Susan, America's most famous astrologers, also for the "New York Times" write the Daily constellation column, was nicknamed "Psychic" by netizens.

Susan is a famous American astrology expert, known as psychic, there is absolutely a reason. Aries, lions, shooters, these three passionate fire signs, what about the May horoscope? Come together and listen to what psychic said. (Intimate little reminder: Please take your solar constellation as the main, and refer to the rising constellation Yo!) )

Aries (March 21 ~4 month 19th)

The big point of the May is "money", which falls in the constellation 5/18 in Taurus 27, and within two weeks you will have the opportunity to seek new sources of revenue. The advent of the new moon is almost always accompanied by an opportunity to emerge. If you feel you deserve a raise, talk about the time after the new moon, because you'll probably get the best salary in a year. Ask your boss how much you want to pay, and a fairly active Saturn will help you make sure you get that number, but don't try to get a penny more. Mercury will be retrograde between 5/18 and 6/11, so it will be a good time for you to count your contributions to the company and to be generous in your efforts to be brave.

Your toughest two days this month will be 5/12 and 5/22, and you need to be aware of your physical condition, and one of your important relationships will be in the toughest phase. These two days are not suitable for sensitive issues. If you need an operation, choose 5/6, and Pluto's regenerative energy will help you in the thousands of miles.

The best time of the month for a career interview or a decisive career strategy is at 5/6, when Pluto and the sun are in perfect harmony. A big shot in the workplace will open up and be willing to listen to your advice and possibly even sponsor you.

When your Guardian Spark star enters Gemini, it will stir up your love and will lead you to the nearby summer resort, allowing you to warm up to the feelings of your sweetheart, or to bring you to a new lover. The best place to start the weekend will be in 5/23-5/24 week, and then take a look at the dates you need to be particularly at heart. (same field Gayon: end single together!) 5 successful Confessions of a Machine )

Aries the day of attention:

*5/3, the New moon will bring noteworthy financial changes. This will be a good time to pay off and recalculate your finances.

*5/7 to 6/5, Venus is located in the cancer, decorate home to make the family a fresh and good chance.

*5/6, Sun and Pluto harps and Ming, go to see the big men in the workplace.

*5/11-6/24, Mars surrounds Gemini and increases your chances of traveling happily. Mars is your Guardian star, so any action of it will add to your effect. In the next few weeks, you will also have a close conversation with your siblings.

*5/15 Day will be pulling, Mars is anxious to start, Saturn pulled back, Saturn will eventually win, so the next few days after 5/15, adjust your pace, this time is not a good time to travel.

*5/16, in Saturday, Venus and Neptune have a beautiful angle, and you have a particular idea about fashion dress.

*5/18 New Moon in Taurus will inject your income into the living water and sell the old stuff you no longer need for your income, which might be a good idea.

*5/18-6/11 Mercury in the financial Palace retrograde, if someone owes you money, simply remind him, you will get what you want.

*5/22 will be a difficult day, the sun and mercury are incompatible, you will be very tired and frustrated. The sun and mercury are in the tourist palace, so don't pick the day to hit the road. If you are finding fault with your boss or other leaders, learn to improve yourself, never mind. A day or two later, the days will be much better.

Leo (July 23 ~8 month 22nd)

Your family and personal life will be your first priority in May, and the 5/3 full moon will exert strong positive influence in the Scorpio Palace. You may move to a new apartment in 5/1, and if you don't have a plan to relocate, you might as well call the painter and repaint. You will have a chance to buy and sell houses. Your long attention to the renovation of the house to be completed, for your life brings a lot of new excitement and beauty. Neptune, a symbol of creativity and inspiration, will make you feel full of inspiration.

If your home environment is not your primary concern, you may be in close relationship with one of your parents. You might help your mom or dad find a doctor or make a contribution to decorate their house. Maybe your mom will ask you to help with the gadgets. Your focus on home life and family is not too long, after 5/7, there are other things waiting for you.

Look forward to news about the workplace, in the early May to 5/12, Mars around the career palace, 5/18 (and within 10 days) The new moon came to Taurus, are focused on the workplace level. The positions you have recently talked about will be top positions, and you will rely on the accumulation of the past in your new position. This new moon will give you a big boost in your career position, you will be under a fresh responsibility, you may be promoted or have a job you can't resist. At the same time, you will be publicly praised for your achievements at work.

5/11, you will have a chance to meet a close friend in a hurry, lunch, dinner or café meeting is possible. You're happy to catch up, relax, and get ready for a hot dance. This light-hearted rhythm will last until 6/24, and you will have more tasks to live outside and balance your strong focus on your work. (Share with you: friends or old good?) Seven reasons that should be contacted with old friends )

This month, your emotional life will hit the pause button, probably because your career took off, but your other half is not so successful in this career and feels neglected.

Two days this month is not your day, so try not to arrange important things in these two days. 5/15, Friday, Mars and Saturn Hedges, you may lose a lot of money. Another worse day is 5/22, Saturn and your Guardian star on the Sun bar, your emotional situation is not good, or you may find that you and your partner has been in the're same page, can not find the frequency of the right, or your partner may need to rely on you for a while. Or you are likely to get pregnant suddenly, or to have a dilemma in communicating with your child, or to deal with the issue of guardianship.

