If you've had a bit of a mess lately, run back to the rhythm of your life. You will find that life is back on track, and you can get your lost pleasure back.

I like running, even in the course of running, the body's tired and difficult always do not give up to hypnotize me to stop the pace. Ashamed to say, I did not develop the habit of running every day, but I agreed with myself at least once a week to the gym, set foot on the treadmill, just once, 30 minutes. And now I want to talk to you about this paltry 30 minutes.

really love on the run, because I found that the moment I stood on the treadmill, I was most close to the feeling of living. There are always things in life that make you feel absolutely relaxed, and this kind of relaxation is not the only thing that happens in the moment that you do those things, but the idea that you know what to do next is enough to get you off guard and boredom. Looking back on life, can let me have this feeling, in addition to go to the gym running, the other thing is probably to go to psychological counseling. (Recommended to you: are you today, Me time?) )

Going to the gym alone is enough to make me happy.

In addition to the 30 minutes on the treadmill, I also like the 30-minute journey from home to the gym. Before the MRT station, it happens to be the time for the Chinese students to finish their class, some are a group of people who laugh while they are fighting, others go by themselves, look intently at a book, or turn the Magic box, and some are two of people walking, holding hands shyly, or girls chattering to the boy. The boy looked down at his cell phone and pretended not to care.

I will stay on the underground book Street, to see what recent new books, at random look, first go jogging, and then on the way home to buy books. I like this process, think of a year ago, I dare not even go to the gym alone, dare not eat alone, a person to see a movie, a person to shop for things. Now, I enjoy the process, I feel that this is an indispensable part of life, can allow themselves to practice and get along well with themselves. (same field Gayon: How long have you been alone?) Learn to be alone so you can live with others.

I've heard people say that the reason to hate running is that in the course of running, time goes by slowly and slowly so that we can't imagine it. It's true, that's true. I often stand on the treadmill, set a good warm up three minutes, the official running 25 minutes, and cool down two minutes later, it is a long road. Staring at the accumulation of time slowly, feel the road is really remote, but if the heart thinking of other things, let the heart empty, occasionally a bow, but will find that has run half, or near to the end.

It's like life. Because of this, every time I run in the 30 minutes, a bit silly to refer to the running for life.

I'm used to listening to OneRepublic when warm up and running and listening to Coldplay when cool down. When running, you must constantly adjust the frequency of breathing with different stages, not so much at first, I will let myself inhale four steps, then exhale four steps. Until the body warms up, breathing faster, gradually adjust to three steps, and then adjust to two steps. (To listen to: enjoy a person's wonderful!) To spend a single day with you .

And these breathing changes, there is only one big principle, that is to suck up the same, otherwise absolutely cannot last. It's like life, too. We listen to our voices, and as the inner and outer environments change, we organize our own pace of progress. However, no matter how many to absorb, can not forget the same amount of spit out, because if the burden is too heavy without export, will only disorderly advance footsteps, will also make people injured.

In many cases, running is a life-like accident. When running, sweat from the scalp, the forehead constantly slipped, towel wipe speed always can't keep up with the sweat dripping speed, it is in the body heating up at the same time is kept manufacturing, flow into your ears, so that you listen to music headphones are soaked, slipped. Then you have to temporarily reduce the speed of running, wipe the headset and hang it again. or while running, you may be swinging your hands, accidentally pull to the headset line, the phone will fly out of the whole, or you can press the treadmill to stop the button, so that all the moment to a halt.

Running is really like life, we are in a limited period of time, running forward, there will sometimes be accompanied by a start, sometimes not, but no matter if there is no one, everyone can only choose to occupy their own treadmill. The people who run with you will either join the ranks or leave first, because the starting time is different or the demand is different. Even some people don't run, they just go, or walk slowly. However, we need to know that even though the people around us come and go, we have to keep running at the rate and time we set.

Running let me experience a lot of things, we can easily for their own life set ambitious goals, but often despise themselves and their daily agreement, but many times, can continue to achieve and their own trivial agreement, but rather than the pursuit of lofty goals is more valuable, or even more not simple. I admire the person who can make a good jog, swim and get up early, no matter what kind of thing, as long as the ritual to achieve with their own agreement, can let a person feel really real live on the ground. (Share with you: How long have you been smiling?) 10 small exercises that make you more comfortable

After all, is also running let me know, if you are now the life is very confusing, cannot find the rhythm, do not rush to set what Dapodali goal for oneself, but calm down, good and oneself agree a small matter, then, try to keep an appointment, don't betray oneself. Just for a while, you will feel alive, the rhythm will come back, and life will follow you back and greet you with a smile.

and own a daily small deal, I like to abide by the agreement of their own. If you don't think about it for a while, I'd like to recommend running to you.