In everyone's heart, there is a coffee shop who can not be compared, women do not hide private cafes, accompany you to spend more time to need a comfortable space of the good days.

Zhu Shaolin once wrote "Sad coffee Shop song", Kaiko Toka "Six make coffee" boil out the charming love, "and so a person coffee" from the birth of the novel to reality, the store began to stream. Each person's heart, there seems to be a coffee shop, it is like your most loyal friends, with you walk through lovelorn a person in a daze of what also don't want to say, with you immersed in the pen power work, quiet and you spent several years of quiet good afternoon . (Recommended reading: friends or old good?) Seven reasons that should be contacted with old friends )

Like to go to cafes, because the brick of the old house are charming, because the owner of the coffee shop has a temperature smile, because a cup of warm hands strong coffee incense, because of a intoxicating Bossa Nova, because of a lazy proud cat. What do you like about the café? One day at noon, a woman in the office at the table chatting up the café, it seems that everyone likes the café is a little bit different. Like the unique soul of each person, will always be attracted by a certain smell. So, this café special, want to share the hearts of women with the "most", their beautiful and charming each have unique, hope that our pockets of the most love Café, you will like.

The scenery is the most moving, Sunset Seaview Cafe Fresh Water Sunset Owl Wen Chuang Museum coolife

The Coolife, seated next to the fisherman's Wharf, stood near the harbour, store sale show many owl dolls outside, wood color decoration and decorate the floor of the green, like into a forest, leaning against the French window, enjoy the afternoon sunshine, the need to find a little respite outside the Taipei City, to come here to a daze, Turn over the book and occupy the charming Sunset sea view. (Secretly said this café but our home outside the cold heat of the engineer Irvin to "this café really very good yo" gentle tone recommended it! (Female fans also recommend: peeping into a woman's book reading list: Engineers, editors, designers to see what book )

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Tel: 02-2628-7077
Address: 199th sea view, freshwater area

The Cat slave favorites, the Healing Cat Café the cat and the giraffe

(Figure/excerpt from Ms.aman, Miss Oman . Blog )

First attach a very popular Taipei MRT Café map, holiday afternoon to find a cat café near home to see this one. the whole Taiwan really many cat café, this is the Cure Cat Café is also editor selfish vote (also please forgive me). Especially like the owner of the space designed to "cat and people" coexistence of space, let people deeply feel these cats are not just shop signs and decoration, each is the owner of the baby. Next, please welcome the cat and Giraffe's shop to heal and heal the people. (Extended reading: Happy Cat Life 5 proposal: Build Your Love nest with the cat )

(Photo source: Cat and Giraffe )

The Belgian muffins sold in this store are especially popular! Have you ever heard of a Belgian muffin with salty food? Come on.

* Special reminder: To the Cat café, remember to respect the place of their living space, please respect the cat also has the body's freedom and the right to sleep peacefully.

Phone: 0987609409

Address: No. 1th, 19, Jiayi Jiayi Chung-yi Street

The most beautiful pull flower that is reluctant to drink! Cat Door Cafe ' Moment  

I believe that many people who like to taste coffee to pull flowers have a passion, Taiwan has a lot of pull flowers, can always pull out the people will not be reluctant to drink coffee pull flowers. Who put Fara the most beautiful? This issue is always controversial, but today to introduce the cat door Cafe ' Moment is the November 2014 hot-baked 2015 WCE World Cup competition in Taiwan Championship. The place is small, but brunch, dessert coffee spite. The opportunity will sit in the bar position, enjoy the good workmanship of the boss!

Tel: (06) 223-6858

Add: No. 34th, 93 Tainan Zhongxi District, Chung Hau Street, China

The most beautiful coffee shop, is the people

Travel mu Bean row

I believe many glutton love this old company. On the last walk into the trip mu beans, daily hand for the new limit of the Brownie sold out, the boss later sent us have not sold the chocolate tower (suddenly in the heart warm), the guests care is never the boss to give things this matter, but the boss care about his every guest. After a sip of coffee, with a chocolate tower, I suddenly feel that we drink a mouthful of coffee, are their lifetime dream ah. Some of the coffee shops attract you without disturbing the tenderness, and some of the coffee shops attract you to make you feel a comfortable time. In the travel mu beans, personally baked beans in good faith hand, drink a mellow not palpitations of coffee, you will believe that this world really someone care about coffee is a happy thing. Shop small, not overly gorgeous decoration, is very suitable to stop by when passing a little break, come in and sit, a little warmth away. (Recommended reading: the inability to concentrate on coffee aesthetics: The capsule coffee machine does not love the world's temperature )

Jinzhou Store

Tel: 2503-1005
Address: the mountainous area of Taipei City Jinzhou No. No. 416 Street .

Xing ' an store

Tel: 02 2504-3344
Address: the mountainous area of Taipei City Xing ' an No. 26-1 Street .

