Have you ever seen a stage play? The stage play, is the actor and the audience 0 distance contact, under the same space, breathes together, lives together.

One evening, I came to the story factory in the basement, ready to meet with Di Zhijie, Zhang Shunjie two actors. After a bit of waiting, I heard a cheer from the rehearsal room, and the rehearsal of the actors came to an end. Di Zhijie and Zhang Shunjie walked in, began to shoot dream Tianwen film, and I silently observe, found that the two-bit handsome actor does not particularly give a sense of distance, as long as they are in the place, there is constant laughter.

The way of the outstanding field is very cool, walked into the door pulled a chair to sit down, then said to us: "Hello, Zhang Shunjie", and Ji Jie is holding a box of fried rice big mouth stuttering, less than 10 minutes to eat naked. In the two people take turns to record the film, I saw the hoon for many short film constantly change the dedication of clothes, and Zhi jie in a short time to constantly think of the perfect logic to shoot good ideas. I can not help thinking that, through the interview opportunities, with a variety of passionate people chat, is definitely an editor of happiness.

Life is better than play, play is better than life

"The most different place, presumably, is that the audience does not have rejection or resistance." "This is when I asked Ji Jie," male addiction , "the drama and the general love drama is different, he first burst out of the answer, and when I further asked what is rejection and resistance, Chi Jie said, many times, if the content of the stage is too naked to play close to the real drama, but will let the audience fear, Because it's too much like their own.

In "Men's words hidden", Zhi Jie Shonjie is a personality complementary role, one is a famous well-known producer, the other is silent unknown but very talented young composer. No one knows that many of the works of the famous producer come from the hands of the young composer behind the scenes. The role of Chi Jie, the appearance of light, dark inside, the role of the Jie, the appearance of dark, bright heart. And the deal between them, is to have "hear the man's heart" This super ability of the heroine Yang Chihui, because of such ability, thousand 霈 in the play has always been in love, until she met the true, super ability never return.

the The secret of Man's words choose to use "super power" this kind of a little distance way to package realism, let the audience's heart a little breathing space, watching the play from the beginning of the heroine has super ability, to the end of the loss of power, this surreal, witty story, can reduce the pressure of the audience, from the reflection of life and love. Hoon said that everyone's mood will be in the performance of the two hours, with the plot and the actor floating, and in the end of the play get very deep deep feelings. (Extended reading:"love life" to how small to love you, like my Love law?) )

We often say that life is like a play, but the Chi Jie has been thrown abroad to repair the teacher has said a sentence: "Life is not as good as drama, play less Than life ." I am not very clear this sentence at the moment, home carefully think about it, I think, the first "inferior" is "not like" meaning, the second "inferior", should be able to explain that "less than". Chi Jie said, turn on the television to see the news, life is often more complex than the play too much, drama, or do not make too complicated.

"Stage plays, where the actors and the audience live together."

Hoon Hai Zhijie Two people, have a wealth of performance experience, I asked them curiously, play TV and stage play what is different?

The first time to play in the show, Jie said that the idol play is edited, in fact, in the performance of the present mood is very fragmented, not as good as playing stage drama. "I was thinking, the stage is so close to the real person contact, may just be a line, a roar or even a cry, that screen will stay in the hearts of the audience for a lifetime." "Hoon said, many predecessors told him that the play is a rest recharge," after the play went on to discover, in fact, is not necessarily so, stage plays is an addiction, addictive. "

The drama of the actual combat experience of Chi Jie said that the stage is difficult in it is an open frame, the audience love to see where they will see the scenery, and even to see the actors do not speak, so, have to remind themselves at any time, as long as standing on the stage, will be in the role.

" for me, the theater is the audience and the actors living together, living in the same space, in the same period of history." Chi Jie said that the audience's reaction would be very real to be received by the actors, can hear them laughing, crying.

He had seen the audience, because the plot is too touching, everyone passed the picture of the paper, but also saw someone laugh from the chair fell down and hit the front, but the two people are laughing each other arm, without any friction and dissatisfaction. The description of Chi Jie is very picture-like, I think, in the theater of the stage drama, both the audience and the actors, and even between the audience and the audience, are all the same, the theater door, as if all of them aboard the same ship, in the next few hours, everyone will cry together, laugh together, breathe together, live together.

"In a highly focused control, relax and present the role"

I asked them, what is the most important ability of an actor? Chi Jie looked at the visit to make notes beforehand said, "received a visit, this question for a long time, and later I wrote this sentence" under the control of high concentration, relaxed rendering role. "He said that the stage play is not NG, the performance must be very focused, and this focus, in addition to the role, but also must be placed around the environment."

"Once, I was a dead man, lying on the ground, I do not know why the eyes are staring at the ceiling of the light, always looking at, the result of the light suddenly burst." I thought to myself, I am dead, and the curtain is still in decline. In front of all the pictures into a slow motion, the light debris spread out like with floating, see the teacher in the backstage look at my expression, time suddenly become good slow slowly. Chi Jie said that although he was not hurt in the end, but this is like Li teacher said " Theater is dangerous ", if the actor is not focused, it is easy to accident.

