From Child Marriage and the "Picture of a Family Without Marriage" to the new age of marriage and family, to give life back to people who are living in life.

" My family is so cute, and it's beautiful, my sister's brothers are good and good, my parents are both good and good. Although there is no good garden, the spring and autumn is fragrant; although there is no hall, winter is cold in the summer.Lovely family, I can't leave you, your grace is long."

A family, a monogamy, a pair of sons and daughters, is a perfect and a lovely one.When we grew up singing like this, we came to society to find out how ironic the lyrics were.What about divorced families?What about single-parent families?What about a family of same-sex couples?What about an unmarried son?Outside a beautiful and lovely world, there are many families that are excluded and are not "systems of the right".

I think of the moment when the draft of a multi-family civil law, which was drafted by private citizens, was sent to the Legislative by a million people in September 2013, at the moment

" How do two men/women make up the family? This will make the child learn bad!"

In the spirit of upholding family ethics, I am opposed to the "multifaceted family"."A child no father is less fortunate?"the happiness of two moms

Do we want to get married, or do we want to be married?Maybe we can take a step back and go back to a more original position: people, how do we think of the composition of the family?How do we define "family"?Is marriage not necessarily a constituent of the family?Can a family have something other than monogamy?

Think of the two subjects from "Unmarried, married, family" and "other than marriage", to think about the established impressions of the family and marriage. When the definition is relaxed, we want to be more free to love and to become a family.(Recommended reading: You ask me if you want to become a home )

Where a person is in a family: a family without a marriage and a family disappearing from marriage

Some families, marriages do not exist, or marital relationships disappear.When we talk about these families, can we assume that they are "missing"?

Do you have children who grow up under single-parent/false single-parent families?Maybe she had a mother's corner to ask, "Where is Dad?"She never knew how to answer you; perhaps she was secretly trying to buy the wrong pair of tampons when she arrived at the end of the month. Perhaps at the time the school teacher asked for the whole class to paint "My Family", you couldn't have thought of the world.

Your family is like this, and your father/mother works for two people. One is going to give two people a share of the world, and the economy still has to deal with the big things. The single parents are the best female and male, and the days are always very busy.(Recommended reading: Single-parent households, those who say not to export )

According to information from the Ministry of the Interior of Taiwan, there were a total of 53,599 divorces in 102 years, and the number of divorces in Taiwan was the highest in Asia and the second highest in the world.In addition to the single-parent families that have been widowed or divorced, one in three families is a "pan-single-parent family" of commercial, separation, and false single-parent families.

" My family is not a single parent, but it is almost no different from a single parent.Dad has been working in the mainland for many years since I was 13 years old. He has only met with him three or four times a year.From the beginning, I always felt that there was a "missing person" in the family. Later on, the relationship with Dad was a one-month phone call and a meeting of three or four months.From the ocean phone, I can only hear from him that he is concerned about this family and the accumulated fatigue of the whole family.Every time a father comes home, she is a new hit and adapted. His father left the country in the hours of his younger brother, and the two had little emotional exchange. When she was at home, like strangers, and didn't learn to communicate and communicate with ...(Another share: Daddy with no time to marry, leave Taiwan mother to be a pseudo-single parent )

" My parents were separated when I was little, and I grew up in my father's shoulders, and I didn't have my father's shoulder, my experience in the world, but my mother's way of raising my mind was a very close relationship with her, practicing two completely independent individuals.Without a father's shoulder, I learned to look forward to what the world looks like.The "marriage relationship" was very cruel in my childhood, and I remember the parents quarreling, dissimilar, furious at each other's faces.At that time I had a lot of questions about love, and I was full of distrust of the marriage.When they grow up, they grow old and don't take care of what happened in the past. Dad occasionally comes home to make tea and chat, and when his mother is in hospital, he also takes care of them.This kind of relationship is even more self-proof, not out of commitment, not out of a certificate, but a simple "I care about you".The "B" of the single parent says.

When Taiwan is a strong advocate of marriage and emotional stability in the stable life of a married woman, how does the mayor say that unmarried women are shaking their national structure, then?At the same time, the impact of divorce and single-parent numbers is being met. How can we find a "happy family" in the imagination of the people?

But perhaps the "happy family" doesn't exist, only real families with different forms: families without marriage, divorced families, widowed families, single-parent families, families of children born out of wedlock, are family.Such a family composition is different, and the conflicts of growth are different, but there is no need for such a family to have "missing" regrets.When we think about these families, can we not lamour their existence, as if they were always waiting for another person to join the rescue?

A paper certificate is not sufficient to restrict and define the family, and the composition and composition of the family are more complicated. The two are not equal to the family. One may not be the family's single book.

