Nepal, about us, also belongs to their story! This time, an international volunteer from a group of universities in Taiwan wants to talk to you about Nepal in their eyes.

Watching TV, the network continued to report the earthquake disaster in Nepal news, looking at the number of constantly repaired, I believe your heart is full of anxiety, "How to do?" "Should I do something?" "At the moment you may really want to do something, hey, but before the action, calm down, forget these anxieties, together to listen to the last summer, in Nepal, about us, also belong to their story!" (Think first: please do not red blood to the disaster area!) Want to help the earthquake in Nepal, first know these six things )

The meeting last summer

With a jolt to Nepal, before we could get used to the air, we hurriedly dragged our luggage and boarded the bus to a primary school-vinayak Shiksha Niketan, not far from Kathmandu. Here we leave our schoolwork and troubles in Taiwan, where we find some simple, straightforward maturation, and too much love.

They never hesitate to express themselves about love, and their love always behaves in unexpected ways.

To express love through food is certainly the most direct way to understand it! Remember when hiking with children, they were carrying a small bag, packed with a family lunch. Secretly looked at their bags, found that there is only a piece of cake, a bag of fried potato chips, or a bag of food like scientific side. But they didn't hesitate to come and share their lunch with us, fearing they would be hungry, we kept saying no, but they were still passionate about us eating more.

Every day, they always put the strange food into our mouths. Candy and juice, bright colors to believe anyone will hesitate to see. But seeing them eating and drinking with relish, we dared not show any expression of disgust. Choking, dare not breathe, want to swallow it in a mouthful. Those taste, we do not dare to think back to now, but think they expect us to eat the smile, the heart is still warm. (same field Gayon: change, let happiness reappear )

Not for a short three weeks, we have all kinds of Chinese teaching plan in class, and when we finish class, we become the best playmates. Girls are always scrambling to squeeze forward, holding everyone's hand, grab a painting on top, they carefully from the color package extrusion has a peculiar smell of Mandi. All of a sudden, wavy lines extend all the way to the fingertips, and the white space is decorated with like a fern, along with a continuous oval shape. "This is the Buddha's eye, the Buddha sees the place, can obtain the blessing Oh!" "The girl next to help explain. In a moment, the boy also came over to join in and said, "to wipe the oil, will be maintained longer!" 」

Later in Nepal, the land continued to see a lot of red brick buildings next to the small vendors of paintings Mandi, their professional neat for the tourists painted complex and fine totem. I looked down at the palm of the flower, crooked lines, no tourists in the hands of the gorgeous, but the children carefully sketched out the priceless gifts, and their deepest blessings. (Recommended reading: secretly tell you 25 priceless happiness secret )

Nepalese children love their country with far more than they could imagine.

"Although I am a girl, when I grow up must do a very good job!" "One of the girls in the class talked to me about her future, and the other kid said," I'm going to be a mechanic so I can fly around the world and see a different world from Nepal. And then when I make money, I'm going to help the poor families of all countries! When I am older, I will go to Taiwan to teach Nepali, so that more people in your country to see Nepal! "There is also an art class, we prepared the body painted crayons, suddenly, children began to clamor," I want a Nepal flag! I want a Nepal flag! ", when we had not had time to control the situation, the child's cheeks had already painted the Nepalese flag, and then they badgered us to draw the Taiwan flag on the other side, and the words" Ma Timilai Maya Garchu "(Nepali: I love You).

Originally, love their country is not difficult, but put her in the heart, everywhere for her sake, just as we and children put each other in the heart as simple.

The Libra of the world's resource allocation is skewed, and I am in Nepal every day to testify to this truth

in Nepal, rugged Stone Road, loess mud, is the way we walk every day. In particular, sometimes muddy mud, in the not yet steady footsteps, children will always be rushed to lead our hands, deep fear that we accidentally fall. While walking, chatting, they said that many places in Nepal have not been developed, such roads are everywhere, which areas lack water, which areas lack of electricity, as well as grow up to help the country to build a lot of infrastructure. in the eyes of 10-year-old children, the desire to make Nepal a better country is full of them.

Life is rich, but let us forget contentment, also forget to find the problem, become a change. (Recommended reading: Madagascar Photography collection: The average daily income of one dollar of them, the heart than we are rich )

In so-called relatively poor places, children there are always forced to grow up, and children in Nepal are no exception. Usually naughty boys after class will take the initiative to clean up their hands for a lesson plan left the Montreal scraps of paper, shouting a classmate's name to help us to get the brand back to tidy up, will also rush forward for us back backpack, take teaching aids, and then tightly holding our hands back to the dormitory rest.

