July Project "Where's Miss?" Taiwan, is the nearest distance ", from the beginning of the journey, close to this land more." Do you think you know Taiwan?

I like the city.

Not only because Calvino fondly wrote the city, but also because we were born in a solid city, the city Fed sheltered us. The texture of the city, the smell of dust in the city, the historical memory of the city, the old and new buildings in the city, the people living in the city, that is unique, and we, though we know not, are so eager to own a city.

The city is always a complex organism, and neither the new nor the old should be rejected. Tall buildings do not necessarily win the short lane, high-rise is not only the capitalist evil beast, but also the field of people's lives, born old and sick. So, between the new and the old, can not have the pros and cons, and there are more mutual benefit and the next phase of life, I still so naïve to believe. We have seen the possibility of a city-style renovation of the old house in Tainan.

Old house accommodation, old House restaurant, second-hand bookstore, old house art space ... The profusion and boundless imagination of the old House buildings highlight the memory of Tainan respecting the city's old age. Old no longer can only be the dark corner of the city and the ugly defeat, the old can confidently use its original face, Aboveboard live once again, be loved once. This is probably the selfishness and love of a city to its buildings.

Then think of that is not distant Tainan Tainan, I remember because the old house and have a new impression, space is living, can close the eyes with Lin department store as the impression of the beginning of the old house meridians, together with the inventory of the old house of Tainan. (Recommended reading: Tainan, a city that reminds us of home )

Cherish the old pattern of the house! Tainan Xie Zhai

(Photo source: Yada Liao, CC )

(Photo source:A Ying, CC)

Tainan Tainan, West Market, Xie Zhai. Xie Zhai has roots to some extent has generated the Tainan old house of the founding memory, like it inside the three floors 嵾 tree.

If the Tainan has East evil West Poison, that probably is Allison West Market Inn and Tainan Xie Curtilage, each according to one side. Jia Jia Xi Market Hotel is the representative of Tainan Design Hotel, Xie Zhai is the pioneer of the renovation of the old house. Time flies, the 60 's old house there is no old things, Tainan Xie Zhai but special please to traditional crafts master redo "old furniture", grinding stone kitchen and bathroom, room tatami, everywhere is old memory and technical regeneration. Lie down, calm down, do a dizzy old time good dream.

To thank the House taste the good old time, also don't forget to Xie Zhai next to the "iori tea house" around to drink a cup of good teas.

Xie Zhai Address: No. 1th, Tainan Ximen Shopping Center (two section of West Road, 175th)
Iori Tea House Address: 47th, No. three, Tainan Street, Zhongxi District, China
Phone: 0922852280
FB: Tainan Xie Zhai ,Iori Tea House

Looking for a modern witch! 134 Witch of the Alley

(Photo from:134 witch in the alley "s)

(Photo from:134 witch in the alley "s)

Women, Huye. The modern witch has been out of fashion, but we like to get together and talk about secrets you don't understand.

Zhu Tianwen carefully wrote "Fu Yan", women are witches, but you do not recognize it. 134 Lane The Witch's operator told me: "We are the Witch of the Sea, the whales who want to swim into the witch, can be free to do themselves." "Tainan witches in the 134 Lane witch, with a kind of aloof rhythm, leisurely eating brunch, there are salty pie and chicken leg Platoon, the witches who joined the WTO." Space scattered misplaced objects, irregular exhibitions, a variety of clocks, so that the old house has space-time staggered fantasy flavor. 134 Lane of the witch intimate call passers-by for "whale", the witch can find their own side of the land, or reading or chatting or sitting just a daze, it is rare beautiful.

Add: No. 61-2, 134 Lane, Dongning Road, Tainan
Tel: 06-238-0768
Opening hours: 9:00-18:00 (brunch only available to 14:00pm)
FB:134 Lane of the witch ' s

Only one group of friends a day! Bed and Breakfasts in Yau Mei Hotel

(Picture taken from: Yau Mei old house Bed and Breakfasts)

The shelves made of chicken cake clips, discarded refrigerators to serve as magazine bookcases, small balcony, warm sunshine came in, oil row old house accommodation, let the object to tell the story.

The city also has people obsessed with puppet shows and Street cinemas; The city also hosts a group of Friends one day, and treats each passer-by with hospitality. 60 years as a day, two-storey old house experienced how many wind and frost, or that kind of "Welcome to sit" mood. This is the end of the oil Tainan old house, let you occupy the old house as a day master. (Recommended to you: in Tainan, live a life of laughter )

Add: No. 68th Cheng Huang Street, Tainan Zhongxi District
Phone: 0917992268
FB: Bed and Breakfasts in Yau Mei Hotel

The posture and soul of the book! Grass Sacrifice Second-hand Bookstore

(Photo source: Shen Xianhui, CC )

(Photo source: Shen Xianhui, CC)

The Grass festival is somewhat like the tame Nonesuch of the city, and fans cling to the pilgrim mood to find and see the soul of every book.

