Invite this 525 call to Sophie to talk about how she is facing past anxieties, and embracing her imperfecto.This is a day of concern. It is better to narcisa myself!

Dear You:

I am a fan of the 525 I love my life, and I always call Sophie, and since I was 17, I've been learning how to love myself.Learn to repair broken self, learn to embrace all of yourself, and learn to abandon the pursuit of perfection.

I used to devote all my love to a person, hoping that one day he would be able to treat himself with the same love. He had a long time to look in the mirror and look at himself as a disgust, and he was afraid that he would look at himself in such a way.

I'm trying to make people look forward to me and try to make myself 100 percent.I am afraid that I will lose everything in my mind if I am not full of marks.I didn't expect to end up with my hard work. Actually, I was very unhappy. I actually lost my life, I was myself.

Love this matter may be a bit of a cliche, but in the past countless interviews, salon, letters from netizens and voicemail, we know that it is far more difficult to be in love with ourselves than you can imagine.Sometimes we still hate the imperfection of ourselves; sometimes we don't know how to make a choice and not know which path is right; we don't know how to balance oneself, work, affection, and family.There are a lot of books that love yourself, but it seems that they are still not able to do so.

So we want to see if there is a day that we can devote our heart to as "ourselves" and “ me ” as the key word for action, and to start practicing one's own.So a woman fan wants to start a festival -- 525, I love my life, and I'm going to get everyone involved in it.Because -- when we start to move, the change will happen.

This time I love my festival, except Women's memes , Facebook , and instagram content sharing and discussion, we even expand an entity's activity.At beginning of May 23, 9 AM, at 2:30 , we practiced early, encouraged the implementation, invited representatives from different fields to share five themes of love, more music, dance performances and film premiere, and enjoyable sensory.At the same time, we have also prepared a surprise implementation workshop for you with one more thing. We can get the most power through personal input. Most importantly, you can bring old friends and meet new friends here. I feel like I love my festival!

We'd like to invite you to join me in 525 and I love my festival.
Love yourself is not a slogan, we need to act for ourselves, and change will happen.

Or take a look at "I love my own festival" and what you can do:

Give Force One: Mmbrace I Embrace

“ embrace ” word meaning: Embrace, include, accept
first step, not 100 %, please hug yourself
share: Mr. Yao Kunjun, associate professor of drama at Taiwan University

Remember how many meters < I'm not the perfect child > this book?You don't need five kilos to be beautiful, you don't need to be sure of what's going on. What we need is to embrace all of us, like the moon with the light and the dark, and the good bad is the reason why I'm the reason why I'm here.

The first subtitle, embrace, hug, is the first step of recognizing your first step, embracing the "good" and "bad" self.We have invited the theatrical queen, Yao Kun-chun — — the Theatre of the Taiwan Theatres, be adept at the profound characters of the Stannislavsky School, and is also an indicator of the drama series.She will lead us further to know ourselves and face up to ourselves by sharing her experiences with the actors and the experience of "receiving herself" in her career as a dialogue, body, and theater.(Recommended reading: Embrace, go to a more beautiful future )

To Power Dancing Panel Two: MElegant I'm Elegant

“ elegant ” word meaning: elegant, concise, elegant
step two, choosing from desired life, graceful from each day
share: Century Ogilman PR Founder Dingling

Elegant, is a lifestyle.It's about choices, it's about balancing, about not remorse, but not to be in a mess.The choice, like Mr. Zhu Ping, once said, " Your choice of food and commodity represents what you are like."I love myself, not indulin in eating, shopping, but having a conscious choice to be good to herself."Choose your own lifestyle, choose your own way of dealing with the world, and choose to yourself.

The second subtitle, the elegant, is elegant, the choice and the balance, the graceful style of living.The famous folk singer Ding Ling-chuan, who was once a famous folk singer and entrepreneur, engaged in the science and technology communications industry and successfully made his career as a professional manager, and then retired to become a famous bestselling writer.In the face of family and self, she once put aside her family, went abroad to study, and her life was like a canvas for her life, because of the wonderful choices and the legendary colors.This time, she will share her experience in life, sharing the choices of life, how to balance the family and career, and the most important secret, perhaps clearly what it is and what it is, graceful.(Take a look at: Ding Ling column )

Force Dance 3: MExplore I Explore

“ explore ” word meaning: Explore, Explore, Explore
Third step: Life is an adventure, and explore the process of self
Share: Women's Foundation (Hong Kong) Deputy Chief Executive, Pei Yu-yu

Life is an ongoing process of exploring the world, exploring itself, exploring the future.Now, you may be somewhat confused and helpless, often in the midst of exploration and disappointment, but we want to tell you that no one is born to know what they want, and that no one is born with a positive attitude to everything that is lost and disappoints.

