They get together too short 11 years marriage, let us see the most beautiful love of modern women is not to be "cared for", but the other half is you most support your partner.

SurveyMonkey, who is the husband of Facebook's chief executive, Lean Sheryl Sandberg, who is also the CEO of "stepping Forward," and David Goldberg (Dave Goldberg) died unexpectedly last week, Aged 47.

David Goldberg's name is often associated with A lot of people know that he's starting with "the husband of snow."

" Why we have too few women leaders ," talks, who spoke at TED in 2010 . Among them, she notes that even though college graduates have more than 50% women, women account for less than 20% per cent of corporate executives or global conferences, and often because women are more likely to set themselves up for reasons such as marriage. "The most important decision you make in your career for a single woman is what kind of person is your life partner?" And the best decision in life for me is to marry David. "Snow soft and David partnership like a mutual support partner, David Support Let the hope in the cause of the snow soft, can heartily to strive for their desired work, so that she can break free from society to" strong woman "stereotype, in the family and career to achieve balance.

Snow Soft married at the age of 24, but ended up with divorce, and the second marriage with David was quite successful. Women, she says, must choose the other half of "supporting you and respecting gender equality" if they want to succeed. "You can date him, but don't marry him," he said, for those who fear that his wife has a good job and poses a threat to herself. "What is the special thing about Octavian, so that the snow can be assured to do that favorite of their own?" (Recommended reading:Lean in come in, not just a slogan )

Not afraid to be labeled "Sherry Sandberg's husband"

David Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, described him as a "stunning figure", as his career was also a success. The Wall Street Journal reported that he joined SurveyMonkey in 2009 and , in his tenure, grew the online research firm from a small company with only a few employees to an employee of more than 450. , the market value of up to 2 billion, and has 25 million customers of large enterprises.

But such a successful big dimensional, but also willing to do snow soft that "successful woman behind the man", had to give up his career for the snow. David, who had started his own business, served as vice president of the music company and had long been accustomed to working and living in Los Angeles, but he moved to San Francisco for the sake of snow, and began his commuting career. After the two men decided to have children, David sold his beloved company to Yahoo and restarted the new company SurveyMonkey .

"I have to give up something I like, and it's hard to give up the team I built," he said. "I've worked with these people for 13 years, and I started with my best friends in high school, and it feels like I've abandoned my team," he said. "But for David, this is not a sacrifice, because he knows that if one day he comes to the most important turning point in his career, his wife, Sherry, will do the same for him." Their love is not a matter of course "male strong female weak", after marriage, women must unconditionally cooperate with men, but two of the same for the future of the ambition to support each other, together to find a balance between the family and the cause, so David never afraid of the success of the snow will make others look down on him, it is called "Snow soft husband." (Extended reading: Seven tips to become an influential couple )

"Different" like his wife.

David was very direct in his interview to admit that he was not so very similar to the soft snow. "We are quite different," he said. For example, the work of two people is very different, snow soft orderly, David Desk is always messy, two people live in different ways, but the conflict is not the end of the two people love, but let each other more like each other.

snow-Soft had described her as so different from the big-dimensional It's her plate stone. When she is angry, David always keep calm. When she was worried, David said: "It'll be all right." "When she didn't know what to do, he always figured out a way for her.

David often advises his wife that he encourages her to go to Facebook to try a new job, the two also often discuss each other's future, and he said he was proud of his achievements: "The most talented and intelligent person is my wife, so I can get a good opinion from her while I give her advice." "The process of two people's relationship has broken through the traditional gender orientation, David never considered the soft, emotional, and caring of a woman's softness, so that she should unilaterally judge what his wife needed, but both knew that they were incredibly good and knew what they had been through, So in the process of giving each other, can become the other side the most gentle trust. (You will like: warm man is ramming?) The female dilemma behind "looking after the Good man"

Don't think women are supposed to be superwoman.

As she wrote in her book, We always think that a woman who wants to have a family and a world, but expects to do everything well, is doomed to disappointment. Perfection is the enemy of a strong woman, and feminist pioneer Stan can say: "You can't do everything." No one can do two full-time jobs, raising a perfect child, preparing meals, and making love to the dawn ... the female Superman is the enemy of the women's movement. 」

In the workplace, the performance of strong women than colleagues, colleagues are usually male, they are often at home to share the work is far less than the female, back to the family, the woman's commitment to 100% of the family housewife compared. Bystanders constantly remind the women that they must be on the go and fail, which is like sprinkling salt on the wound. The invention of the word "take care of Everything" (Have it All) is perhaps the biggest trap ever laid for women. These four words in the speech, the news title, the article unceasingly is discussed, the dissemination, originally is in order to inspire the feminine, the result actually let all women feel that oneself failed. (same field Gayon: as women, we don't have to prove anything to the world. )

In his face book office, she posted a favorite poster with scarlet lettering: "It's more important to finish than to be perfect." (Done is better than perfect.) "She and David strive to embrace this maxim, do not adhere to the difficult to meet the standards." David never think of snow in the cause, should be a 100-point wife and mother, "because time can never be divided evenly, so I never think that the snow should be my priority, sometimes I help her, sometimes she helps me, can support each other is the ideal relationship." "

"When it comes to finding a lifelong partner, my advice to women is that you can socialize with all kinds of boys, bad boys, cool boys, committed phobias or crazy boys, but don't marry them," said Shirley. Make bad boys sexy ingredients, can't make them a good husband. When things are about stability, find a partner who is fair, a woman who thinks she should be smart, assertive and active, a person who wants to share the family. Such a man does exist, and believe me, after a long time, nothing is sexier than this. 」

And David is such a lifelong companion.

Our true happiness comes from the deepest love, the happiest marriage, the truest partnership, I can imagine ... He gave me a deep understanding of experience, real support, unreserved love, and always carry me forward.

Can there be more Dave Goldberg in this world? When the snow is hanging in the big dimension, said she took the love of her life as a rest today, so can only bury his body, but his spirit, his soul, his amazing ability, still tell people how to impress their lives, even if Octavian and she only together in a short span of 11 years, But the broken heart of the snow is still deeply grateful for their luck, if there is a chance to choose again, she will still be desperate to choose with David together, she was together with them every minute of Thanksgiving.

In a growing number of women into the workplace now, the partnership business has come to a new progress, the story of David and Snow, let us see a successful woman, the expected lover is not a "caregiver", but mutual understanding of " Partner "relationship, we two people, stand side by side together, holding hands to see the world, I lost when you lead me, you sad when I hug you, but we are still independent two individual, can strive to strive for their own dreams, but also common for our home to pay. (It's worth thinking: Thank you, mothers who want to have babies in Taiwan )

It is often assumed that private life does not affect professional decisions, and that it is not the case that family affairs and business should never interfere with each other in the workplace, but in practice they do affect each other. Therefore, men should not compress the time to participate in the family, and take it for granted that housework is the responsibility of women. "While women are actively engaged in careers, we need more men to be active in the family," he said. We should encourage men to be more aggressive at home. "From her own experience, Xue-Rou realized:

"We need more men sitting in front of the table--at the table." 』