Share with you the way that women fans are practicing: Long-awaited's guideline, talking about editorial guidelines and multiple presentation on the site.

What are some of the criteria that many people ask women to choose from? What is the value of a woman's obsession? Why do women's fans talk about politics and fashion? Why should the content of a woman's obsession be divided into different channels? We want to say that we want to create a space of absolute feeling and diversity. Women are many, the woman itself is plural, absolutely plural, absolutely complex. So our thoughts are pluralistic, and the practice of each road is closely related to pluralism. But the feeling, is because the issue of concern, all by women as the main body set out.

"I came to theory because I is hurting ---The pain within me is so intense this I could not go on living. I came to theory desperate, waiting to comprehend-to grasp what is happening around and within me. Most importantly, I wanted to make the hurt go away. ---Bell Hooks

Bell Hooks in 2009 (Public Domain)

feminist Bell Hooks said she resorted to theory because she felt pain, and she anxiously followed the thread of the theory to explore the environment and herself, and to take the theory as a shield from pain. as a woman, acting on our bodies of various forces, perhaps the pain may be confused, let us particularly feel. Women are fascinated by the postmodern feminist ( note ) as a way of inspiration, in this piece of land to get out of their own interpretation of the path.

To artificially start, we invite different voices to join the vocal ranks, so that the right to speak to the independent thinking of the individual palms, to provide a pluralistic life of imagination, in order to subvert the mass of female media stereotypes. Therefore, there is never a "absolutely correct" voice, not only a "model" of the imagination, but not "politically correct" woman appearance.

Share the content lab's guideline to give you a better idea of what we're going through and why.

The starting point of "people" as the basis

  1. Our report does not prejudge, always care about people, care about the core of the issue more than the news heat
  2. We do not strengthen the two-dollar confrontation, but embrace pluralism. Because people are pluralistic, so is the issue.
  3. We are concerned with human life: Gender, Politics, love, fashion, workplace, family, every one of you
  4. We're a team of people who want to be a part of the world's change with tiny forces.

The intersection of multiple viewpoints and common dialogues

  1. We believe that every point of view deserves to be heard, understood, discussed.
  2. We welcome different opinions and suggestions, but we hope to solve the problem after discovering the problem
  3. We believe that everyone in the world believes in different truths.
  4. We welcome your direct submission, tell us your different voices and constructive ideas.

Content practice of gender-rich thinking

  1. We do everything with gender thinking: Every article is written, every event is initiated, and gender and diversity are the focus of our attention.
  2. We want everyone in the world to be comfortable with their sex.
  3. We believe that sex is a spectrum, a two-dollar confrontation, and a broader world.
  4. It's not just women's rights that we're fighting for, but the freer flow of sex.

Really a lot of love and trust platform

  1. We want every moment of your life, lovelorn or wandering, to know that we have been
  2. We love ourselves, love you, love him, love her, and love the world.
  3. We believe that love is born for human beings, and we are there for you.
  4. We believe that love is no different, hope everyone can love freely

The ecological circle of sharing and creating

  1. We bring together communities (websites, foundations, publishers, authors) and you that are concerned with various issues.
  2. We provide online and offline services, now there is paradise, the future has more surprises
  3. We welcome you to join the women of the author group, to create a better woman fan
  4. Women fans are our, Taiwanese, Asian, and most important, women fans are yours.

Female fans, the most heart of the media to force. Take heart, because we believe in the temperature between people, to force, empower, let you speak for themselves, for their own action, for their own voice.

If you want to be together ...

From the beginning of their own, and even care about the point of the line, to join the creation of the sharing of women's ecological circle, to create the world we want to live.

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This road is really not so easy, we really always have a good enough place, we do always have a war to fight, but we know that we should always go forward to get a better place. It has always been our belief to embrace a pluralistic core and create a path to solve the problem.

Note: Postmodern feminism, postfeminism, is the reactionary of the second wave of feminist two-yuan opposition. The proposition that women are complex and pluralistic, and that there is no "politically correct" model of women. And also to the first two waves of feminism on the "beauty" of the hatred of another kind of thinking, to jump out of materialization and be stared at the point of view, believe that women have the initiative. Not just women, but the possibility of gender mobility. (Recommended reading: A teacher's transsexual confession: I always have a woman living in my heart )