In women fans, more than words can speak, design is also. This time invite to the female fan designer merci to chat with us about the design concept of the special enterprise.

Calvino said: " when a traveler finds himself linked to a city, he really owns a city." 」

In my mind, Womany is probably also like the city, intolerant netizens, buried in a hurry to open the clues of the dialogue, express and hint, in order to call, to listen, in order to and stop the people associated, let you have us, we can have you. Womany will be such a city, let the words speak, let the design speak, let each detail speak.

Since March, we have made more careful adjustments in the content and design aspects of the herstory Special-Enterprise Project , and the question we are thinking is: "How do I get herstory to be seen?" How to make women's issues more easily and extensively discussed? How to make herstory, become a part of life? 」

One focus just wanted to focus on a topic, and open up the space to talk about, so we designed the timeline, q&a, article wall, Selection page, listen to the selection of the page rendering, not only through the content surface also want to through the design rendering. Therefore, from the color design of the main visual to the layout pattern, are through the self speculation and internal discussion of ingenuity. (Same field Gayon: "Strategic thinking" is "design Thinking")

Design, not only the color to do the map, not only look beautiful enough, but also contains the philosophy behind the logic. What kind of story do you want to say with your design work? Why is this story important to you? June, Contentlab drew up "marriage and not marriage, let's Marry Me" theme direction, hope to talk about the marriage choice under the age. Also invited designer Merci to share this month, how she used the design to say "marriage and not marriage" story.

01. What is your idea when you see this month's theme? How do you think this theme should be presented with design?

"When you see this month's theme," Marriage is not married, it seems that the subject is visually easy to do, but behind its difficulties and traps. 」

The easy thing is that the General People's Association with "marriage" is probably "wedding dress", "rings", "Bouquet", "White or pink", "Groom and Bride" elements, as long as these elements in the screen, a look at the understanding, simple and straightforward, completely will not deviate from the theme, can use a lot of design material. But the difficulty and the trap lies in, is marriage really only such imagination?

My first strategy was to go straight into the trap by choosing the elements that the general human intuition would immediately think of. With Audrey, the chief editor of the main content, she reminded me: "In addition to the established impression, there is a way to present the theme of " marriage " , but to contain more voices inside? "Together we follow the main message and the image of the balance point, only the final version on the site."

I think this is why women fans want to do this theme, is marriage really inevitable? Do we have another way out of marriage? Can you make it easier for people who want to get married to have a better chance of talking? (Recommended reading: "partnership" Back to love: marriage, not the only answer to love )

02. In women fans, we value "process" because we believe that the most valuable learning is in the "process". Please share with us the history of this design.

This month's special design vision, experienced two version of the change. The first edition was a bouquet of flowers and pink, and the main title was designed as a wedding invitation.

It looks like there's nothing wrong with it, it's all reasonable, right? But Audrey, the editor-in-chief, told me honestly how she felt at first sight. "The whole color is too pink, it seems only a sound, although very happy to marry, but whether at the same time also careless, excluding the" marriage outside "option? "So I rethink the color and material arrangements, do more research and collation, in the main visual return to" themselves, because regardless of marriage and marriage, they have the right to choose.

03. What is the color mix for this month? Does the color have any meaning?

Although the adjustment added a different color, with pink color matching, finally our theme page or maintain a large area of pink colors. Because, I for this month color catch the keyword is: "soft and reactionary." 」

Powder green, pink, is the Rococo art period a large number of colors, in Rococo art history, a painter Hogarth (William Hogarth), also tried to use different angles to discuss the topic of marriage.

His series of popular Marriages (marriage A-la-mode)consists of six paintings: marriage, marriage, visiting Quacks, the Countess's morning reception, the death of the Earl and the death of the Countess. Sharp and direct location out of the society advocating the powerful marriage behind the real family life. For some, marriage is a testament to love, and for some, the rituals of weddings limit themselves and make it hard for them to breathe in the frame.

Looking at marriage through different angles, thinking about the true meaning of "marriage" is also the original intention of the female fans to make "marriage not married", and the Selfish desire and Hogarth have some dialogues between time and space. Perhaps some of the issues, because of the intensive discussion of different times, and the possibility of loosening up, very happy women fans involved.

04. Look Back! Simply talk to us about the colors of the March or April and why you want to be present, why do these colours make people feel this way?

The March topic "Women, you can define your own beauty", I give the color keyword is "Start and action."

Because it is our first attempt this year to focus on the topic of special enterprise, while working with the story to bring a series of beautiful history articles. Theme page of the main color, choose the color energy in the symbol of "the beginning of life" color-red, he also symbolizes the mastery and action of energy, because we hope that we take back the United States of the leadership, for their own beauty.

Another auxiliary color is earthy yellow, reminiscent of the yellowing of the paper, echoing the history of the story and increasing the stability of the entire page.

April "20,30,40 Women's dialogue", I give the color keyword is "the intimate link between people."

Orange in the color energy in the navel chakra position, echoing with the world's links, links with people. "For me, the theme of" 20,30,40 " is like the epitome of a girl moving toward a woman, because of age, the role changes more and more, and Orange is the bridge of these roles. "Women of different periods have the most beautiful state of her, and through this topic we invite them to share their journey through a variety of life experiences, and through such links and dialogues, we are accompanied by ourselves in different periods, open and profound." (Recommended reading: The words you read, decide what kind of person you are: 20,30,40 's life book List )