Perhaps it is so, every family is different, let alone the close link between family and marriage protection, release the blessed imagination of the model, and realize that the family is not little, but that everyone has a different reason to form this family for different reasons."If you don't get married, maybe we can always be so," he wrote in the "Wedding Family".Perhaps, marriage is a system that undermines the relationship between men and women."

Therefore, some people say that the current home has changed, and I think that the core of the home is more secure. If marriage is not a necessary element of the family, it can even more embrace the pure "because I love the person so that I love the family".When we live together and make up a colony, what is the point of thinking that families are not?

Bela to each caste!Home of a non-married family

The family is formed not only by the name of the marriage, but also by the other civil union options.France's PACS, Germany's same-sex partnership law, and Canada's common law are the starting point for the loosening of the established impression of family and marriage.

01. French Civil Partnership System PACS

La Baisse de Marseilles Marseilles

We live together, take on the good and bad days of the day, and the tea, quarrel, or sweet love of firewood. This is the best proof that we love each other.

The full name of the French PACS is Le pacte cisil de solidarit é which is a civil solidarity contract.Yes, the two people agreed to live together. It is the simplest form of solidarity.

PACS system was introduced in France at the end of 1999 in the form of a third partnership between the French Civil Code and the "marital" and "conunion" ("consuubinage").Basically, the PACS system is based on "common life" and registered with the Secretariat of the District Court of the residence, which gives the general existence of "cohabitation" rights and obligations, such as the common household and the taxation system.After 2007, the PACS registration was marked on the birth certificate, as in the case of marriage.

I've always liked the PACS system, although France passed the same-sex marriage bill 2013, but there are many people in France who use PACS as a love commitment, and there's a new way out of the marriage system, hey, want to live together?Let's go to PACS!

02. Civil legal in Germany

Is the fundamental and transvescing of rights attached to a partner's relationship, based on discrimination or equality?

On August 1, 2001, Germany allowed same-sex couples to register for same-sex couples (Eingetragene Lebenspartnerschaft), giving the majority of the rights to marriage (opposite sex) apart from both co-adoption and rent concessions.On 22 October 2009, the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany ruled that all rights and obligations, such as inheritance, maintenance, medical insurance and migration, were granted on the basis of the right to marriage, all of which were extended on the basis of (opposite sex), and that the right to marry, such as inheritance, maintenance, medical insurance and immigration, was extended to life

A same-sex marriage is not yet passed in Germany, so the current form is also known as the marriage/partner's two-track system, with the same rights given to gay partners in the context of the German constitution's "one husband's family".

In the era of white discrimination in the United States, black people also have a bus, and schools can read, but they can't sit on the same bus with whites, and they can't go in and out of the same school gate, " writer Luo Yu-chia said in an independent commentary The differences are similar in appearance.

03. Common law partner, Common Law Partner

So we're not married, we prefer to call you a partner, rather than calling you a wife or husband.Yes, my partner, we walk away from that path, and I like the law to allow this kind of romance.

The long cohabitation relationship, known as common law partner in Canada, is a legal partnership that is a way of marriage but has the meaning of marriage.This concept was applied in certain provinces of Canada in the mid-nineties and gradually spread throughout the country.Common Law Partners are based on some variations in the number of years of cohabitation and are registered as cohabiting partners, tax returns, immigration, maintenance, health insurance, and so on, depending on the age of cohabitation.

In Toronto, author Hsu Ching-fang says that the Common Law Partner mechanism is equivalent to establishing a stable partnership first, and the law is positive about him, and has a real and famous relationship." (Further reading: giving love to love: getting married is not the only answer to love )

A family other than marriage imagine is a place where geography is different from living conditions, but its core is "to give life to the people who are living.""The biological gender is no longer a factor in the combination of close relationships," he said. "The first thing that's in the relationship is the two people who want to go down."

The world is working in its own way, whether married or not, and families through collisions and reconciliation, with more new possibilities.On April 1, 2001 the officially legalized same-sex , was the first country in the world to recognize same-sex marriage, and adopted a civil marriage law enacted at the end of 2004.(Laughter) () And 15 years of kissing: Ireland's same-sex marriage referendum, photo collection )

I always cry in front of the screen, and every rule of law has a lot of collisions, and there are so many voices of blood and tears, and we believe in the way we do that, and we can see the future.I have always felt that this process is so beautiful that it's probably the most amazing place in the world, and that we don't allow ourselves to be limited to the frame, and I believe that the future will always be in the future.

In the case of Taiwan, the Kaohsiung City government provided the "Sunshine Note" a few days ago without legal effect, but it is a small step for us to effectively improve the situation of medical delays.When will we be able to have our own family?

I look forward to it.

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