Name: Male-Top-tightly-jointed

in kneeling

The clitoris stimulus: (Full 5 of 5

G-point stimuli:

Action challenges: 5

visual stimulus: (full 5 )


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to do:

This posture is like a classic puppy , but we can call it Compact Jet-style .

Find a cushion that is soft and can have a half height and can make it possible to move forward, using multiple pillows or folding thick blankets into a small hill, followed by a mat, and a pair of legs open to the bottom of the body!Unlike other backsides, this posture not only allows you two to be closely linked, but can fully stimulate the G point of the point!When you feel like going to the climax, you slowly move up the upper half of the body, so that the skin of the back can be closely attached to the chest of the heat and sweat that he is working on.


Although the front of the body is blocked by a pillow, even if there is a mirror, it will not shine on the two people, but in fact, if you can see each other's emoticed expression through the mirror, it will also have a warming effect on the desire.

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