When this year's Cannes Film Festival was called the focus year of gender attention, it happened that girls were barred from admission because they were not wearing high heels, which caused hot discussion.

The 68th session of the Cannes Film Festival in 2015/5/13-2015/5/24 grand, this year, the main vision of the film festival with a refreshing white background blue word for the keynote, and the choice of the hundred-year-old Swedish legendary actor Ingrid Bergman for this year's tribute to the film, delivered a fresh and free atmosphere of the film Festival.

This year, the Cannes Film Festival is called the important year to explore gender equality, there are more sex-related films to participate in the show, this year's opening film by the French director Emmanuelle Berco's "Standing tall/la tête haute" kicked off, but also the Cannes Film Festival for 30 years , the second was the opening film by a female director's work. (same field recommendation: Three directors who fought for feminism )

Unfortunately, in such a unrestrained atmosphere, but the number of female viewers more than 50 years old, wearing flat shoes, was banned from the admission to watch the film "Carol" of the premiere, but also the staff told the need to buy high heels to change, to enter the movie. Ironically, the film Carol, which is adapted from the price of the "the price" of the American novelist Patricia Sia Heismith Patricia Highsmith, was starred by with and Kate Blanche , describing the camaraderie between women, This is the most popular film to watch the film with a gender attitude. (same field Gayon: true picture of gay love: love, Blood and Sweat )

After the news, the Community web site on the hot debate, Amy Winehouse documentary director Asif Kapadia also said on Twitter, his wife also because of wearing flat shoes had been prohibited from entering the shadow.

Should formal clothing include high heels?

In this respect, the Kan City Film Festival General Representative Forrimo (Thierry Fremaux) on Twitter said the General Assembly of the provisions of the ban on smoking, and formal clothing, men tie, women's dinner dress, did not mention "women need high heels."

What's a formal costume? The Kan City Film Festival lets "the latent rules of the clothing" again be moved on the table, when we by a strict stipulation demarcation line, everybody is more proper neat, but is not also to lose to individual physical difference respect? is stepping on high heels a symbol of formal or "perfect" oppression of women? Do not tread high heels is the instrument not whole or respect the difference of the body? Today, when more than 50-year-old women are refused admission because of their health problems wearing flat shoes, we express our anger, and if today is a healthy young woman, does she have the right to wear flat shoes?

Obviously, not only do we have this kind of doubt.

"To be honest, I think everyone should wear flat shoes," said Emily Blunt, the British actor, in a new film Blunt the Rage frontier in Tuesday. When you think the world is a little bit more equal, I am very disappointed to hear the news. 」

Dennisville Denis Villeneuve, director of the Rage Frontier, ended up joking, as he and the other two male stars Benesio di Otoro (Benicio del Toro) and Choshebrollin (Josh Brolin) wore high heels for the evening premiere, Protest against the unreasonable rules of the city. (Of course they ended up wearing shoes and looking handsome.) )

When we are confronted with the question of why the horns are not men

In fact, the Guardian newspaper also reported that the crime of the "rage Border", which describes the drug trade between the United States and Mexico, was repeatedly asked by nervous producers to corner the film, Emily Blunt played the role of the FBI agent rewritten as boys, will be more interesting.

Director Denis Villeneuve said: "Before I took the show, I knew that writer Taylor Sheridan had repeatedly been pressured to rewrite the role as a male." But he insisted that no, and I support the decision. 」

The fury of the border describes FBI agent Kate Macy (Emily Brown) and two members of the US Delta Special Forces Group, who have been facing a series of unexpected risks in pursuit of drug lords, crossing the border into Mexico from Arizona, State Tucson.

"I think it's too flat to describe a character with a" resolute woman, "Emily Blunt said in an interview. The role I played was hurt, mentally troubled, and experienced many moral problems, and the value she delivered was complex. "(Recommended reading: They all want to say, women are not only one )

"I talked to a lot of FBI agents and they had a normal life," he said. They go home and watch Downton Manor, and you want to sit down and talk to them for a day and drink a beer. Acting as female agents allows me to delve into the problems they face, what must she sacrifice? Will it affect their marriage? How do they work in a large number of male fields? 」

The hero should play for the man? No high heels, no admission? We live too long, accustomed to the world's operating order too long, perhaps there is no standard answer, but I only know that we secretly look forward to the "no more uniforms," the advent of the era. Men and women do not have to wear uniforms to mark their identity, men do not feel that the protagonist is castrated, women can decide their hearts have a feminine dress, will it be a better world? (same field Gayon: academic circle, social movement and feminine lust in popular culture )

I think the answer is on the path of everyone's practice.