For transsexuals: The public should accept and understand the identity of transgender people, because it is their basic human right.

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For women, gender is not dicodically, gender is a concept that can flow, and each person, regardless of gender identity or character, should not be subject to the outside world . Andreja Pjic Australian supermodel, known as a woman in Paris Fashion Week as a biological man, has a reputation as a woman in her fashion week in Paris. She is not afraid of the outside world. She says, "She has undergone a sex change operation, and she's a woman. Let's hear her story."(Extended Read: Neutral: Beautiful )

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the past few years, the fashion industry has become the most famous in the world, and has been recognized as the most attractive woman in the world, and has been recognized as a woman in the world.(Another neutral model: with his handsome and her beauty neutral model Erika Linder )

Andreja Pejic expressed gratitude to the people who liked him on Instagram

Andreja Pjic said she knew she was a woman, just a part of her body didn't match, and she knew very clearly at the age of 13 that she could make herself a woman by transsexual surgery , and she knew very clearly that she had to do what she had to do. The experience of an Androgyny model is a very important part of growth for Andreja, and it makes Andrea more recognainable to herself, but she doesn't satisfy herself because she has always known that her ultimate dream is to become a real woman, but she admits:

You don't want to talk about it before you're ready, because you're afraid that others will look at me, and be afraid of others' inability to understand it, so that I can only show women in the way of Androgyny (female equivalent), so that I don't need to explain to the outside world.

Gradient, 22-year-old decided to undergo a sex change operation and openly admit it, because Andrea knows that her story can help people, and her goal is to get people to re-think gender-related issues.(Breaking the gender framework from education: demorts, clothing, and gender school education )

Andreja Pajic Generation Dutch HEMA Department Store Women's Underwear

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Because of the early recognition of their gender identity, Andreja experienced a period of gender anxiety in the course of growth, and this was not a good process, especially for a child, but the main reason for this distress is that people cannot understand it.At the age of 9-13, she had many doubts about herself, she didn't know why she liked feminine, and she once wanted to become a "normal" little boy, and wondered if she was a homosexual ?But then she looked up the data and realized that there was a group of people who had sex across the world, and that there was a medical team that allowed her to fulfill her dream: to be a real woman.

Andreja, for the outside world, for transgender surgery and transgender:

are as human beings as you are, and our only requirement is that the public should accept and understand our own identity, because it is our basic human right.

Many people say this is just a temporary craze the model of Androgyny (the female) model since the beginning of 2010, and many say it will disappear, but it turns out that there is no such thing.This reflects the fact that many people in the community want to overthrow traditional forms of gender, which nourish the trend and allow Andreja to show up in fashion magazines , and Jean Paul Gaultier, fashion, and so on, and so on, to develop the trend.

Jean Paul Gaultier 2011 Andreja Pijic in a dress show with a wedding dress show

a fashion , , she continued to to prove her love, and even though Andreja had been able to sell her product, believed that she and her fashion circle would continue to work hard for a fashion circle. ( We just want the world to be better: feminism is always asking for privileges?When feminist becomes a negative label ... )

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a public figure, Andreja acknowledges that his/her gender identity, recognition of his or her family or friends, is too difficult to determine whether she is making the right choice because there are too many factors to consider, including an open, public perception of the impact of public perception, and especially the more challenging models of the model.(Always with your side softly: [annual woman] Mother, the sweetest name in the whole day )

Andreja Pejic is very close to Mom Jadranka Savić

Andreja made public appearances after undergoing a transsexual operation, and the whole person sent out a confident beauty, because she had dreamed of becoming a woman since she was a decade old, and her transgender surgery was like a icing on the cake, making her more attractive, and she said:

" Now I feel freedom more than ever , and now I can stand in front of the mirror and enjoy the full face of my body. This moment is very important to me!"

Andreja Pejic now likes full self

Andreja feels comfortable in terms of accepting her self, heart, soul, so she has an unprecedented feeling of assertiveness, and the outside world of evaluation and identity may not be so important to her, and she is now ready to face the world with entirely new herself, and we are looking forward to seeing her in the fashion circle.(Together enchanting: Where is the confidence?to make you a beautiful little secret )

Andreja Pijic, a series of works co-produced with another special male model zombie boy

Note 1: Andrigeny, dual personality, one person with both masculinity and femininity, which may be physically, psychotic, or sexually-inclined, is a gender.