We study the stars, believe that there are always some things are doomed, in the Susan column of women fans and we understand this mysterious science.

Susan is a famous American astrology expert, known as psychic, there is absolutely a reason. Pisces, cancer, Scorpio these three gentle water signs, the May of the horoscope? Come together and listen to what psychic said. (Intimate little reminder: Please take your solar constellation as the main, and refer to the rising constellation Yo!) )

Pisces (February 19 ~3 month 20th)

The results of your busy work in the past six months are stunning. You take on extra burdens or explore the new areas of your expertise to win the praise of everyone.

The 6/2 Full moon arrives and the rewards are on the way. Jupiter (the planet that sends gifts and luck, and your ancient Guardian star) is beautifully angled to the full moon. The implication is that your current task is as good as your ability, and you will be praised and honored.

Neptune, your Guardian star will have a bad angle with the full moon, so if you're going to take on a new job title and remind yourself to look at every rule and job notice in the contract, you and HR may not have the same vision for your future job.

Mercury will be retrograde from 5/13 until 6/11 ago, so maybe you should consider not rushing to the career decision before 6/11. (and even other major life resolutions, such as a house, you can wait until mercury returns to normal.)

Tell you a fact you may not know: Mercury will follow the original path in 6/11. So if you have any plans, purchases, or plans for success, try to wait until 6/27 to sign the contract or start acting on it!

But don't worry, although astrologers know the best time to take action, but we also often can not restrain to take action, so don't be too rigidly, try to do the best! If you are anxious to buy a new house or car, or take a new job, at least wait until 6/27! If you have a problem with this, then there is another option, a day or two after 6/11th will be a good time to act.

Well, now back to the June, your Happy Days, you will be in the work of God, Love will also make great progress. At the end of the 6/22 weekend (6/27,6/28 day), your creativity and earning power will arrive at an unprecedented peak, and in social situations you are most likely to get good advice or new tasks, if not expected, waiting for 6/29 days, Monday's arrival.

Another day when you will have great luck will be 6/8, 6/9,6/10, money, real estate matters for you will never be the best.

This month, you will feel a strong pull from the family, and you are most likely to have a home renovation at the full moon. Sometimes you may not be sure which center of gravity you should put your life on. This month, with 6/2 to find the answer, bathing in the workplace to achieve light, but also do not forget to pay more attention to the workplace. New Moon, 6/16 reporting, will help you move, renovate, decorate and other plans, whether it is your own environment or your parents.

Since entering Sagittarius at the end of last December, Jupiter has been a planet that has been instrumental in boosting your position in the workplace and is now quietly moving away from Sagittarius for 13 weeks, from 6/14 to 9/17. This kind of planetary differential represents a few weeks of pressure from work to be reduced and you can relax and enjoy the cumulative results. When Jupiter returns to Sagittarius in 9/17, and the tenth House of Fame and glory, Saturn will always be with you, carrying out the devil's training on your leadership and management until two years later in December 2017. So, keep working hard, 2017 December, you will be a leader in the field and even have influence on the world.

Would you like to ask, do you have time to relax and fall in love this month? The answer is YES! Mars will move in 6/24 to your true love Palace until 8/8. You feel more carefree and even have a chance to take a little trip. Saturn's temporary absence from your workplace also means that you can feel at ease in your love affair and don't worry about a mountain of work piling up on your desk.

If you are single, 6/24 you will have a chance to meet new audiences and start a love journey with him. If you are working in the creative field, you will find that this is the peak of your inspiration, and don't forget to make time for artistic creation. June is full of surprises for Pisces January, blessed and magical. (Recommended reading: Six celebrities tell you that distraction can inspire creativity. )

Pisces should be aware of the days they

  • Mercury retrograde until 6/11

  • The arrival of the 6/2 Full Moon lights up your Honor, reward and Achievement Palace. The work you have accumulated in the past will be rewarded, your reputation will reach a peak, and the people in the same field will give you a very high compliment.

  • Neptune and the full moon are ominous angles, so if you get a job offer, you may be confused about some of these items, and some things may be vague or missing. Remember to ask questions and reply until 6/11 after Mercury's retrograde end.

  • Families also have a lot of activities to take place, but at 6/2 the full moon will require you to concentrate on your work.