The Grass festival is the boss Chai Hanzhong in Tainan's fourth bookstore, Chai Hanzhong with the precise photographer's eye, two formerly independently unconnected apartment, has made the light light courtyard, the space then starts the dialogue and the breath, has created the splendid reading field domain. One side is the high shelf wall and bamboo ladder, the side of the bare staggered steel, grass sacrifice books and buildings There is some kind of intertextuality, the book has a soul, the building also has life. (same field Gayon: lucky to meet a book!) Seven independent bookstores that let you find a place in the city.

Address: Tainan South Road 71st Tel: (06) 2216872
Opening hours: 11:00~22:00 Wednesday store Hugh
FB fan group: grass Sacrifice Second-hand bookstore

The simplest of the most difficult! Single Coffee

(Photo source:Sun_line, CC)

(Photo source:Sun_line, CC)

What kind of coffee shop you like and what kind of person you are. If you like the simple but the real one, follow the Tainan Alley for a walk, to open the long Palace side of the Sweet coffee bar.

Tainan of the Old House Café a lot, every good can speak, a single coffee, such as its name, saying simple but beautiful that kind of story. A single coffee has a whole side of the old window frame, is a child outside the in-laws you have seen the hair glass, revealing windows can see the authentic Tainan Temple Street, you feel that you are following the city grow together. Reasonable price of a single product of coffee, simple and delicious indoor furnishings, each furniture has its own story. There are always a few coffee shops to let you walk in the door was convinced that the single coffee will be one of them, simple is actually the most difficult thing. (same field Gayon: List of women's pockets of mystery!) Nine private coffee shops )

Add: No. 13th, 4 Lane, 2 Tainan Zhongxi District civil Rights Road
Phone: 06-2225919
Opening Hours: 12:00-21:00
FB fan Group: Open Long Palace gan single coffee

The beginning of the art dialogue! 齁 Space Howl

齁, phonetic notation ㄏㄡ, art is the flow of uncertainty, Howl, in English, the meaning of shouting, perhaps, art can be more noisy to be seen.

齁 space where the Yongfu road, in the past is a dense area of Tainan cloth industry, three-storey house in the past is the garment-related industry of small-scale processing plants, itself has a certain convergence of energy, 50 years later, the emergence of 齁 space, once again to revive the concept of settlement, this time as a stimulating art dialogue and creative communication. The first floor as a showcase space, the second floor as a studio there are small talks, the third floor is the artist's village space, intimate feelings of art and life. (Recommended reading: The finer details of life!) Listen to three artists to talk about creation )

Add: No. 163th, 2 Tainan, Yongfu Road, Zhongxi District, China
Phone: 0987497491
Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday 14:00-20:00
FB fan group:齁 Space

Old Japanese flavor of the continuation of regeneration! Health House Tea

(Photo source:Steven Tsai, CC)

(Photo source:Othree, CC)

There is another kind of old, Japanese style. Tainan's House tea is perhaps the closest to Kyoto in Taiwan, but it is not the usual copy affixed, but more vitality of the continuation and regeneration.

Before the train station, 80 years old curtilage, the house tea is originally the Japanese ruling period of the wooden dormitory, the last century by the Japanese sown cultural seeds, Wei House tea continued down, and began to say the new Tainan space story. Tatami, Wood building, Hut Liang Zao, the sense of the history of space is strong, into the space as if to go back to the 20 's time, experience at that time people live like this, but also alive. Point a brush to wipe the tea, follow the ancient law, gimmick and taste are beautiful enough.

Add: No. 74th Fu Bei Street, North Tainan
Phone: 0958357879
Opening hours: 13:00-22:00 (Wednesday public holiday, do not accept the reservation)
FB fan group: Guardian House Teahouse

If history can be cut into sections, I think the old house in Tainan has kept a lot of time, reminding us that we are all people in history, and that it is necessary to be good to life, so that your days in history can emit a glimmer of light, like architecture.

Sometimes I want to lose myself in Tainan, the city is so alive and nostalgic, the city is more and more like people, you feel it very comfortable breathing and strong. Tainan's old house new moment is said not to finish, by himself along the simple clues to get lost.

Also welcome the message to write down your favorite whole Taiwan old house Xin Li Building and share with us.

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