this week we have a relaxed: not known but let people crazy bra small, big shout don't want to wear underwear ah, you must have this trouble, right?

In the discussion #FreeTheNipple is hot, we also have a relaxed, first to talk about the body let us love and hate small things, is, today talk about bras. (Recommended reading: a bra that can't be removed , shoes that can't be removed)

Bra this thing, sometimes think she is our closest comrades, listen to the heart of the left atrium, sometimes also wish in hot weather, it quickly burned, such contradictory mind, you feel that they are almost half of the youth, are closely related to the bra. The first time he found his chest rolling, he was forced to put on his first underwear, and the first time I found it was more surprising than discovering the new world, but yes, sometimes you really don't want to wear a bra.

look at the illustrator Luna Moreno 's penetrating bra observation, kind of intimate dialogue with underwear and body, do not want to wear a bra 21 reasons, you find her in the bra Sea 1100 degrees, Soul Bra in the end where?

1. Less cloth does not mean a little less price

Obviously the cloth is few, can the price but soar high, this reasonable?

2. Focus on the worry of high underwear

"Well, why can't I breathe harder after I put it on?" he said. 」

3. High-type half-cover underwear and nipple discord

Every time wearing a high-type half-cover underwear, always have to bow their heads to worry about whether their nipples popped out again ... (Maybe it's time to expect a more revealing world. )

4. Centralized underwear makes you feel compelled to realize that you've eaten too much recently.

"Oh, don't let me find my side-meat squeezed out." 」

5. How hard is it to find the right bra?

Not a cup perfect, bust too tight, or just the opposite ... Know that a woman's body is very diverse, I can meat but small breasts, but also can only have the chest the most meat, God I fit the bra bar. (same field Gayon: woman, not only one way )

6. Like to run out say hi! The Shoulder strap

Wearing the naked back of the dress, the back of that one is really difficult to ignore Ah!

7. The useless strapless underwear

Small chest Voice: "We want to admit that for a cup of women, strapless underwear is a useless and will continue to slide the design?" 」

8. The endangered D-cup

Big chest Voice: "I also want to wear beautiful underwear, but why a lot of stores are not my size?" 」

9. So who is the boss of Size?

You also find it very magical, in this shop you can wear a C cup, where you are just a cup, who can explain such a gap is how?

10. Even underwear has a design outdated troubles

Underwear only see is also pleasing to the eye, this underwear everything is perfect, just design like grandma that era ...

11. The underwear that is betrayed by the hands

Girls who have had such experience please raise their hands oops!

12. A dazzling shoulder strap

Thick and thin, different material, loose tight, shoulder strap is too much learning.

13. Run out to see people's milk

And so you don't want to wear sleeveless T-shirt because you're worried about someone wondering if you have a cinnamon roll under your armpit.

14. Just don't wear underwear, but always feel a little embarrassed

15. The paradox of flesh-coloured underwear

Because the color of each person's meat is different, you simply can not pick the really want "flesh" underwear.

16. Revenge of the underwear rims

Underwear can be dilapidated, and you feel like they're laughing in front of your chest, "we'll stab you and we'll kill you. Hey. 」

17. Does anyone really know how to "properly" wash underwear?

How to wash, with what wash, how to hang up to bask in, everywhere is the knowledge ah.

18. Sports underwear = linked to the chest

19. Are there any experience of being haunted by sports underwear?

Hard plug also into the no zipper sports underwear, the old naïve to torment me like this?

20. The public find it 1100 degrees, the right underwear in the end where

Just like completing an "impossible task" (same field Gayon: Underwear Selection Guide Code )

21. It was perfect, but it was worn in old underwear.

"I refuse to throw you away!" "Commonly known as" Frankenstein Bra "sewing is another life.

So, have to wish to have to accompany our lifetime of underwear, or, look forward to not wearing underwear and comfortable with the advent of the time! Do you have any reason not to wear underwear, welcome to the end of the message to share with us!