One is the popularity of the United States-Meimei his father, one is the spotlight to lock the popular actor-Xu Yu Ning, their dialogue collided with what kind of sparks?

Xu Yu The dialogue with Mr. H.H? You must be curious about what kind of combination this is.

Mr. H.H, draw the "Meimei" role of Justice, the Facebook fan group has accumulated 1 million fans, Meimei for the network generation to bring new voices, flip the mainstream weighing the price of women's Libra.

Xu Yu Ning, from models to actors, from "The Kiss of Mischief" to "16 summers","Anesthesia Storm", Xu Shanning in front of the curtain to do a powerful actor, behind the scenes to do a magnanimous face of their own women. (Recommended reading: after the spotlight is still confident: Xu Yu ning, solitude makes me more love myself)

Fate is the beginning of this, this time by the director of Lishi, Xu Yu Ning as the Donna of the public view of the new play-"Anesthesia Storm", through the creativity of Mr. H.H completed a part of the visual creativity. One is the popularity of the United States-Meimei his father, one is the spotlight scrambling to lock the hottest actor. This day's visit, more like a group of old friends sitting in the corner of the café, leaning against the window of the sun flowing in the two people talk about this afternoon, very relaxed, very comfortable, very open heart to talk about their lives. One of the biggest things they have in common is that they are "real".

Just Meimei is the girl in our life

Mr. H.H's true, is the beauty of the real, our impression of Meimei is: "A cute fat girl, honest and smile, sharp people laugh." "Meimei is like the girl in our life, she may not be the kind of" beautiful "as stipulated by the world, but she has absolute justice and absolute goodness.

(Photo source: Mr. H.H )

"Meimei is speaking for me," said Mr. H.H. Sometimes also make up for my past mistakes, such as bullying, I used to bully others, grow up to know that this is not the case, I will use Meimei to tell you, if now my paintings can affect so many people, why do I do? 」

Mr. H.H, who discusses many social phenomena, is not immune to the popular censorship standards of millions of fans, and whenever more or less people disagree on sensitive social issues, we ask Mr. H.H if he will be frustrated by the reader's message of attack? He answered quickly and firmly: "No." Painting this kind of thing has a lot of reading, the fan group when the initial 300 people see you will not have any pressure, say what you want to say, 1 million people, more people looking at you, I will be more focused on the painting I want to say, but more understand that the present published not only belong to me, but also with the reader of the space, Therefore, I will also respect their views. (same field Gayon: See the Taiwan MRT Girl!) Two days Studio: illustration, deep superficial )

Meimei will do the wrong thing, say, she is not perfect, Mr. H.H said the beauty of the existence is to let everyone know that they have more possibilities, such as the recent beauty on the magazine, the first illustration of the role of the cover figure, breaking the rules of the print media. Also tell the girls who are not confident: "Meimei can, you can." "

Imperfect true, most touching

Meimei took back the beauty of women's freedom and dominance, Mr. H.H said: "You can not be free to show yourself, you are a pair of empty shells." I've always felt like these girls around me why no one knows how to love them? They are lovely, very kind, and can get along very comfortably. The average person looks at the fat girl will you still need someone to protect? They also need to love and cherish, also deserve to have a complete feeling. (Extended reading: Stop putting fat girls and skinny girls on Libra: Stop using the body to reset the meaning of a person )

Xu Yu Ning said she likes Meimei such girl, also joked that their broker is "Meimei" himself, very real, very calm. She volunteered to say that she was a fan of the beautiful, even the beauty of the painting, beautiful texture she has. Wei Ning said like the beauty of truth and honesty, because the real face of their own and the world, always need to spend some strength, and the world is always a little less honest.

Mr. H.H: Just live once and live your life the way you like it.

The real and hidden boundaries, we have more or less through such a confusion, after the society hides your heart, do not understand what kind of face with the world, not sure now I am not become "I imagined the adults." Facing the growth of the hesitation, Mr. H.H said: "Pull yourself back to the original, simple yourself, this is the most important." 」

Mr. H.H: "I have no way to allow myself to live in a way that I don't even like." Remind yourself that painting is to give friends, like people look, if always think I have millions of fans, I will want to raise enough appetite, draw out things are not so pure, fame to pay the price is not to change their own, we like the original you, metamorphism will not be long after. 」

Mr. H.H also talked about his senior high school students in the department store to see as the Model of Wei Ning, when he thought: "This girl body white is true?" Well proportioned and clean like paint. "But now with Wei Ning chatted for a while Mr. H.H said that she does not let the person have the distance feeling, instead Wei Ning always really participates in the topic, ponders each other to say, just like we all have that good sister." (Extended reading: free, be relieved to do oneself )

Yes ah, at the moment in front of the Wei Ning, with a thin makeup, a little bit of freckles to make people feel so cute, very open the heart of laughter, but also as each of us occasionally talk is not serious, she put down the artist's posture, and we have a comfortable afternoon.

