Name: Female Upper -- Intimate Intersected X Open (Flutting

to Position:

Sentiality Stimulance:

G point stimuli:

Action challenges:

visual stimulus:

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First let the male partner sit on a bed or floor and cross his legs slowly across his legs to the middle of his legs.Although at the top, don't think of yourself as a cowboy as a cowboy!Imagine being a sex teacher who will teach him and tame him with his body.

When posture is ready, slowly swinging the buttocks, and sometimes loosing in the body, relaxing with his fire, you can use both hands to slide slightly behind him, provoking even more irritable desires.If you're a good kissing master, then put your mouth piece together


This posture focuses on the flexibility and flexibility of girls' vaginas, and wants to increase the compactness and flexibility of the vagina. It is recommended that you practice Cagel Exercise at home, and you can use the vagina corrigator to help and improve the effect of training!

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