Every time Chi Jie in the speech, Hoon always aside to listen attentively. He said he had recently told the company that he wanted to try to put his time in the theater. "Even if I wasn't rehearsing, I would watch them play, and think about how I would present the character if it was me, and the attractiveness of each actor was very different, like Gego's mastery of comedy." "I found that Hoon is a very stable and introverted person, the predecessors are also very polite and respectful." At the moment, Chi Jie patted the shoulder of the clap, sharing with him the "relaxation" philosophy of the Act. (same field Gayon: Hard practice drama Dream, brave different theater when a man to repair)

"On the stage, it is difficult but important to focus on the one hand and relax the performance on the other." What I call relaxation is that when you don't figure out the audience and don't think about how they react, the results tend to be surprisingly good. "The two of my eyes, a studious respect, a never hidden, looking at their interaction, I sincerely believe that their works, absolutely can move people's hearts."

Acting is a cure.

The feelings and seriousness of the two are so real and alive that I asked them to share their reasons for being on the road of acting. Graduated from the Taiwan Academy of Art, Li Teacher, he recalls, "in the screen, see is Li Tianju, Yang Li, these powerful actors stand on stage performance, delicate performance like magic, I often think, how they think to change these magic?" "I can imagine Chi-Jie at that time when watching the performance of the predecessors, the heart of how shocking, can in every gestures, each role is interpreted vividly, is an actor most want to reach the realm bar."

Zhi Jie said, from the first stand on stage, so far more than 10 years, the process of constantly conquering the performance site is quite enjoyable. "I have a habit of collecting the audience photos of each venue and looking at the empty spaces and imagining who's sitting in each seat is a very interesting thing," he said. "Now, Chi Jie carefully recall every performance, he said, through playing different roles, can let oneself think of many once thought impassability things, not past the threshold, the actor is very blessed work, so that they can be more empathy to see life and people around.

"It would be enough if our performance would allow viewers to look for projections and push them to face one or two of problems they had never dared to face," he said. every time I think about it, I think I can do what I want. "I asked Zhi Jie, I hope the performance can bring to the audience how to feel, Chi Jie answered the eyes very seriously, and I was his this serious deeply moved."

Hoon is actually a dance, but after graduation accidentally received the first idol play "Dou Fish", since this set foot acting this way. "When I first started acting, there was a writer and I said," The actual experience is very important, and want to play completely different. "And over the years, the gentlemen of the Taiwan and China, the two films, indeed accumulated a lot of actual combat experience, has been a very mature actor." For him, the most expected of every performance was to hear the applause of the audience. " because I am also a performer, I know that feeling." When I go to see someone else's performance, I clap my hands and shoot the swollen ones. "

Acting, he says, is like a treat, with theater, character, giving yourself more different moments, and bringing these nutrients back to life and enriching your life. He mentioned that the same is from the Idol play to play the predecessor of Huang, " Jia Qian sister said that the stage drama is actually a madman treatment room." "one side of Chi Jie suddenly laughed and said," So I was sent in earlier treatment. "I looked at them and thought that every single one of their performances was a healing thing for the audience," he said. (Recommended reading: from "proof" to Wu's "Human Conditions" series: the first contact with theater music )

Stand on stage and have family behind

In the way of acting, Hoon was actually lost for some time. He said that when filming the love of the white robe, the whole man seemed to lose his soul, and the man who really let him find himself was his own sister. The sister and he is the same, are not the birth, but invariably love the drama, at that time, the sister in the paper Windmill Troupe as director, Hoon while filming special time to see the troupe performance.

"I was sitting under the stage, and now I feel that my sister is good, I do not know?" I found that I focused on my work for too long, even my own sister do not know, the script is written by her, lines are she thought, suddenly feel that I really not as good as her. her eyes will glow. that period of time, Hoon was very lost, get the script on the back lines, back to play, but when he saw his sister to the drama of intentions, he began to have a lot of reflection.

Unfortunately, the sister in the face of reality, finally did not insist on walking on the theater road. "I don't know if this is the right thing to share, but sometimes the original intention of all dreams comes back to reality," he said. I am luckier than my sister, and I want to fulfill the dream of drama for her. "Such a belief, so that every time he stood on the stage, there are double the energy, he not only for his own play, but also for the younger sister." " my sister and I agreed, when I was 40 years old, she wrote the script, we want to make a movie." "Hoon said, and my heart silently moved."

Hoon behind the sister's strength, and the strength of Chi Jie, from acting skills equally deep wife Jiangale. "Every time Ka le watched my performance, I asked her how I was doing, and she said it was great, awesome, idol." "Sweet bubbles constantly gush from the side of Chi Jie, talking about Jiangale, Zhi Jie's eyes and voice are very soft, he said, they are very supportive of each other's performances, will discuss, but never criticized."

