At the age of 16, she was the first journalist in the world to travel around the world to get a job at a newspaper. Today we wish her a happy birthday, also think about herself!

Let's start with Nellie Bly's childhood, and in those days, she acted like a chivalrous woman.

In 1880, the Pittsburg Post published an article entitled "Girls are good at things" "What girls are good for" in the article, said women should not go out to work, because they are born to belong to the home, full text of the then seemingly innocuous feelings of dislike of female complex , Among the many who read the newspaper, a 16-Year-old girl, Elizabeth Jane Cochran, did not agree, so she wrote a rebuttal article to the newspaper.

More than 100 years ago, she used her actions to prove that there was no such thing as "Girls are good at things," and all the world we could be interested in. A few days later, the newspaper not only published her article, editor-in-chief George Madden more ads on the newspaper, indicating to find the girl to invite her to join the newspaper work. (Recommended reading: I'm proud, because I'm like a girl #LikeaGirl)

The little girl, Elizabeth Jane Cochran, became our familiar Nali Boulay Nellie Bly, the world's first journalist to travel around the world, and her undercover journalism spirit in the psychiatric hospital and slum was still valued by the media circles today.

The 5/5-day Google Doodle also placed a tribute to Nellie Bly 151-year-old, watching the film and letting himself review the Nellie Bly story.

In the early days of Pittsburg's work, Nali Boulay decided to take the "female dilemma women ' s plight" as the main writing and interviewing direction, and to talk to a number of factory women. " At that time, she was deeply disturbed by the social atmosphere, "women love to see the subject," she did not want to write fashion only to talk about gardening, so she volunteered to come to Mexico as a foreign correspondent, to visit Mexico's life and habits, and more openly written to attack Mexico's authoritarian government Porfirio Díaz, that year she was 21 years old. (Recommended reading: Improper "manuscript machine", 24-Year-old She left the Apple, towards the independent reporting road )

She came to the New York World newspaper in 1887 and followed Pulitzer (Joseph Pulitzer). Then undercover interview (Undercover Jounalism) task, pretending to be crazy, in fact, in order to come to the woman's asylum on Roosevelt Island to obtain first-hand reports, the violence in the hospital to the world, after her report was sorted into a book Ten in A mad-house. There are such sentences in the book.

"Is there any way to make a man go mad faster than a criminal?" he asked. There are a group of women expecting to be "treated", but in fact it will not take two months for this place to completely break their spirits. They were punished with a straight back sitting on a chair, from morning to evening, unable to move, unable to read or speak.

After the Madhouse, Nali Boulay also interviewed in the slums, reporting the illegal conduct of child trafficking, and matching reports to raise money, eventually raising 850,000 of dollars. (Recommended reading report: Malaysian transgender prostitutes ' wishes )

In 1888, Nali Boulay to the New York World newspaper to follow the best-selling book "Around the World 80 Days" to visit the world's interview plan, the following November 14, 1889, she set foot on this journey of 24889 kilometers alone, spent 72 days, is the fastest around the world record.

Nali Boulay's reports are always on the same side as the people at the bottom, not afraid of pain and perseverance to go through the road they walk, with fearless and solid pen to report the injustice of society, in-depth discussion and a party to cross the case of the report form of pain "live", the feeling of pain on the paper. Nali Boulay for the contemporary and future generations of the media, praised as one of the best journalists.

This time Google doodle the story of Nali Boulay with Karen O songwriter, quite fascination.

"Somebody has to come up and tell them what women are really good at, and we have to say it out loud, even if they keep telling us to shut up." "someone ' gotta stand up and tell them what a girl are good for, we gotta speak up for the one who's been told us to Shut up.

So someone always asks us, what does a woman want? What do women fight for? I always feel for us, is clear, we are that one after another Nali Boulay, we have to stand up, to experience also to love the larger and wider world, no longer need who for us to decide what to do and what not to do, even if the world occasionally let us sad.

In Taiwan's media quality has long been questioned today, perhaps the Nali Boulay story to guard themselves. As a person who writes, every article or paragraph of words carries some kind of responsibility, and the writing is gentle and meaningful must be far-reaching. Write what you care about, do what's worth doing, and leave a little behind for the present and the future. We Nali Boulay to the spirit of their own, to live their own way, that perhaps, it is not a waste of the media people. (Recommended to you: this time, we need more media to speak the truth )