In each night's experience sharing, remember one time a partner said: "After class today, the children of the class took me to the school roof." He pointed forward, told me his home is on the other side of the mountain, saying that mom and dad to firewood for a living, and finally earn enough money to send him to Thimi study. "I miss my parents." Simple words, plain tone, but I tongue-tied, heart full of compassion and cherish. Seeing something wrong with my face, he went on to say "I see Sorrows in your eyes." His expression seemed to accuse me, he did not need sympathy. He is proud of his father and mother and his present thimi. "(Extended reading: contentment, is the real life of the Victory Group )

In parting, they firmly and gently said "Don" is sad too much. If you'll be sad, I'll also sad. I'll always smile and you also smile oh! "

Looking back on the little things with the children, let us feel a lot of warmth and intimate. As if they could see the whole of Nepal in miniature: happy, kind and mature.

We still have too many words to want to read this article and you say, there are too many moved and gentle want to share with you. But Love has many ways of expression, but after they have suffered so much, not to hear us say the love for children, for Nepal, but to invite you and us to send more love. (Extended reading: The Most beautiful love is to let you find love from yourself )

Who is the first person we want to help?

Remember the weekend in Nepal, we would walk around town and buy simple bread as the beginning of the day. There are some monuments in every district, and locals usually sit there chatting, stunned and blown. For tourists, those places are tourist destinations. For them, however, that is part of life.

Now, the monuments have fallen, and the red brick houses have been destroyed a lot. Those everyday, those homes, are now devastated.

Photo credit to: UK the Telegraph

and at this point our focus is on the politics of being manipulated by the media, and we are persuaded not to have a hot face sticking cold butt. Nepal does not need our help to become our final conclusion. But is it really? (Read on: The world doesn't change because of travel, but I start changing the world because of travel )

After the earthquake, we sent letters and messages to the local people, trying to confirm their peace.

"We are have a lot of problem and no power and not sufficient food and water."

"We are doing our best to rescue the affected area."

"It is raining and all people are staying outside on the road without."

"It damaged all our houses."

A message that gives us an idea of how critical the situation is, and when the media is taking the wind to politics, perhaps we should be more concerned about the first thing we want to help with when we open the news-----are now waiting for the Nepali people to rebuild their homes.

What can I do?

Let go of your thoughts and frame! As long as we use the original heart, there is no distance between people,

But in the limited capacity of the situation, choose nothing to do, the world can only be stopped,

But perhaps, if we are willing to try, Nepal can create some possibilities.

The first idea is what kind of person you are, and the second one determines what you become.

If you read this article, you want to do more, the following we sorted out some of the front-line in Nepal to help disaster relief units, do not give up any possibility, perhaps this is the time, for the distant Nepal, feel the gentleness from Taiwan.

1. Nepal Red Cross Society Nepalese Red Cross

  • Nepal Frontline Medical and rescue group

2. World Vision Global Vision

  • Nepal is currently responsible for coordinating the response of Governments, focusing on food, household supplies, temporary shelters and protecting young children

3. Taiwan World Vision

  • In addition to online donations, now 7-eleven and the Taiwan World Outlook will cooperate, as long as the Ibon system to press the charitable donation "Nepal earthquake" button, will be able to donate the love, across the sea to help Nepal's wounded people through the most difficult period, and more efforts to rebuild the disaster area.

4. Global Giving Worldwide donation

  • A charitable non-profit fundraising website founded since 2002. After the earthquake, the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund Nepal earthquake Relief fund"was rapidly established, and the funds were immediately recruited for local institutions and transnational organizations.

5. Concern Worldwide Care for the world

  • At the same time, you can choose the relief materials that you want to donate.

6. Doctors without Borders Médecins sans Frontières (MSF)

  • The independent international medical humanitarian relief Organization is committed to providing emergency medical assistance to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics and natural disasters, and excluded from the health care system. Currently, 61 medical personnel have been deployed to provide medical assistance and resources in Nepal.
  • Chinese donation URL:

7. International Medical Corps International Medical Corps

  • Dedicated to providing emergency medical resources for front-line first aid in war or natural disasters. Emphasis is being given to training and helping the affected areas to regain their capacity to be self-reliant.

8. Taiwan Luo Fu Scouts Relief material raise

Article credit to: Tai World Volunteer Society Ntuwvs