Xu Yu Ning: We have been "we do not like the adults" to know how to do their own

Wei Ning Honestly said that she had grown up in the process of becoming she did not like the appearance: "If you have experienced a" you do not want to be a person, "the process is also a learning, learn how to make people around you and yourself can be in a very comfortable state. "Take Out Your Heart" and "wear a mask" does not contradict, although sometimes must wear masks, but still can pursue a kind of mutual harm and violation of harmony, regardless of work or friends, I will try to take out my heart, I must release goodwill, anything is first with sincerity. "(same field Gayon: How to make a true friend?" Start by saying your own story

Listen to Wei Ning to say so, do you also think of that section not happy to do their own time? Many times we really have to believe in the "unspoken rules" of the world, as if perfection and success only belong to a certain kind of appearance, about 20 years old, we all face a "growth pain", some tears, silly a few back, just understand you want to live more than alive, and when we walked through these ridge, came to the 30-year-old when the mouth, And how do you wish to be 30 years old? (Recommend you:20,30,40 Woman's dialogue )

30-Year-old for his wonderful: the Courage to let go

Talk to the 30-year-old key words, two people speak in unison with courage.

H.H said: "Before the age of 30 many things have been trying and guessing, do not know where to go, this way we will accumulate a lot of wounds." Come to 30 years old, a lot of things have a little answer, is to let oneself shine time. If the 30-year-old is still afraid of "hitting the wall", you have not even hit the walls, how to see the road does not pass? Learning to turn failure into a power is sometimes spelled. 」

Mr. H.H said that "courage" is to give up a fight, is to try to make a return for their own. Wei Ning also share with us: "30 years old the most important is courage and momentum." At age more than 20 you may have a lot of hesitation, a lot of reluctance, and a habit of being in your own circle. Some worry will tell themselves: "Now has been eve, what good doubt hesitate, if really not to come back to the good." "(Extended reading: women over 25, why not have their own dreams?" )

30 years old, this is full of social pressure and responsibility of the mouth, you unavoidably because of "Don't Marry", " Not having children. Life has a layer of labels to your limitations, Wei Ning said that her 30-year-old is a metamorphosis of the age, is a more clear what they want to go through the mouth, we please Wei Ning and we share from confusion to now, what changed her?

After 30 years of age, understand that everything will be "back" to you.

Xu Yu: "Each person's growth process is constantly looking for themselves." For the past two or three years I've been looking for what I really like. The last choice is your heart, your heart will tell you what to do. The decisions you make in the past are not necessarily what you really want, but the ones you put down to meet the needs of the people around you. But in fact, no one takes the knife to you, want you to do so, the cycle of all things, and finally return to their own body, everyone should bear and enjoy their own choice. "(Recommended reading the most beautiful season: 30-Year-old is not the beginning of the old, but the climax of Life )

Wei Ning talk about how to find his favorite thing to do, is that you are in that moment, that space is satisfied and comfortable, you do not cater to anyone living in this world. I like Wei Ning saying, "Everything will come back to you." In her body I saw a kind of Buther, a walk through the turbulence of free and easy, at the moment in front of us Xu Shanning seems particularly happy, because she does not panic 30 years old age, but more solid walk every step, not wasting good possible, do not give up understanding themselves.

That's what Wei Ning said about her moment: "This is a two-year life I feel pretty good, I have been living to fill the past did not do things, do not dare to do things have to complete the life, regardless of the process of tired, the results are good, have stepped out that step. When you think about it, it will be wonderful and enjoyable, you will have many stories to say. 」

To be a "old man with a story to say"

Wei Ning said "you will have a lot of stories to say," The mind of the image of this sentence is faint, it will be through dozens of years of bitter taste, came to a bright afternoon, and dear him, take a walk, talk about the past years quiet good. (Hey dear: People's life extraordinary time, do not need so much )

"I always ask myself," said Wei Ning, "What kind of person do you want to be when you are old?" "If you want your old lady to be, then your life model is afternoon tea and a rich boyfriend to start a life in the future." If you want your life to be more than just afternoon tea and a boyfriend, if you already have a picture of what you want to be, start working in that direction now. 」

Wei Ning imagined his future, she said like Sanmao free and easy and comfortable. She also hoped that all the friends around her could go to the roadside stalls, scream loudly when they were mad, and weep together when they were sad, instead of being able to meet in a fancy restaurant. Wei Ning said to the friend's imagination, Mr. H.H also agreed to say "and his life value the same friend is very important." Wei Ning's agent smiled and said that they had just arrived on the road to see Huashan's turf, can not help but want to jump up to play. Xu Yu Ning is such a girl, see the grass will hook up the childlike innocence, hear the funny things will not ignore the image of laughter.