Most do not want to go! Vintage Antique Grocery food いしん Square

At that time stood in the shop outside the door to look, it is like passing Gongqi Chun movie in some old lady's grocery store, cool breeze, let a person feel beautiful want to cry. Located in a quiet corner of the food いしん Square, the main Japanese-style grocery layout, the original thought don't expect shape to please the store, amazing is the dessert is also first-class! It really seems to be a secluded and quiet heart in the inside. Go and taste the Gongqi cafe romance. (Japanese minimalist: simple and warm little space Taipei Day Coffee )

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Phone: 04-23720916

Add: No. 162, Lane 1, 3rd Taizhong West

Best to enjoy the music! It's a café and a showcase space ThERE café& LIVE House

Coffee shop springing up a family of open, complex multi-functional space also more and more attention, we all know Taipei has the Wall, the seaside Kafka and other compound Music café, Taoyuan ThERE café& LIVE House also not to be missed! If you like indie music, like art information, walk into the There Cafe in B1, just like Alice jumps into a magical cave. This space also reminds me of the past underground society, although the atmosphere is different, but the same passion for music and sincerity, to go to the heart and music deep dialogue. (Extended reading:"Do music do not make ripples, want to make stone" Music Man Zhong Chenghu )

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Phone: 03-3398819

Address: Basement B1, No. No. 454 Fuxing Road, Taoyuan

The donut that makes people happy Haritts

from Shibuya, Tokyo. Haritts originally only in Taichung , the opening of two stores at the Nanjing Fuxing MRT Station last year sparked cheers for dessert fans. The basic paragraph for the original flavor, chocolate, cinnamon grapes and cream of the 4~6, every day to provide the choice, each time only baked 1~2, want to eat a full range of taste may have to line up every day. Mouth Feeling Fluffy, also slightly soft Q, bite a hot count taste, a touch of tea to make people happy, chocolate and cream cheese is also very rich, really eat will move the donut Ah!

Taipei Store

Taichung Store

Taipei Store

Phone: 0287710645
Address: 81, Fuxing North Road No. 1 Floor

Taichung Store

Tel: 04 2301 2469
Add: 1/F, no. 6th, 128 Lane, Zhongxing Street, Taizhong Taizhong, West

The chief editor most often goes to Homey ' s Cafe

Secretly take out this one of our home editor Audrey of the Possession café, Audrey said like here is: "This is a welcome to everyone's space, in which you can quietly do what you want to do, listening to music, reading, using the computer." There is a small balcony outside, from time to time people are smoking, chatting, everyone here can have their own pace. "(Recommended reading: Six a moment, let you listen to yourself again )

Homey ' s Cafe, is a like home can rely on a good afternoon place, free space not to crowded, tables and chairs and people close to just good comfortable distance, a big book wall, an afternoon, come and go Homey ' s encounter editor-in-chief.

(Photo source: Homey ' s Cafe fan page)

Tel: 02 2711 1519

Address: 2/F, 36th, 236 Lane, Dunhua South Road, Taipei

It's best to go to Fashi for a while after work Bistro O

The bistro, on the one hand, is the homophonic of the O. is located in the Normal University night Market Lane Lane, the imagination may be a little noisy? Unexpectedly, this is the secret that I really want to make a person stay a night. The boss is a man who has a special insistence on organic food. There are some Taiwanese agricultural products in the store, such as the most of the tea in the shop at present, the Hualian of the honey-scented black tea as the base, fruit and vegetable food as much as possible to the main crop , the boss said: "We want to open a like in the flower East can encounter sincerity store, Take a few station MRT can escape the world's peach blossom. "

After work, do not want to go home, it is very suitable to come here to drink a few cups, Monopoly Belgian beer and exclusive wine, with the boss special dishes, in-store PR golden hounds, the side of the dog is sleepy, the cat stretched, a good night seems just about to begin. On the second floor, the humble sign, you can easily miss it, when you need a person's leisure, or with long-lost friends gather,Bistro O Comfort Sofa, tatami, the balcony of the second floor of the outdoor, Taipei has a small corner, when you need to flee the time is always in. (A person we accompany you: enjoy a person's wonderful!) To spend a single day with you .

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Phone: 02-23637170
Address: 2/F, 3rd, No. 49 Lane, Master Road
Opening Hours: 14:00~00:00

Do you like the woman's obsession with the café? Every café attracts the soul of a different character.

Virginia Woolf said: "Sometimes silence is so good, a coffee cup, a table." Sometimes it's so nice to sit alone, I'm like a sea-winged sea bird on the gallows. Let me sit there, with a coffee mug, a knife, a fork on hand. Their existence is the most pure and unadorned, and this silence is the purest and the most beautiful. 」

Hey, also welcome dear you in the message below mind the favorite coffee shop: together to enjoy the most pure beautiful.