Zhang Hung said practice is a kind of production, try to be in the circle of friends as producers rather than consumers, mutual, make each other grow better people.

"Become a producer, not a consumer. Practice is also a production, do not only put time money spirit soul in consumption. --Zhang Hung

The impression is also very deep, at the end of 2012, hundreds of people crowded into the witch shop, listening to Zhang Hung talk, singing, singing, the day she sang the Universal Youth Inn Qinhuangdao. At that time I did not quite understand, just think she said a lot of meaning, conveniently recorded down, and I am now very glad to do so. These two or three years, dare not say oneself mature, but know oneself grow up quite a lot.

Recalling their past, some have appeared in their lives of friends, the face has been very blurred, close their eyes, the location of their facial features is also difficult to image clearly. If it were not for the Community network, occasionally in the face of the book to see their rudiment or photos of life, presumably already a two-world people. (Extended reading: to Youth: to accompany you to see long distance friends )

I try to think about why, what really makes me and their two world people, that section is in what form, so I found that these sections are not a special event, it must not happen at a particular time, it is so, gradually drift away.

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To be honest, after the wave of the Super Star Avenue, I am very cold to the singing competition, and in recent years we have started a series of Chinese singing competitions, and I even confuse the name of the program. Today accidentally, saw a friend in the face book posted a "wild Son", is a Chinese good song contestant Suyan wrote.

"How strong the Wind, my heart more swing, illusion, such as a trace of dust, with the wind free in the dance, I want to hold firmly in the hands, but also the courage to disperse." I will become a giant, with the strength to tread on the dream. How the wind more ruthless, my heart more swing, and like a trace of sand, with the wind in the dance of the ethereal. I want to bury my heart, but the courage of the small, has been blowing in the direction of the wind to walk past. 」

Listen, let my tears keep flowing. Then I wrote these words on the spur of the word. I suddenly sorted out the clue. What is the difference between a friend who is still around me and a friend who is drifting away? And the Zhang hang of that passage, and this first "wild Son", is the answer.

Creation is fascinating, production is fascinating. Creating something new is to keep the nutrients of everyday life in a good way, giving back the various shapes, or bursting into a whole new form. To be a producer and practitioner, not just a consumer, is meaningful to the people around you and to the world. (same field Gayon: making honest movies, easy to say: As creators, I want to speak for the Society )

There is a friend, always asked you out to show his new mobile phone, talk about his back and gave birth to a few acne son vexed unceasingly, talk about his life goal but again in the next meeting all changed his mind. Often this kind of friend also has a common feature: there is always a time to spend, so you suspect that he has no other than to ask you and call you to tell some boring things, is there nothing else to do?

This kind of friend, although you are grateful that he regards you as an important friend, but let you feel the boredom of life, so gradually go farther.

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Another kind of friend, although not often meet, but you will always have a tacit agreement, every few months must gather together. And every time you meet you will be different, you will know that he has not been white for a few months, and he will know that you have not wasted time. So you laugh, happy for each other, charging each other after the encouragement, and then on their own road to production.

This kind of friend, let you find yourself on the road of practice, there will always be someone together, you are not sure next month each other in the world of which corner, and how long to see one side, but you never fear.

So, what kind of friend is worthy of us to develop long-term, profound relationship? The answer is--choose the producer, not the consumer. Production is not necessarily the output of writing, music or drawing, but, as Zhang Hung said, any practice will be a kind of production.

"Wild Son" a song to sow, thinking unusually clear. To practice, to choose the producer Shenzhen, and also to become a worthy friend, become a producer.

And "Become a producer" this matter, will always be in my heart, profound imprint.