Wear masks, sometimes to protect each other.

Mr. H.H then talked about Xu Yu Ning: "The front door opened Instagram saw her face picture, and changed my imagination about her." That is everyone can also see Xu Yu Ning, she did not hide herself, she can be very comfortable living, it is not easy for the actors. Mr "h.h says this is a mask and a real balance, in acting career, acting can let people see her professional, but she can share her real life, rather than always live in front of the mirror.

Mr. H.H: "In fact, we can not wear masks, masks are sometimes polite, to do not hurt others as a prerequisite to get along, sometimes the appropriate mask is to protect themselves and protect each other." 」

Mr. H.H said, Wei Ning in the side smile: "We leave the phone." "They are talking about an attitude of life that treats their own heart and respects others." We travel in different areas of life, change different roles, you do not need to be consistent, on different occasions you just do the role of the present, as long as you have no qualms about your reality. Mr H.H and Wei Ning also look forward to 30-Year-old himself can be more momentum, Wei Ning is the life itinerary row of full file. We are curious as to how she digested herself when I was tired. (Recommended reading: develop the gentle face of life: From now on, you deserve more beautiful days )

Xu Shanning A hearty answer: "Just have a drink first." 」

If this is the life you want, you won't feel bitter.

Wei Ning said: "I found that before really too arbitrary life, so these two years will want to plug more full, the past did not do things to fill up, tired although tired, but happy, because now these things are I want to do." If you really need to relax, it is at the end of the work, with the partners sit down to chat, drink a glass of wine, this is the most comfortable I feel the state. 」

It is because Wei Ning feels that life is exactly what he wants, so I don't think it is bitter, often a person travels to the Wei Ning also share their own through the journey of enrichment, healing themselves. Mr. H.H also agrees with the need for a person to travel, he said: "A person is always growing faster, you depend on yourself, wherever you want to go." Sometimes there are some challenges or discouraged things, but the interesting thing is that you can go on. "(same field Gayon: A person's journey, not always a person )

A man's journey to life is always big, the most lonely and the most comfortable. The two were excited to talk about their journey alone, Wei Ning talked about last year to New York for one months, in a poor place to settle down, just at the beginning also feel afraid, but then think how all is a life and then learn stability, she also went on to say once a person to Beijing, the driver wanted to take her to another place, She quarreled with the driver loudly. The broker said that usually Wei Ning memory really very poor, it is impossible to remember how to go back to the road, only one person special sperm. Such Xu Yu Ning, is not the same as you imagine it? (Recommended reading: female solo travel: adventure, what's not to do?) )

The Metamorphosis of Xu Yu: The girl from the daughter to the Dragon Tattoo

A person's Wei Ning is always particularly strong, brokers talk about Wei Ning these several years of change, she said: "In the past she had everything stuffy in the heart." When I first started to take her, it was like looking at a pictorial story, sometimes she was quiet and still thought she was a dummy. Cooked up later found that she really is in the vent. I think she is the way she wants to go, and what she wants to be. Before she was too much like Hugh Volcano, in the heart of the burning of urgency, outside but can not see out. We talked later, this kind of acting will be like warm water, drink down, but not deep. 」

(Xu Yu-Ning's agent is not very like the Super pleasant Meimei)

After listening to the broker so shape Jong Ning, we also found that Wei Ning in the past two years the role has a great breakthrough, she is no longer a cup of warm water, she can boil, can also drop to freezing point. "16 Summers" in the Sara, those emotional inner struggle, "love seven kinds of design" in the strong, "want to Fly" in the performance of a visually impaired, to Wei Ning new drama "Anesthesia Storm" as a psychologist, have broken through her screen image. Wei Ning said: "Just like Meimei, I hope my character is also true." Sara like all of us will have friends, she likes girls, emotional road is always particularly hard, in the mind burdened with more pressure than others, the performance of things are distressed friends emotions. "Want to Fly" let me experience visually impaired people's life perspective, their insecurity, sense of crisis is open at any time, this is a learning for me. I was afraid of dogs because I want to get along with the guide dog, but also broke through their own atrium. "(same field Gayon: listen to celebrity chat" 16 Summer "regret Confession: Goodbye, also another spring )

Acting, is also constantly breaking through their own set limits. In the new drama "Anesthesia Storm" as a outwardly rebellious psychologist, Wei Ning said: "Who would have thought you can put me in such an anti-bone role, put me on the heavy machine?" This role to break through the established impression on me, but also to break the definition of "psychologist", we all feel that the psychologist should be very professional, white robe, serious treatment of you, this play point out that the doctor may also have what we call "deviation" or "abnormal". (Extended reading:"Why do we pursue normalcy without celebrating uniqueness?") "16-year-old autistic girl's rocking TED speech. "

Everyone's a therapist.