Third sub-topic, talking about exploring, exploring for yourself and the future through explore.We have invited the Deputy Director of the Women's Foundation, a specialist in psychology, to be the driving and reformer of women and gender-related activities in Hong Kong. In the past, she was also tied up by the social framework and was lost in the course of her work.But now she is constantly exploring, looking forward and disappointed, rediscovering her beauty, reusing her original heart to face the world, and making life free and exciting.Through this event, she will talk to us about her Hong Kong experience and how to apply positive forces, and through psychology practice, explore the future, explore the future, find the essence, and find her own life.(See more process to accept your story )

Warm Dancer Four: MExtraoddinary I Forum of Excellence

“ extraordinary ” word meaning: Excellent, extraordinary, special
Fourth step: Define your own excellence, walk out of your own path
Forum share: Mummy love founder Zhang Yu, Chidot University Taiwan First person Ge Pei-chun, Australian LGBT founder Liu Dawei, TEDxTaipei Founder Xu Yuyan

The definition of excellence is not defined by others, but how you can enjoy life and create a better value for the world; it is how you can break the social framework and walk out of your own path.We do not need to succeed, but we can achieve our excellence.

The fourth subtitle is extraodary, extraordinary, the definition of excellence is not defined by others, but how you can enjoy life and create a better value for the world.We invited the founder of the World's Most Smart University, — Daowei, who has been unable to adapt to the Taiwan education —, and founded the Women's Playground in Australia. In Australia, she started a dialogue forum on "The Framework for the Social Development of the Taiwan University."

Dancing for Power Dancing: MEnlighten I On

“ enlighten ” word meaning: light, shine, start
Step 5: Make yourself lit, lighten yourself, and light others
shared by: divine reigning

Remember the people who were doing their love, and when they said their stories, the eyes were really light?"enlighten, light, we believe that you must also have that kind of light somewhere inside your heart, but you haven't lit it."And the last one, we want you to start acting, and let yourself shine.And remember those people who were doing their own love, and when they said their stories, the eyes were really light?The speaker honored us for the time being, and I hope to surprise you at that time!

Story to tell stories: MEnjoy, I enjoy good times

In addition to the five major topics for the power dance station, we have also prepared MEnjoy. I enjoy the good times!We invited entertainers Chen Yi-jung, singer Li Kina, to talk about show circles, how they insist on being more like themselves. She has invited her to a master's degree in the Juilliard School of Music to tell us about her bravery. She also invited the girls' group Bgirl in Hong Kong to tell us that, no matter what men and women, we will always have the right to choose what to look like.

One more thing: a little surprise workshop

Of course, life is always full of surprises and more!In addition to the power dance platform, we have prepared a surprise workshop for you, a 40-minute training exercise, a solid exercise, and not greedy, one person has the most choice of taking part in the exercise!Only by accepting on-the-spot registration, first registering first, and ending up, giving you a little incentive to start up earlier!

Surprise 1: I Love My Physical Workshops: Body, absolutely "I" is an important part, but how often do you take care of it?Let's talk to the soul, dialogue with the soul, for 40 minutes.Through simple movement of limbs, dance moves, and stills, we write "accept" the word "accept" and retrain all of our own.

Surprise 2: The Workplace Brand Workshop: The founder of LGBT LGBT, Liu Daowei, led us from the Australian Workplace Women's LGBD, and led us through a systematic way of letting others know you, step by step, find out and build your own workplace style.

Surprise 3: How to make a presentation: How to do a good presentation, apart from the talent and the skills, the workshop will be a newsroom, with expertise and experience, leading us to the important tips of the presentation, making it immortal, making communications simple, telling us to be a wonderful story together!

Surprise 4: 3D Print Workshops: Take us into the world of Maker's own, and "make it" of ideas in your mind.From successfully raising to 45 million FLLUX teams at Kickstarter, we have been able to understand the present and future of 3D printing, and have the opportunity to really operate and experience it!

These are these, we all want to be able to launch a campaign, and we can experience it personally, and bring old friends to meet new friends!5/23 (6), let's celebrate the 525 I love me at Me festival.With [ME] as an exercise keyword, we would like to give you the most special Me Time, with all my heart and soul for one day.

Hey!My dear, at the scale of the 600-strong event, the women's fascination team needs your arm to make the event more successful, and we would like to invite you to become a volunteer volunteer partner of the festival.Join the festival team, and you can feel the love of the women's fascination team and the experience of getting to work with women's fascination with women.