Tammy, not only the goddess, but also the master of the self-life of the heroine, a person we should know deeper.

Do you remember the delicate girl in lavender when the first bud of the Taiwanese idol show? Later, she in "The story of Time" became a silly Taiwan sister sun a beautiful, now, she has a new play challenge, a market name "Chen Yijun", has the most popular name, has a very brave dream girl, she is you and I have that person around, may be you and I, very ordinary, but real, very small, But insisting on making her very different, she is Tammy.

Back to the original point: climb the peak, how to be willing to the beautiful scenery?

Tammy because of "lavender" a cannon and red, stumbled onto the road of acting, she said never forget the first shot of life, the film producer, director, backstage task staff for her standing ovation, she was delighted, also frightened, "the original acting so funny." "There is a voice in my heart that tells her. Tammy in the first Idol play, but also limited to the audience in the heart of the screen image, the drama will always Tammy also explain the role of the character: quiet, well-behaved, superior temperament. So Tammy decided to leave for a while, she took a year off from the company, when the brokerage company told her that the line is fierce, to her own responsibility. Acting career is about to bloom, she decided to put down gorgeous, go back to the original point. (Recommended reading:100 items Plan: Put down, let you have more )

"I know what he said is true, I may be forgotten, but if I do not break through, I must be doing the same thing all my life." 」

She said: "I do not want to play the same role for a lifetime, I decided to take a good rest for a year to return to the original point." I went to the writing class, hoping to make myself different, more fulfilling, a year after really began to have a variety of roles to come to me, I cherish that opportunity, every time when the opportunity to, I am very grateful. 」

Yi Rong said every word at the same time, always want to think long, carefully, and discretion. I can't imagine that she is a beautiful, Chen Yijun, just think she is so sincere to her own. "Back to the original point. "How not easy, each entertainer is nothing more than looking forward to the audience, but Tammy chose not only to do the audience look forward to her, and spent a whole year of downtime, self-education, she said that she met a lot of people in the entertainment, so all the way is very lucky, talk about her efforts without publicity, It is the people who have been very grateful to help her. I've been thinking, a peak in the cause of the turn of the people, to have much courage, she saw the magnificent beauty, but also understand how comfortable standing there, perhaps, Yi Rong thought is "go back to the original point, and then down-to-earth step over again, more profound moving." "(Recommended reading:" Ding Juan Column "The first job not greedy, solid do small things get lost )

What really makes you change is not the environment, but the forgotten purpose.

I am curious always filled with the Lotte Spirit of Yi Rong, deeply believe that efforts will have a harvest of her, through such a bad, have not had doubts about their time? Yi Rong and we share a small story: "I just entered showbiz film" Lavender, a lot of people like, I found that people's attitude towards me and I have not been very different when filming. I started to get used to being nice to people, someone to help me with my things, to open the door for me. Until one day my sister and I came home at the same time to enter the door, I used to open for her, this time we all stood at the door, my sister said: "How?" You don't have to open the door when you're red? "I realized that I was accustomed to being served and apologized to her immediately. 」

Yi Yung felt that the environment is really easy to change, but she is more afraid of "walk in not their own way, do not like their appearance." Yi Rong said that she particularly listen to her sister's words, sister talk to always have philosophy can tame her. Talking about my sister, I saw a girl on the face of Yi Rong's smile, she said that no matter what appearance in front of the screen, back home is the parents of children, sister sisters, to the school is a good friend scolded "you idiot ah" that classmate. Think of her mention of "go back to the original point", I think Tammy is a special know how to cherish the "origin" of the people, the roots of her growth, so that her germination of the soil, she does not forget, not forgetting sincere to stay. (Recommended reading:"Be true to yourself, you are born perfect!") "lady Gaga's Woman story )

The blood and the Obstinate "Chen Yijun Soul"

Yi Rong then said, "Don't want to be changed" this part is like a new play "Wow!" Chen Yijun "She believes in the value of life:" Chen Yijun, is a seemingly very ordinary girl, but in fact, each individual is an independent individual, are very extraordinary. She doesn't care what other people think of her. The act of doing what is believed in a play does not care what others think. 」

Tammy and Chen Yijun firmness is like a kind of affection, Yi Rong's agent said that their two between the most like in fact is "impulse, Blood, Chang Bo character." She also talked about Yi Rong earlier for the new play practice piano, from morning till night in the piano room, in addition to urine to eat nothing can do. I asked her how she put up with it. Yi Rong seems a little surprised I asked, she said: "Do not have to endure, at that time do not feel very difficult to do these things, because it is like the script and the director Ah!" "

I was suddenly so sure of her and indifferent to talk "because it is like the script and the director Ah!" "It's good to be happy, someone is still so willing to believe a pure thing, a simple faith." Tammy also said that he has a "Chen Yijun character" of the stubborn, will be so hard to practice the piano, but also to maintain the self-esteem of actors, do not double. (Believe in the power: not afraid of me and the world is not the same, my name is Xu Fang )