The role of the psychologist in the drama " Anesthesia Storm ", and the role of Meimei in soothing the masses, have the ability to "heal others", and we are curious to see whether two people are playing a role as a psychologist or a pain in life.

Mr. H.H said: "Everyone will be a psychologist at an important moment." Because we all have moments that need to be comforted. Sometimes when I create it, I turn my character into a psychologist. I do not want to be a love counselor, simply to chat with friends and readers to share the mood. I do not believe that the gender experts "how to get out of the emotional injury" such things, these can only rely on their own insight. 」

Wei Ning agreed with Mr. H.H: "The relationship and coexistence of people is a process of healing each other." is not necessarily to give each other what, but return to the purest mood, together to spend those moments. 」

Two people play a psychologist role, "Company" than "enlighten" important too much, often, you just need a person to talk to you, rather than the real picture of the answer, because the best answers, you actually know. (Recommended reading: The Life of the company, is the love of the routine )

Disguise your own golden thread, can only protect you for a while

Wei Ning plays a sensitive psychologist, what does she think of the "sensitive" thing? is always the gossip media-ridden Wei Ning, in the face of the likes of ghosts, overly sensitive media industry, she study calmly, Wei Ning said: "For the media capture, my sensitivity is very low, I will not care about what the news wrote, what the Netizen commented, anyway, how others write is my own thing, these things are over, Don't put it in my heart. 」

Xu Yu ning: "Would rather be the most real oneself, also do not want to be uncovered at last." When you encounter a job, always have to find a balance, to learn in the unreal to find the most real point, in this job, very often meet people want to dig your true, but those emotions and life is very private, when others touch, you still want to keep clean. In the control of the "boundary", the most important thing is to feel at ease. (Same Gayon: Everybody is the media age, what is your media principle?) )

Wei Ning feels that we are all learning to accept the "change", the most important thing is not to adapt to the media environment, but to adapt to their own hearts. News likes to put labels on the public figures, the definition, as if they have only a kind of appearance, Wei Ning also said: "We really do not care about the label, the label is just my surface, the surface is easy to draw away." 」

"It's like I'm responsible for living with myself," says Mr H.H. Oneself is the key to bear one's own life. 」

Both Mr Wei Ning and Mr. H.H were convinced that they did not need to be overly disguised, Mr. H.H describes that if you are always living in the eyes of others, like wearing a suit in the morning and night, must be uncomfortable, the most important thing is on what occasions, wear what kind of clothes, you can not travel when you wear high heels, so that their own comfortable more important. (Recommended reading: How long has not smiled?) 10 small exercises that make you more comfortable

Wei Ning also said: "You have to find yourself, not so urgent, you can slowly, even if you are still trapped in other people's" vision "also don't panic, one day will want to burn that suit. 」

They said that one day, we will know how to live in the eyes of others, is a very comfortable and happy thing.

This day, we met with Mr. H.H for the first time, feel the beauty behind the pen of honesty and frankness, Mr. H.H talk to be very cheerful and generous, like a person who can always look at things positively, but originally he is to know how to digest the sadness of heart, into the power of the forward. This day, the woman fan two times visit Xu Yu Ning, we saw her to wash the news Qianhua, we saw her calmly in the pursuit of life ideal appearance, we see her interpretation of more profound role and become themselves. We all know that it is not easy to retain ourselves after becoming a public figure, how do you cherish yourself as an independent individual, how do you like yourself without being clamped down by reality? Finally, Xu Yu and Mr. H.H gave readers the positive power to "love themselves".

Mr. H.H: Love yourself is not to be defeated by anything, do not lose heart, do not give up the foolish. Do not give up the existing life, affirmation and trust your perseverance.

To love yourself is to be honest with your frailty, accept when you are vulnerable, and when you accept it, the strength of the rebound is greater.

Xu Yu Ning

Finally, we share with you Xu Yu ning and Mr. H.H should not be afraid of face pictures in the audience's request.