This is a day when you feel exhausted and it is definitely not a good day to schedule important events. Or it could be another aspect, a project you're working on will take more time and money than you expect. Life is not always satisfactory, but the best way to get through this time is to actually face the reality, at this time to evade the problem and look forward to the problem is not much help, or start to deal with the problem clean it!

The day for a leisurely trip to the island of 5/16,5/17 will be the week when Venus and Uranus will create surprises for you, and this will be a good weekend for the two of us.

The day the Leo should notice:

*5/18-6/11 Mercury retrograde days.

*5/3, the full moon will deal with housework or family-related things. The next four days will be a great time to take action.

* When the sun and Pluto are in perfect angle, it is a good day for Leo and meet the dignitaries in the workplace.

* Mars will stay in Taurus until 5/10, and it's time for you to make a difference in your career.

*5/11 to 6/24, Mars moves to Gemini, blowing up a pleasant social wave that leads you to find your true love and friendship.

*5/18 Crescent will light up your career palace, expect rewards and achievements. Saturn and New Moon hedges, you have to overcome obstacles to make progress. With Mercury retrograde, the past talk of failed partnerships is now likely to succeed, and you may be able to work with your favorite executives.

* Perhaps the days of will will be 5/22, when your Guardian star Sun and Saturn, this is destined to be a difficult time for emotional life. Never ask for trouble.

*5/25, avoid making financial decisions because you are most likely to overlook important details.

* At the end of May, 5/30-5/31, you will feel a strong social passion. Full Moon until 6/2, you will find yourself in many friends.

Sagittarius (November 22 ~12 month 21st)

The beginning of May, the rhythm of relaxation. The first thing you have to deal with is the arrival of a full moon associated with leisure and personal life. You've been busy for a while, so it's time to take a break and catch your breath. In this month, a quiet moment will be more productive. By stopping to think of new ideas, you may come up with an excellent money-making plan. Thanks to Pluto's ingenious location in your labor income area, and the powerful aid of Neptune, the most creative planet, is in your home house.

Your love and working relationship will become more and more interesting, and in the next few weeks, when Mars enters Gemini, 5/11 to 6/24, there may be big changes. You and your partner will have more time together, so there will be little friction, like 5/15, you may be frustrated by the lack of understanding between you and your partner or by the inability to understand your proposal.

Things may be getting worse. 5/22, due to the sun and Saturn hedging, care about the same kind of emotional frustration, do not let the trivial broken a good marriage. Your tiredness adds to your frustration. As mentioned earlier, these quarrels and disputes should not be the reason for you to break up. The reason for the May controversy may be that you or your partner's excessive travel or intense work or study trip, especially if you are a founder in law enforcement or media industry. In addition to the cash strapped, you see the cause of tension to float on the stage, but don't panic, these are temporary.

More tasks will come at the 5/18 New Moon, but these tasks are dynamic and need to be extremely sensitive to detail. Mercury is retrograde from 5/18 to 6/11, so you may be dealing with a project that has been abandoned and turned back on in the past. On the way, the tendency to misunderstand is extremely high, and the successive factors will make the misunderstanding deeper, which is not only the result of Mercury's retrograde revolt. This is why you should give yourself more rest time at the beginning of this month, and in order to get to the stage, you need to stay alert and calm and open, and don't overlook the potential pitfalls of your partner.

This is also a great opportunity to be missed, and you and your partner have the opportunity to create a plus one beyond the second effect. If the two of you are equally involved in this experience, there will be an unexpected intimate link between the two of you. The same is true of emotional relationships. (Recommended reading: "Ding Juan Column" Can you tell the truth? Hurtful words in intimate relationships )

While many people consider working partners to be the smallest part of a business structure, look at those partners in the entertainment industry and in other areas. Think of the examples of married couples that really exist. Dear Archer, let your optimism remind you that it is your most lovable trait and that you attract others to the flame of a moth. Sagittarius is said to be able to predict the future of optimism in bad conditions and to maintain a relaxed disposition that makes other constellations quite confusing. But your words will occasionally be a self-fulfilling prophecy. So be sure not to change, dear Archer, to keep your uniqueness.

Sagittarius should note the day:

*5/18-6/11 Mercury retrograde days.

*5/3 Full Moon falls in Scorpio, so you are extremely hungry for privacy and rest, just do it!

* You are busy with your work plan, and continue to 5/10. After 5/18, the new busy cycle will open again.

* The center of gravity will be transferred to your partner, whether it be a relationship or a working partner. From 5/12 to 6/24, Mars will focus on your partner, and your relationship will be much more advanced. You're going to be in a lot of trouble, but that's because you're all in the same and looking forward to the future.

* If you need to make some design decisions for your home, choose 5/16, Venus and Neptune to create a harmonious atmosphere of elegance and beauty. If you're thinking about the bathroom, Neptune will give you a wonderful design inspiration. Neptune's connection with water is not to be overlooked.

*5/22 will be extremely difficult, the sun and Saturn hedges and incompatible, the relationship is difficult to control, please wait for a better day to come.

*5/15, when Mars confronts Saturn, avoids a seesaw dispute with the partner.

*5/16, Venus in harmony with Neptune, will probably bring good news about money.

Susan (Susan Miller), America's most famous astrologers, is a mother. She founded the site in 1995 "astrology Zone", the monthly pro-write horoscope, set an average of 6 million visitors per month browsing records, but also for the "New York Times" write the Daily constellation column, by netizens nickname as "Psychic."