  • 6/5, Mars and Jupiter work together to make you a little money. This would be the perfect day for an interview or a presentation. Your investment efforts in the home are also satisfying and may be profitable. A similar situation would also occur in 6/8.

  • From 6/9 to 6/10 you may be able to add inexpensive items to your home.

  • Your Guardian Neptune is retrograde from 6/12-11/18. So after 6/12, spend more time pondering your investment and interpersonal relationships, stick to the existing, rather than rushing to invest in new investment until the arrival of 11/18.

  • Your family will be your main focus this month (except for the 6/2 Full moon day). 6/16 of Heart Yue's arrival implies that there will be a quick and abrupt event, so if you have a plan to renovate your home environment, the options will suddenly jump out and you will be able to decide decisively so that the result would be satisfactory.

  • Saturn moved to your career house last December, and since then your career has been moving in an unexpected new direction. This is the way you get the hang of it, and you'll have a chance to sneak in this month and Hoder the pace before 9/17th. Within the next two years, Saturn will train you to be a leader in the field and end the course in December 2017.--independently

  • Your perfect day will be one of the best days of 6/22,2015, and when Jupiter, the symbol of good fortune, is in harmony with Uranus, you will have the task of waking up and being paid handsomely. On the other hand, you may also get good news about your health.

  • 6/29 days after a week, Uranus and Venus will work together to help you with your project. A woman's task will suddenly appear, and the reward is excellent, dear Pisces, this month your trophy is endless.

  • 6/24, Mars into cancer, and resident until 8/8, so that your love life has a very romantic prelude. Mars will bring you confidence in love (it's always the best aphrodisiac). A great social occasion may occur at the next full Moon 7/1, you will be surrounded by many friends, and have the opportunity to know the people you admire in your heart, and can talk deeply. (same field Gayon: attitude decides altitude!) Have you learned how to sell yourself in the workplace? )

Cancer (June 21 ~7 month 22nd)

6/2, the full moon arrives, the big project is nearing completion, you need to take care of all the details have been ensured perfect. Neptune and the full moon present an ominous angle, so if you plan to submit a report, pay special attention to details that may be overlooked or incorrect. Uranus and Jupiter will make your June an unexpected opportunity, so the plan you are working on will probably inspire you to win cheers, and will lead you to meet complex but dream plans. Mars, New Moon, and the sun are all working together, so you and your team will be filled with tremendous energy.

A 6/2 Full moon will also make health problems clearer, so you will have a diagnosis or a series of inspection reports. If the results of the inspection are not ideal, try to visit again, because at this time Neptune is active, mercury until 6/11 is retrograde, it is easy to make mistakes. After all, it's not bad for you to double-check and listen to other physicians ' advice.

If you want to add a pet to your home life, you have a special affinity with the puppy cat in the Animal Adoption Center at 6/2 or four days. Take some time to see, but don't make a decision until 6/11. Neptune, Mercury retrograde, even the adoption of puppy kitten, you need to pay careful attention to the adoption of the document details, and remind yourself to adopt a pet that is responsible.

With the Red pen in the calendar 6/5 on the bright Circle, when Mars and the symbol of the good luck of Jupiter, you will find a good way to earn money, and perhaps even a large amount of income Oh!

6/16 as the new moon arrives, you will want to disappear for a short period of two weeks, and the new moon will urge you to pay more attention to rest and private space. The new moon is especially effective at getting rid of annoying and unhelpful bad habits, and there is a high likelihood that you can even find many people to help you. The new Moon is supported by Uranus, the planet that symbolizes the future and the surprise, so remember to make good use of technology or new inventions to get rid of your bad habits!

Remember the most precious day of 2015 years: 6/22, Jupiter and Uranus and Naruto, the best days, Miss this day next you have to wait until 2019 December! Jupiter is in your family house, so buying a house to sell a house is no longer just a distant dream, and it is a viable option to decorate a house with a more pleasant home. Uranus comes as fast as lightning, so if you have a choice and an opportunity at this point, you must act immediately.

