We have talked about: the words you read, decide what kind of person you are. Reading determines the way you see the world and forms your destiny.

"Your way of reading determines your destiny." "--2014-Xia Hotel-Butterfly Book

In the 2014, I watched the Wei Yingjuan director adapt Shijing "Xixia hotel" drama, the theater to reproduce the magnificent Songyan novel. At that time I began to rethink "reading", the theater like a not to answer the universe, choreographer or actor's subjective thinking to conceive new dimensions, anyone can stand in the dimensions of the appearance of looking at, pulling away from the thinking of each emotional tension, introverted. As a spectator, every scene, every dialogue, you can read.

life is the same, we read the world, every day there are huge information updates, in such a rapid flow, how do you determine the frequency of your heart? There is a saying: "The author of Death" is to say that every work after the interpretation, left to the audience. I use "your way of reading to determine your destiny" as the writing of the independent bookstore, because I want each of us to rethink the small "buy a book place", your reading unfolds, the process, the end, the back, how you read a book, similar to how you read yourself. How much time does it take to taste a book? There could be two hours, and there could be a lifetime. What process do you use to pick a book? It is possible to choose two at the Network mall, and even you feel that e-books are more environmentally friendly, may be in the best-selling list of chain bookstore take the month's first, or, you in second-hand bookstore leisurely for a afternoon, only to find a feeling and you very congenial to the book. (Recommended reading: The words you read, decide what kind of person you are: 20,30,40 's life book List )

Where do you want to read today? "When the mass media made us Li Yazing, it was a book, and it was always a book that brought us back to each other," I read in the book "Traveler of the Bookstore," in which she visited the town's founding legend, Richard Bousse. "So I want to share the closest thing we have to the text of all the knowledge--a few of the book bookstores." These bookstores, so that you and I have a different way of reading life, I wish you were there, start with them very good fate, rethink reading, in all the text of the carrier, closer to the paper reading a little more, also from each other a step closer.

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"A sunny day work, a rainy day reading, conform to the natural rhythm of life." "said the boss.

This is a humble place in Taoyuan Pingzhen interchange, where you pass 100 times and Miss 100 times. Some netizens say this is the most beautiful college in Taiwan. There is a large lawn in the vestibule of the college, which can look forward to a green paddy field, and build up the small bookstore for the construction. Although the house design neat chic, but the real beauty is not decoration, but this bookstore temperament. There is a very stable and simple flavor in the shop, just like the rain reading the word, the quiet and the proper way of life.

If you want to sit down, there are also refreshments and hot tea, with the time you chew the words. (same field Gayon: record the life story with the Paper Café!) An interview with a scholar: cat, as it is

(Photo source: Qing Geng Rain reading small College fan page)

Tel: 03-4506377, 0919-032972

Add: No. 12th, 560 Lane, Taoyuan Road, Pingzhen District, China

Let the reading become the human landscape, has the temperature the texture: more than three bookstore

B1 has exhibitions, 1F for the physical bookstore, 2F canteen and 3F lectures and courses, this is a real reading of life bookstore. More than three bookstores also promote the hands of goods, combined with the spirit of the creation of the ground in every corner is very moving. There are three principles of the three-choice book, one is the book published by Independent Publishing House, the other is the work of many Southern Taiwanese poets and writers in Kaohsiung, and the third is the independent publication.

Talking about the "independence" of more than three bookstores, in the selection and activities of the development of literature, film, music, exhibitions, travel , and also held the nuclear power and other civic issues of the film festival lectures, at every step of the ground, they walk solidly, if you ask what the bookstore is selling? I would think it was a kind of temperature and human.

The Internet bookstore will never do anything.
Parent-child Sharing bookstore, read, this is the most beautiful scenery.
(Pictures and text are reproduced to more than three bookstore fan page)

(Photo source: Three bookstore fan page)

Phone: 07-2253080

Address: No. No. 214, Kaohsiung, Chiang Kai-shek Road

The Underground spirit of standing: Tangshan Bookstore

You go through a long staircase into B1 's Tangshan bookstore, I always think this channel is very interesting, the top and both sides are plastered with cultural and artistic creations of the poster, some such as new, some mottled, like shuttle time, shuttle history of the torrent, the load on the shoulders of the Times information one by one, into the cool and comfortable Chamber of secrets. When the "underground society" of the Normal University's business circle is gone, there are also Tangshan bookstore, such "underground" the independent bookstore Spirit languish 30 years, to the edge of the "minority" still have a place.