In fact, before the beginning of the interview, I found that the three sentences of Chi Jie in the conversation is absolutely inseparable from the wife, love wife, palpable. At this time, he recalled the scene of the wedding day, he said that day because some small accidents, led to the father-in-law did not participate in the rehearsal, the mood is a little tense, and he saw Jia Le holding father-in-law's hand, constantly appease his mood, looking at, unexpectedly see silly. (Share with you: My love, make you Happy )

"I probably looked at her for two minutes, and I couldn't find it myself," she said. She is so patient to communicate with her father, I think, God, this girl is very good, I love her, how did I marry this person? "Later, Jia Le found his eyes, the first nervously urged him to prepare for the appearance, but not long, but he laugh." This moment was captured by the photographer down, Chi Jie took out the phone and I share this picture, the picture has love, there is trust, more meaningful.

I can hardly describe the atmosphere of visiting the present, but I think it should be very gentle. Hoon Hai Zhijie stand on stage, are not alone, because behind them, have family love in support.

Not married? Marriage, is to fade all disguise

As for marriage, Chi Jie believes that unless there is really something that can't be solved, we should all try to get married. He said that no matter how long together, even cohabitation, is not as naked as marriage. In addition to feelings, marriage will increase the sense of morality and responsibility, for the love of two people is another new realm, when there is no gap between the greasy together, more can see each other's everything, fade all the camouflage. (June topic: Marriage and not marriage of various possibilities: I married myself, no rival )

"The size of life, you think is friction is friction, is sweet is sweet." Chi Jie said that men and women are very different, but it is because of different, get along is interesting.

"The most paradoxical thing about the two is that when you start to think for each other, often disagreements arise , the starting point is intimate, but it is easy to be considered superfluous." Later I found that, in fact, to do the right, pay at all needless to say, do is no regrets. Sometimes ask the other person's opinion before giving it, just to be praised. Chi Jie with a smile said this understanding, he said, men are actually very simple, but also more stupid, not as smart as women, but it also said that men are all need women.

Talking about marriage, Hoon said, " in fact, I often feel that my emotional life is a fan." I used to be an unmarried person, but in the past few years through the act of breaking the idea, I am in the interpretation of each character to examine my past relationships, think about how each time to pay and how to change, now I, if I met the right person, There's no such thing as a marriage rejection. But sometimes I wonder, what's important about love and bread? I used to think that there is bread before the qualification to talk about love, now the idea is less. "

Aside from social pressure, the happiness that two of people started together

The love and bread Jie said, let Zhi jie very touched. "Before because with Ka le has been dating for a long time, every time meet friends will be asked" Why do not you marry, is to delay the people how long? Chi Jie said that he always felt that no 50 million don't marry until Ceng and Guo Zikan broke his idea. (together:"I may not love you" writer Xu Xian Court: Collar 22K Okay, tomorrow to have the ability to double )

"Guo Zikan told me that he had nothing to do when he was married, and Ceng was writing a wedding invitation when the program began to come in." I think carefully, found that "have bread to get married", in fact, is not a marriage excuse. " hoon in the side nod like mashed garlic, because society to men's pressure, make men use to make money, work hard this excuse, try to escape marriage and responsibility."

"Men are taught that they must have broad shoulders to give women happiness." 」

"Men will want to give women the best, but ignore each other is not without the ability to earn a living." Give yourself an excuse, indeed life will be easier, but only to face, you will see real happiness. 」

Chi Jie said that he now feels that marriage is like acting, do not need to set beforehand what, sometimes, deliberately set, the audience is not necessarily bought. It's better to live and give strength to each other than to have a pile of guesswork ahead. Hai Zhijie with each other to share the idea of marriage, they also feel the social pressure on men's shoulders, and this pressure, it does make them a little breathless. Just, two people are gradually found, love men and women, if you can shoulder to side, holding each other's hands to create belong to each other's future, is absolutely another sweet happiness.

The time of the interview was set for an hour, but we chatted twice. If for Chi Jie, hoon, acting is a treatment, so for me, every interview, in fact, is also a kind of treatment. An exclusive interview is a time-consuming, heart-digging process, but also must be in a very short period of time to dig each other very deep story, but often met such as Zhi Jie, hoon such intentions but not stingy to share the story of the storyteller, they feel that everything is worth. (Recommended reading: "Back to theLight Sonata," director Chanxiang: "Over the youth line, so that the impact of life more publicity")

Looking at these words of you, I would like to secretly learn from them, not much conjecture your reaction, I just want to say, my eyes of zhi jie and hoon Jie is true, and the acting has too much perseverance and enthusiasm. If you also need some treatment, enjoy the laughter with tears, tears in the time, you can go to the theater to see the " male ", perhaps, who's a look, a whimper, so forever and forever stay in the heart. I would like to take today I have been moved, with the most faithful way I can be presented to you.