We believe that prudent entrepreneurial women are absolutely unwilling to go long way, and we want experience, learning, support and companionship.

When science and technology more and more progress, people's independent awareness of the improvement, each business and brand in operation, the face is no longer the test of sales, but also face the challenge of being inspected by the public at any time. In last year's food and security storm, did not come forward in time to apologize and proposed to improve the method of the brand, and later encountered the people for a short period of freezing, but also a well-known brands encountered by senior managers with technology, the result was once faced with the operation of major crisis cases. Whether it is to run any kind of brand, it is possible to encounter a sudden crisis, and in the immediate real-time response to determine whether the crisis is to overwhelm the camel's straw or a turnaround!

Small shop entrepreneurs need crisis management?

Entrepreneurship first seek survival, and then seek to start. Even if there is a day when we start to become influential people, the individual's every move, career one to, all about the reputation of the enterprise. Entrepreneurial Girl, your brand your image, on your shoulders. Entrepreneurship is facing the crisis, almost from the establishment of the Organization and the transport itself, if the external capacity is insufficient, should not be outside, the sandwich biscuit small boss, bitterness who know?

Walking tightrope of entrepreneurial daily crisis when drinking water?

"The original fellow good partner, the play into today's equity scramble ..."
"The end payment period is imminent, I have to jump out of a sum of money ..."
"Customer temporarily return a single, stock inventory instantly frozen ..."
"As a token of the design, the production side is actually the second main produce ..."
"expert review does not agree with my business model, see the results of the day, the company whether the strategy turn ..."

The construction of the venture Castle, Ching, is used in every minute, every second. We need to share common values, tacit partners, need Bushin, be able to harmonize the discipline of execution, need to fight for market recognition, choose one, be tested to win the product services, more need to face the risk of loss at any time, the psychological preparation of turnaround emergency. All kinds of anti-solid, all for this uninvited guest: Crisis Lord. But without it the test, will lose the entrepreneurial intention.

Take the charming road to live with the most beautiful enemy

Entrepreneurial crisis has inside, there is a shallow, in addition to all the time to solve the operating friction, the most fear is due to the long-term neglect and latent crisis, led to the wrong direction of decision-making enterprises. Entrepreneurial girls encourage every entrepreneurial woman, because overcoming the crisis can achieve career continuity. The courage to determine the existence of crisis, to define the space between the crisis and you, accept the pressure and make a decision, the most beautiful enemy, in fact, is also the best mentor. By living with the crisis, entrepreneurial women begin to learn to fall, to climb up, or to walk gracefully.

We believe that prudent entrepreneurial women are absolutely unwilling to go long way, and we want experience, learning, support and companionship. Listen to the experience of pioneering predecessors, dodge the past many problems of the bullets, to help us more focused on the original intention of business. How can we overcome the ordeal of the Lord of Crisis? 6/25 "Red Velvet get-together" entrepreneurial girl x Crisis treatment Taipei , you are welcome to come with us, with the crisis head-on!

6/25 (four) female entrepreneurship X crisis management

"Time" 6/25 Thursday 19:00–21:00
"Place" Women's Paradise (No. 50th, two Daan District Heping Road, Taipei, near MRT Technology building station)
"Activity fee" female limited, providing simple afternoon tea

  1. Single line 300/person, total 300 yuan
  2. Two-person line 250/person, total 500 yuan

"Registration Method"

  • Through the activities of the website registration, admission fees will be charged at the event site.
  • The admission fee will be charged at the event site through the telephone registration.

"Contact Us" Zhongshan Foundation 07-3321068#13 & sysme019@gmail.com

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