In fact, she is already a experience of a lot of women, but as the tone and innocence of children, to trust these paranoid but necessary actors professional, I remember the Tammy Silly elder sister image is gradually reconstructed, she is the kind of "setbacks" in front of her dare not to call themselves " Setback "person, because Tammy toughness is very strong, I asked her have not because of stubborn eat loss? She even said: "I have not been injured because of this, is my own decision, I will bear." 」

To be an adult in the best

Yi Rong's new play role-Chen Yijun also constantly in the commitment and acceptance of their own life, from a group of rock singers encountered family misfortune had to run for members. Yi Rong said that the most fascinating trait of "Chen Yijun" was "don't want to become such an adult". (Recommended reading: life, responsible for their own is enough )

Yi Rong said that when she was a child did not think of such a problem, she only know that she is unwilling to be tied to the people. When she grew up, she thought she would be a bus driver, a taxi, because she didn't like to stay in a space for too long. Yi Rong felt that he did not like the same routine, as she always love not to go the same route, not to apply the formula of success. Likes "The change" the Yi Rong also said oneself actually is a very has not "the plan" the person, likes to have the arbitrary day. She said: "My birthday wish all the time is to tell everyone happy, the first two said, the third I will not Xu, because I am afraid to talk to myself." " Yi Rong does not like to wish that she does not have a vision, but rather than desire, she is more concerned about the practice." I wonder if her "unplanned personality" doesn't bother her at work? She smiled and said: "The broker will help me arrange it, I only care about the work is not my favorite, like to do the best." I would like to answer, that is, I am willing to do my best. "

Go all out, is Tammy's philosophy of life, the same is her way of practice. (Recommended reading: After 30 years of life travel: What do you like to do, why not do your best? )

If my life were consistent, I'd feel like life was scarce.

Talking about work, Yi Rong Frank She is a very important person. She said: "Have their own career will have self-confidence, self-confidence is a girl beautiful nutrition, your self-confidence is not only based on the other half love you." Have a job can also share with the other half, I often want to put down all the business, no personal life and thought two people have what to talk about it? 」

Yi Rong Cherish Her acting career, is her wonderful way of life. She also likes to take risks in life, often finish a play on a person to travel, to explore how vast the sky, to take the village path, Yi Rong said: "My life if consistent, I will feel that life is scarce." Enrich their life, have a lot of insight and experience, have become my nutrients. 」

Each person must have such a understanding, more or less have experienced confusion, Yi Rong is no exception, she said before the age of 30 years ago there was a period of time, not too clear what they want, the company to play on the film, until she was tired of the spirit, she knew can not continue this way, "I do everything if I like." "Yi Rong began to understand that" force themselves is to hurt themselves. She said: "Love yourself is not to force yourself, you will not hurt yourself." The harm that others give you may not be so painful, but if even you have the heart to hurt oneself, that who also can not comfort you. (Recommended reading: The most beautiful season: 30-Year-old is not the beginning of the old, but the climax of Life )

Don't let the sharp ego, stab Love's rare

In this way the pursuit of self-worth in the work of the Yi Rong, did not sacrifice her emotional life. We asked her whether the way of Yi Rong's relationship has also grown up? She smiled and said: "After the age of 30, feel more and more short life, but also to cherish." I used to think that the future is so long, the people in front of me are not the people I want to get married, I would never think of such a thing. I remember when I was 30 years old producer Wang Peihua told me: "Love, marriage is not a person's business, can not only use their own position to think." 』」

Yi Rong said she likes to be comfortable, she used to "I am very good", and now only learn "I am very good, two a person is also very good", she began to understand in the feelings of how to wear out the sharp angle of character, not to stab the other half: "Two people can walk together is very commendable thing, do not let personality or external destruction of this rare. "In the past to the ego unnecessary insistence, now seems to be a little silly, Tammy said two people's running-in depends on each other's tolerance and respect, I respect your life prototype, you also contain my character of bad temper." (Would you like: too long to be with passion?) psychological exercises to find love back.

"Isn't that love?" Can be happier, why not do it? "Tammy laugh in the sweet, to melt people all."

This day, Tammy's smile is warmer than anything I've ever seen on her screen, she has a soothing, make the atmosphere happy natural charm, I think this from Tammy to personnel are "true and sincere" heart, she does not speculate how difficult, how hard, but to "let oneself happy" thinking to complete life. In her body also felt "Chen Yijun" type of grass-roots character, always put "I am very lucky" hanging on the tip of her, no less than a professional actor of the stubborn, attitude towards life does not drift. The actor's road for 14 years, she still use the most sincere, pure heart to do every moment of the role, to strive to become a happy adult. (Recommended reading: talk about a love that doesn't need to please others!) be the happiest of your Life )

In the end, Tammy to the readers of women fans, every ordinary but unique to us this sentence:

"Chen Yijun is a market name, the public as if the roadside readily available name, but how readily available, he has the only precious life road to go, do not envy other people's lives, as long as a good, attentive to go, are irreplaceable life."