This is not serious, Tangshan bookstore reading resources than "bestseller" more attention to not be popular in the list of "independent publication". Bookstore owners think that the bookstore's supporting measures for the community's "relatively weak" and in, you can find many chain bookstores, online shopping malls do not sell the works, many students can not be published in a large number of works in the bookstore consignment. (same field Gayon: In this era, we need more media to tell the truth: The new imagination of female media VICE)

"During the turbulent period of Taiwan revolution in the 70 's , the Tangshan bookstore published the left-leaning Book of socialist Ideas, the Simplified Chinese books published in Hong Kong, the Quarterly Journal of Social Studies in Taiwan and various academic papers." In that era, the Tangshan bookstore is banned from the distribution center. " I heard the original intention of the Tangshan bookstore, you may also want to come to this shop without beautiful decoration to walk."

(Photo source: Tangshan Bookstore fan page)

Tel: 02-2363-3072

Address: The first floor of basement, No. 9th, 333 Lane, Daan District FDR, Taipei City

Every book is waiting for the right person: dangling second-hand Bookstore

Have you ever heard the book for bed? The bookstore's B1 is a two calligraphy home, the first floor is like public space, and the second floor is a backpack room. Go back to the most primitive way of communication. Absorbed sight, a second-hand bookstore owner, said: "The shop is not to make money, we opened the small bookstore, focusing on communication between people." "In addition to books for books, the shopkeeper also encouraged the" professionals "to change the bed, sharing lectures, or carpentry, wool blankets, painting and other talent teaching, as long as the" sharing ", she is very welcome.

Dangling second-hand bookstore, is every one to play out the traveler, they are not just passing by, sometimes the traveler left a book here, sometimes take away a book, the space here for every passing person to create. And about the second-hand books in the bookstore, I always feel that is "fate", it with a little defective cover and the appearance of the years, quiet here, waiting to understand their own people, each book is worth having a good master, you also need a little good luck, in the second-hand bookstore to meet it. (Recommended reading: Everyone in the world is waiting for someone who can understand you. )

Don't you look like a man?

(Photo source: Dangling Second-hand Bookstore fan page)

Tel: 0914 073 170

Add: No. Eighth, 503 Lane, Taidong Taidong, New Road

The independent bookstore is not the edge, but the closest place to the world: Hongya Study

The bookstore is positioned as "the most active bookstore in South Taiwan"! In addition to encouraging environmental protection, minority but the creation of a strong idea, participate in a lot of cultural preservation campaign, for example, rescue Chiayi tax out of action, protection of Oxfam hospital issues. Shopkeeper Yu Guoxin believes that the independent bookstore, is never on the edge, but the closest to the community place. "What kind of bookstore you get into, what kind of person you turn into." The shopkeeper said decisively.

This is a bookstore, but also a secret rally, is a place to gather the future possible. They organize lectures every Wednesday to discuss civic issues and to protect the Chiayi culture. Walk into this shop and feel the breath here very profoundly. Everyone here is a way of living, telling the story of the land of Taiwan, you will feel that the force is very moving. (You can be that power too)

Do you feel a bit serious? As if the people here are "I am not in the street, on the road on the street." "However, sometimes when you visit the door, you will see a few lines of words:" The boss down to the field, three points back, something please call 0929-536133 ". The true shape of life, perhaps, is that we have to live well, to eat and to live for justice and Freedom .

(Photo source: Houdijan "The Book of images in the bookstore"-Hongya study )

(Photo source: Hongya Study fan page)

Phone: 05-2776540

Add: No. 116th, Jiayi Street, Evergreen

Crowded bookstore, light reading lights: Horizontal Bookstore

This is called "the cheapest book company in Taiwan", and whenever I walk in, there is a sense of a black hole that goes into reading. The new old books in the house are on the bookcase, the floor was mixed and stacked with a roomful of scrolls, and I often felt that I was standing here naked in front of the knowledge, so demanding, that I was always looking up in these hundreds of millions of trillion words.

