"Chew Weekly" We recommend you to listen to high school teachers this week. Zengjia from male to female degeneration story!

(Photo source: Zengjia-core Face book )

This woman, who will be 51 years old, teaches a biology teacher in Taichung. The "she" you see now, formerly called Zeng, is now called the Zengjia core.

After nearly 50 years, she chose to be honest with her after his wife died, Zengjia believed she liked to be a woman, but she also liked women. She had long been plagued by her own external manifestations, and after receiving a psychiatrist's assessment, she began to regain the "woman's soul" deep in her heart. From Li Fa, makeup to weight reduction, but also decided to do sexual organ surgery this year June, step by step to become a woman's road. (same field Gayon: Australian supermodel Andreja Pejic dream come true: I became the woman in my mind! )

You must be wondering if she can still teach at school? Faced with the Zengjia core of the gender identity of honesty, the students are supporting the teacher, the news newspaper after the students have proudly said: "This is my teacher!" 」。 Not only that, the secretary of the President's office in Taichung said in an interview with the Ettoday East News cloud : " The school has never been bounced off by any parents or students because of changes in the shape of the Zengjia teacher, and the emphasis on gender equality education, There were 2 students with gay tendencies (who had graduated) who wore uniforms to school and the school was fully respected. "

(Image source: Left figure, Zengjia Core offers/Right Picture: United Press reporter Shing Photography)

"In the last six months, teachers and students in the campus looked at" he "changes, privately talked about, praised the teacher has become beautiful. Chen Mu, president of Taichung, said that Zeng was the first transsexual teacher in a century, and the courageous attitude to give encouragement is the handled of gender equality. --The Union News

Zengjia also said that he is a lucky person, she decided to "become herself" before even think of the worst plan-resignation, but fortunately in such a love and warm campus, she can happily continue to teach.

Zengjia The story of the core, always reminds me of "double Lawrence" this film. The same male teacher who teaches at school decides to find his truth by dressing up and making a change. Lawrence asked his girlfriend for 10 years: "I don't want to be a man, I want to become a woman." but I still love You , you will love me? and then there is the social trial of the criticism, girlfriend also suspected that Lawrence is "homosexual." In fact, sexual orientation and gender identity are completely different things, homosexuality is the object of love is the same sex, transgender, drag (easy to makeup), dress up, both the physiological characteristics of both sexes are transgender (TG transgender/transgenderism). (same field Gayon: cross sex model, listen to body sound )

To fulfill a complete self, how much are you willing to sacrifice? Unlike Lawrence, Zengjia the heart after the death of his wife to fulfill their wishes, because he feared that the other half with him to undertake social public opinion. We can't choose to be born, but we can decide how to live. We cannot tear off the label of "marginal Man", but we have never doubted the goodness of our existence. Is your essence going to get worse by being out of the closet, transgender, growing, honest, and spiritual?

I like the end of the film Lawrence said: " I am Laurence anyways."

You will always be your most complete template.