can't be sexy, you can't be smart.What?It makes no sense." — — Beyonce

Is it guess?The first of the world's women's favorite female singers is Pius, no matter how sexy she is!Her latest album, "Beyonc" é filled with the lyrics of feminism, "I ’ m flexless" and "I wo up like this", again made her a favorite of the women's favorites!(Siblon: Beyonce: "Women can do anything, including ourselves" )

2. The Unbounded Superior: Katy Perry

" I want to give women power and inspire them to find their voice in my songs!I don't know the meaning of feminism before, but now I get it. I mean, I love being a woman, but I love men in the world as well!— — Katy · Pore

This year, Katie Pore, who happened to be in 30 years, was a midfig singer in the American Football League's annual championship game "Super Bowl" last month. She was seen wearing a flame dress, a giant machine and a gold lion, and she was so impressed that she had seen her day in the air!

3. From drowning: Lana Del Rey

"Do you still love me? Do you still love me when you're in pain? I know you will/I know you/I know you will/I know you will/I know you will/I will love me." — Lana · Dore

Lana · Dore is an independent music singer, songwriter and model of the United States, as well as an episode of "Duan Xiaobi", a film "Duan".Her songs are darker and darker than others. Sometimes, we always need someone who understands our emotions, so that we can stand up and stand up again when we have a good release.(Sharing with you: Billions of luxury costumes New York showdown )

4. Rihanna

"You want me to think I'm the only girl in the world, like I'm the only person you ever loved in your life, like I'm the only one who understands you/the only girl in the world, like I'm the only person who can control you," — Rihanna — World's only girl "

Rihanna has won the world's most popular female singer for three consecutive years!The voice of her thick voice was always so powerful that the transferor could not help but feel proud of her pride.The woman's confidence model, Rihanna is definitely one of them!

5. Thin body, enormous energy: Ariana Grande.

"Don't try again to make people feel inferior to your body, have curves, flat, and different things."When did this society begin to accept that we would comment on people's bodies at will?— — Yaliana Grande

Young, Yaliana Glande has always been graceful to face criticism.She was criticized by veteran singer Bette Middler for her voice, but her response was intelligent: "You're my idol anyway, but in my heart, you're a woman who always speaks for women."In addition, she has been bold enough to respond to criticism that her body is not full of people.

6. Be brave to face the desire: Lorde

"Many people feel that my wear and act style is scary, but I think what I did when I was a singer is only following one dogs:Power."— — loathe

only 17-year-old girl in the country was widely seen by foreign media as a "symbol of a new generation of girls," which was the feminism of the young women, because her songs were always "courageous" to admit that she wanted to get something, and didn't be afraid to fight for it!" Such an idea.

7. Enjoy the complex of women: Miley Cyrus

" I love the complexity of a woman!We always "think too much" on everything, like the light that we want to wear today, but I enjoy it for a long time, but I enjoy it. Women are born complex!— — Millie Hierra

Melihira has a very different style from the way to the present, and she faces a great deal of understanding, even describing her as a "crash", but she can always stick to herself.She cut her long hair and cut her hair into her hair. She wrote on Twitter that "the hair is on his head, and if you don't have a good word, then don't say it!"" Yes, why do we have to maintain the image of a Disney princess for other people?I like it myself, the most important.

8. is to write the ex-boyfriend to the song: Taylor Swift.

" You say I love my ex-boyfriend in my song, this is a problem of non-recurring discrimination. The male vocalist who wrote his ex-girlfriend seemed so deep, and I wrote it, and I felt so happy.It is normal for a creative artist to take the material from his own life.— — — Taylor wire

\cHFFFFFF {{{\4cH000000 {\cHFFFFFF {{\4cH000000 {\cHFFFFFF {{{\4cH000000 {\4cH000000 {\cHFFFFFF {When asked by the media to "love to write a former boyfriend to the song", she responded: " Bruno Mars could write a former girlfriend, I can't write my ex-boyfriend?" Tyler's songs also often give us a feeling of unlimited feminism. As a woman, we can be cute, sexy, unruly, and as long as you like it!(Recommended reading: Tyler, Eran Peggy, Kilanetli!2014 Six counterattack moments for women )

9. Beautiful woman: Ellie Goulding.

"I am honored to have the opportunity to tell the women that they are more and more of a body than skinny."— — — Ali Gordon

The voice of Queen Alicoden, a British female singer, has spoken for famous sports brands, and she constantly advocates that women have to be "symmetrical" rather than simply pursuing "slimming"!Hey, the women's festival also needs to remember to make a move and burn it with Alloidon's song "Burn>!"

Dear you, let the songs of the nine female singers stay with you for the holidays of women!Every woman has her own beauty, the sex of Beyonce and Rihanna, the young of Taylor and Mildred, and the self-drowning of Rana and Rana, all of which are women's most proud self. Bless you with a wonderful woman's day:)