When you have exhausted all your strength can not change each other, in fact, you still have the choice to leave, because the true love, does not need you to fight hard to convince yourself.

K's sequel. They are together again. Mercury retrograde has been a grand past, and many things are still going on.

"Can't he change it?" 」
"What the hell am I supposed to do to make him love me?" 」

The sound of K came from the end of the telephone. I have a wry smile, it is not known to have heard the first few times, answered the first few questions. I hung headphones, walking in the street, listening to him as the mantra of the general repetition of the same words, one side thinking of his own. Because I was also a role K such, I can understand how helpless he is now, therefore, this play I have seen hundreds of back, but do not have the heart to perfunctory, even more unwilling to hang up the phone. (same field Gayon: You're not stupid, just too deep to remember every little thing)

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Now I know, the so-called breakup and lovelorn situation, can have thousands of thousands of species, everyone will think that they have met the most embarrassing and the most pathetic the most of the breakup of the situation, but in fact, there is always someone's story than we also want to Zhang, but also to be incredible. And about the breakup of this matter, although there are many forms, but can grasp a constant rule, that is:

After breaking up, most of the injuries are given by themselves.

So, you don't dislike me?

The other person can only hurt you once, and after that time, it is you who decide to be hurt.

You know he'll cheat on you, entangled his ex-girlfriend, or he's already interested in you, and he's tired and unable to get along or even bored. In this time, you are constantly pressed him: "So, you do not like me?" "Until the other side is forced by you, spit out the following two kinds of answers:" I do not know, "I still like you, but can't continue. "Then you suddenly feel the dawn of Hope."

"So he did not dislike me!" 」
"He still has feelings for me," he said. 」

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Because of this dawn, you choose to try to retain, choose to cry, choose "How can you do this to me?" , choose "You're sorry Me", choose "Want you to remember our once", choose "You forget how we first fell in love?" ", choose" What I did wrong, you tell me, I can change ", choose" before you are good to me, now I'm right for you "choose" Please do not go, do not leave me. " (Share with you: do not love, in fact, is the best answer )

Then when the other side reluctantly think of the beautiful past between you, think of some guilt, and you get together again, you just found that is not the original look. You start to look very carefully, start to see the shadow of the shot, start nervous sensitive, start pandering to each other, start to lose themselves. Then, cut deeper, deep into the blood see bone see meat, also innocently don't know pain.

Honey, you should try to let him go at a point like that, if the other person has the idea of going. Because no one likes to be a bad person, can say "I do not love you" such a direct confession of the people are not much, read in the past, the other side more reluctant to hurt you, if you only listen to what you want to hear, and the other messages he transmitted selective deafness, and finally hurt the deepest, will be your own.

You can't find the right answer when you break up in the present

"Love is flowing, not by people, why excited to reason?" 」

If you have a breakup experience, you must understand that in the moment of separation, even in the brewing period of separation, it is enough to make people nervous, emotional chaos. A person's emotions have been difficult to digest, let alone a collision between two people and entanglement of the emotional spark. Lookers-on this matter, absolutely will be in the stage of the breakup of the complete embodiment.

When the other party has been in chaos, thinking incompetent, you cry with a face begging, is not to make things clearer and simpler. And the answer that you are forced out of tears, is often not real, but he in order to quickly end this discussion, only reluctantly squeezed out, even he can not be sure of the answer. And how can you accuse him of lying?

Think about it, two already knotted rope, then to pull hard, will only be entangled tighter, become more no solution. First retreat a distance, the rope gently down, look at the knot of the appearance, observe how the knot is around, from where to start entangled, only to unlock the opportunity. The point is, you have to retreat a little distance first. And you also have time to think, this relationship is not worth your self-esteem to return, and you are not reconciled, or really so love the eyes of the person who will hurt you. (Extended reading: The conditions of happiness: feelings, to withstand the parting )

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More often than not, the reasons for your separation are not what you or the other person can think about, experience, or problem solving. Perhaps, after a few years, it suddenly dawned in a similar situation, or, in the next role-swapping relationship, you suddenly felt the same way. "Ah, the original is so ah." "At that time, you really got the reason to break up, and become more mature you, for this reason of gorgeous appearance, may also not be so concerned about."

Love, in the mean is really a feeling. Yes, he did say "I love you" to you, and the moment he was talking about was absolutely true. But you have no right to divert his present heart, to choke his current neck. Love is flowing, and as time passes, it will certainly change. You may cherish each other more, or you may become dull, and of course someone may want to leave the field.

Starting tomorrow, you're your own.

If you really have the fate, if he really love you, will be who can not take away, as you now so unwilling to turn around, so hard to mend the relationship. Believe me, if you are meant to be together, even if you put your hand in the moment, he will come back to you one day. But if you do not meet again today, you are the one who deserves to be better suited. Give each other some space and time.

You can't control the damage, but you can choose the depth of the wound.

Sometimes, the recovery period after the breakup will be more and more long, and how quickly you stop cutting your own wound. Although we all know that it is an almost impossible task to speculate on a break-up, you definitely have the ability to get up faster. Because of your tomorrow, is your own. (Recommended to you: to the lovelorn and the abuse of the book list: One day, we will be better )

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You are, of course, allowed to embrace the thoughts, but also be allowed to love each other live, but, such thoughts and love, please put in mind for a while. Look at you in the mirror, or do you like it? If you don't like yourself, how can you expect him to love you? He loved, is not that the most love laugh, also can make him laugh at you?

Get the girl back, or, more attentively, become an upgraded version of yourself. Should come back, will come back, no longer come back, God will arrange you meet better.

"With sad smile to forgive, also over, have yesterday or good." But tomorrow is their own, start to understand, happiness is the choice. "To my dear K, and to all of you who have walked and walked K, may you have a happier and more confident tomorrow and a more complete and healthy relationship after yesterday." Because of you, it is so worthwhile.