Get ready for your shiny moment, from 6/24 to 8/8, the first time Mars enters cancer in two years, you will have the opportunity to lead the crowd and others will be convinced of your decision. Everyone wants to have power, and you will have it lightly. (Recommended reading: 12 tips for becoming a good leader )

In career terms, everything is going well. Look forward to the exciting news of 6/29, at this time Venus in the Leo Fortune Palace will be the king of the Aries career Palace love attention. Your social position will climb, and your income may also increase with the clever action of Venus. (yes, don't doubt it, Venus absolutely believes you.) )

The days of cancer should be noted

  • Mercury will continue to retrograde until 6/11th.

  • A full moon of 6/2 will end a work project. Neptune leaps, so make sure that the details of the file work at hand. You may have a red light on your health problems and the full moon will do everything to attract your attention.

  • Venus comes to Leo, from 6/15 to 7/18, and if you take "earning money" as your primary goal, you will get what you wish for this period of time.

  • 6/5 Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Leo (Money Palace) in a harmonious angle. It's a good day for counting money, and it's also a great place to buy expensive items, but! Let's not forget that Mercury is still retrograde, and it's time to pay for it, or wait until after 6/11.

  • Mars will stay in cancer from 6/24 to 8/8, when you have great control over your life. Take these weeks seriously and it will be a good chance to start a new project and build a new shutdown. Your chances of success are also much higher than usual at this time. (But again, 6/11 Mercury shun the line and then move!) )

  • 6/14-9/17 Saturn retrograde to Scorpio, will be in uncontrollable external factors, let you and love the other half of the temporary separation, Jupiter always bring separation of sadness. After 9/17th, your life and relationship will be back on track.

  • The climax of life is waiting for you, you are like a star waiting for the moment to shine. 6/22 will make you famous, and you are likely to have an equally lucrative income.

  • 6/9, 6/10 is also likely to bring you career and the peak of the two days of income. 6/8 can expect a sudden big customer or work project success smoothly.

  • 6/16, after the new moon to take a nap, the opportunity to develop your intuition smart.

  • Venus will begin retrograde in 7/25-9/6, which will allow you to slow down the housework. If you want to sell real estate, let's take the Life House message out of the house for the time being, because you may have a lower profit on the sale. When Venus is retrograde, don't be impulsive to make any styling changes.

  • 6/29, your previous work project harvest, how much money to make money. Better yet, not only will your income increase, but your social status would also improve.

  • When Venus is retrograde between 7/25-9/6, the plan for your home or your parents will slow down next month. If this is not good news for you, ACT first this month!

  • Saturn will be retrograde in 6/14-9/17 to Scorpio, because of force majeure, you will probably be separated from your loved ones for a short time.

  • Mars in 6/24 into cancer, until 8/8th, at this time you have a lot of control over life, this is the first time in two years! By putting important decisions into place, Mars will add to your personal charisma and enhance your personal image. (Recommended reading:"psychological test" your potential charm and characteristics are ...

  • 6/29, the best proof of fame and fortune, everything will be beyond your expectation, enjoy this wonderful day!

Scorpio (October 23 ~11 Month 21st)

Saturn, the planet in charge of the mission, will be retrograde in 6/14-9/17 to Scorpio. During the two years of Saturn training, you have learned to take on more responsibility and to understand your abilities, and now you are more powerful than you think you are. Saturn's tour will have the most direct effect on the people between 11/19-11/22 and birthdays, when the Scorpion will receive additional guidance from Saturn, as you have been shortened training time by the end of December 2014 when Saturn moved to Sagittarius.

When the other constellations were given Saturn's rigorous but effective 10-month training, Scorpio had only seven months of care. Saturn still strives to be fair in directing, so if Saturn leaves, he will be back by 2041.

This month the full moon will be moved to Sagittarius, so you'll be dealing with financial matters four days before and after the full moon. In charge of the surprise Uranus will give you a special care at this time, so a new client or a new plan may suddenly befall you to make a small profit. The results of this program will make you proud, and others will give you financial feedback. But please remember to be cautious. Neptune has a bad view of the full moon, and when Neptune's haze obscures the financial facts, seek support until the end of the month to not sign the contract lightly.

The first 6/5 laps, this day for your career greatly help. Mars and Jupiter work together to achieve financial success. On the same day, Venus will enter your honorary palace (at this point the Hang is driven by Jupiter), ' Your fame and harvest will be a tale of the ears of the population. Take advantage of the popularity of the moment, to the big shot may be a bit risky strategy, after a simple tuning optimization, will win for your team.