"And when language and text slowly spread, in the world, on the light of an everlasting lamp." Chai Jing, "Forget in my whole life"

If you ask me what is the difference between this and me based on the more bookcase in Prudential goods bookstore? I think so, I also very much depend on the goods can find almost any book I want to read, because it has a strong collection and convenient retrieval system. In the horizontal bookstore, it is Mankengmangu's book heap, no neat feeling, but when my eyes a list of scanned books, the original to buy the book missed, but saw a more surprise me the book, this thing often make me happy, like by the Book of Luck. And because of the crowded space, very deep feelings by these bags of tenderness, this is the "space" is a wonderful place, you know that the authors of the first book can be energy consumption of thousands of of the night, dozens of years, the life of their actual or simulation carved into words. Sharing life with others, you also become one of the slowly flowing tributary, this is a happy thing, how many strange souls in this space staggered, only to light the light of this reading set to reflect the world's lights? (recommend you read: enjoy reading, give yourself time and space to quiet down )

(Photo source:fanily share you )

Tel: 02 2364 5726

Address: No. 1th Pucheng Street, Daan District, Taipei

Hayao Miyazaki's warm healing: Robson's coffee-book Bug Room

"Do not hinder your closeness to the land because of the small thickness of the shoe,"

Founder Wang Shixu.

A need to take off shoes to enter the bookstore, reminiscent of the country hour to the library, take off the shoes to enter the vast sea of books, with a plastic version as a loan card, shuttle in the Greek mythology and the Chinese--the Library of the two kingdoms. Barefoot touch wood floor cold texture, let a person back to carefree childhood warm atmosphere with reading time. In the study there are comfortable big sofa, children's book, parent-child day to let the children in the free roll, the naughty also finally quiet down, he chewed the thick picture story, while the eyes open wide, a moment to amaze. This study, suitable to everyone in the heart of the most simple piece of the place, it may be childhood, is a bit sad happiness taste, is Hayao Miyazaki type of warm healing. (You will like: Gongqi Chun Dream Kingdom behind: His childhood, is a scene of loneliness)

(Photo from: Robson Coffee Book pest room )

Phone: 04-92526611

Address: No. 8-3, Taizhong Road, Wu-ri District, China

Reading, can occur in more fields, the magic of the physical bookstore is its spatial temperament, as if open the page caused by the air amplitude can arouse different flavor of the wind. In addition, the entity bookstore is a collection of every reader of the true spirit of the full, each person's gentle will, like a gathering of various magical moments of the cornucopia, the life experience of everyone in the unified here, and then fermented into a more old soul.

walk through the bookstores and write down these words and I think When people start talking about the change of reading carrier and the dilemma of publishing industry transition, reading is nothing more than "the dispute between the physical book and the electronic book", "The dispute between big enterprises and shrimp," innovation and Tradition ", these debates are based on the" new, old "conclusion of the reading changes, or dialectical bookstore exists value for" paper temperature "," physical space of the Exchange field field. "

Fu, a well-known publisher, thinks that if we read only bestsellers, the Cultural Revolution reads "Mao Quotations". He said: "One of the most important thing is to be more yuan, too monotonous is not a good thing." 」

I think again, which cannot be transformed. The meaning of reading may be that when we walk into a space, you know that bookstore owners use this bookstore to tell a life story, they have a unique reading point of view, you know that when you come in and receive some kind of call, you will have more beautiful ways to see the world. You know there has to be a place where you can store a belief and an ideal very specifically.

don't you think reading is like this? When you read a word, a paragraph, feel their own difficult tangle of small problems have been gently said by others, and then your heart has a switch to open, "ka" a sound you know that "understanding" to become a warm and live wind, scraping your days of edgy. Bookstores are another level of reading, and in essence we never stop reading this, as small as you go through a book, and you generally perceive that the environment is breathing in space. (Extended reading: A reading list of peeping women: engineers, editors, designers , read books)

"Your way of reading determines your destiny. "I hope there is a bookstore in your life that embraces you so deeply," he said.

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