With three days of good day 6/8,6/9,6/10, your career intelligence is tied to money, perhaps through dividend feedback or a more favorable welfare benefit.

Since 5/21 last month, Mercury has been retrograde in the money house until 6/11. Remind the client at hand whether to pay or pay. The New moon, 6/16, will make the performance of the accounts more smooth. Uranus, on behalf of the surprise, will have an amiable perspective, on behalf of which you will be likely to find a new profit model and get a bank loan, a mortgage or a loan, a venture capital, or other type of funding. Because of the sensitive position of Mars, pundits will throw out a lot of questions about funding, but if you're prepared for it, you can easily pass and take a cheque and get away with it.

Two special days will draw a pause for this month. The 6/22 brings special weather, a symbol of lucky Jupiter in your honorary palace, and a beautiful angle to Pluto, which represents surprise at your work palace. The project you are working on at hand will make a major breakthrough and add luster to your glory. Such an angle is quite rare, until the 2019 December will not be again, and then the stars will also appear in different positions, so the events will be presented in a different way.

The second lucky day, 6/26-6/29 when Venus and Uranus angle is appropriate, bring you a superior to your work affirmation. The sweetest thing, all the good luck will be a knock on the door, not to your surprise. You may be temporarily distracted by your social life, but think twice. This month is a good time to focus on the path you should take, not to be distracted by romance or social dating for a while. You'll have plenty of time to play in the next one months.

6/12-11/18 The Neptune retrograde in your Love palace, such a move will make you think twice about your current relationship, or change the pace of the relationship. You might be adjusting your pregnancy plan or a creative plan that you're busy with. Look forward to Neptune's influence on you.

Mars moves to cancer between the 6/24-8/8 and gives you a great opportunity to travel before you get busy again in August. Take advantage of the opportunity to enrich yourself in the new environment. (Recommended reading: Do you have me time today?) )

Scorpio should be aware of the days they

  • Mercury retrograde until 6/11

  • Before and after the 6/2 Crescent, pay special attention to financial problems, but because Mercury retrograde and Neptune unfavorable angle of frustration, clear objective things will become difficult. Ask questions, raise your hand when you need it, and don't sign anything until Mercury is in line 6/11.

  • Everyone has two financial palaces, your other financial house, the disease of the person in charge of other people's or spouse's finances will be at the point of report at 6/16 New Moon. The new moon will be much friendlier than the full moon. Within 10 days of 6/16, it would be an excellent time to apply for a loan or a school grant. You are most likely to deal with a mortgage or apply for a loan at hand. Inheritance, bonuses, the application of funds, royalties also belong to this financial palace tube. As you can see, this financial palace is responsible for unexpected side-wealth.

  • You're not going to make mistakes at work. Venus comes to Leo, 6/5-07/18, and people whisper to each other about your dazzling glow. On 6/5, you will earn more money (possibly Commission?). , your Guardian Spark star is taking more care of Jupiter in the Palace of Fame, which means an interview or a good day to report.

  • 6/8-6/10 for the 3rd consecutive, to plan work, home related design matters. By the time Mercury is retrograde, 6/11 will be able to begin to shape the plan. Saturn comes back to Scorpio from the 6/15-9/17, and the scorpion that is most able to feel Saturn's brief arrival is born between 11/19-11/22. But don't worry, you will feel the extra pressure that Saturn has put on you, because Saturn has been in your constellation for two years, peacefully. Pay attention to your health, because the coming summer you will be busy abnormal, the responsibility intensifies, you will feel the whole person be evacuated. But after 9/17 Saturn left the Scorpio, it won't return until 2041.

  • The good days at work are 6/22, 6/29. 6/22 sparkling, Lucky Jupiter will receive the favor from the cause of Gantian Uranus, the work you handle at hand will accumulate into a piece! 6/29 Venus gets great energy from Uranus in your House of Fame, and it's a good day for your career.

  • Mars moves to cancer between the 6/24-8/8, giving you a chance to gasp, rest, and enjoy yourself for a while. When Venus moves to Virgo in 7/18, you will have more time to enjoy your life, and then your career will be a little less focused and you'll have a more balanced life. (same field Gayon: after work, do not give up the life you originally want to have )

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