There are some sincere words in love is necessary, starting from today, began to seriously manage your relationship, is to listen but not indulgent, is to know how to share and not too dependent.

"What was he thinking?" "is he telling the truth?" "In the relationship, you inevitably have to guess, doubt." Researchers in the United States have demonstrated gender differences in brain connections between men and women. in the past, Ragini Verma, an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania, led the study "the sexual specificity of brain connections during development" and found that in some regions of the brain, the left and right hemispheres of the female brain showed greater connectivity, while men showed greater connectivity in each hemisphere. This also explains why men are more assertive in solving problems, women think more with logic and intuition, and women are better at multitasking.

men and women think differently, this is the reason innate genes, physiological structure, but does not mean that we lack the ability to communicate with each other, just need to find the right and comfortable channels, so that different individuals have the flow of space between. Do you always wonder what he's thinking? There is such a play, will be for you to dispel doubts. 7/24 began the whole Taiwan tour of the stage--"The Man of the hidden" creative inspiration from the choreographer Huang, he believes that modern people in the fast-moving life model, lost the real listening. He said: "We have been omitting the process of communication, can not talk with the typing, can not type the map." So there is a "hear the voice of men" super ability to think. This love little theater to create is not what we have seen in the theater in the "fault in love", always see the love of sadness and injury, this time, "the Man of the hidden" talk back to "fall in love"--people love the essence. The next five words of love reveal the most honest and naked voice in love. (Recommended reading: men speak for the truth, say to women to listen )

"Listen to this word, ear, a heart, if not heart, how to listen?" "The man's word is hidden"

In the "Man's word", Yi-Ping is a girl with super power, she has always been able to hear the real voice of men's hearts, so always accurate response to the needs of men. But one day, she lost this ability, had to learn how to understand the needs of the lover, the past is always a master of the man's heart, from a look, a sigh, a sad smile, learn slowly, what is a lover.

Listen attentively, this is the bottom of love interreligious. The longer you get along, the more difficult it is to get along, and think about how long you haven't heard what the other person wants to say? The person you think you know deeply is often just your imaginary ideal. Later, he became impatient and no longer tolerant of your little temper. In this part of the run-in, think back to the past, the other side will just cater to your ideal of love. Starting today, start to seriously manage your relationship, is to listen but not indulge, is to know how to share and not too dependent.

"We are the first time to live our lives, so we will be awkward and unfamiliar, so we will feel sorry, so a little mistake is also possible." "It's okay, it's love."

Many times we are afraid to communicate, forget that "quarrel" is also a way of communication. Despite the language of the sword constantly swirling in too cruel dialogue: "You find someone else", "I Can't Stand You", "Really annoying", " Or we break up. "⋯⋯ the words of those emotions, then became your knot, but dear, we do not blame each other, because we are all from this pit scar scars of learning, we are the first time in life, no one is not from the failure to learn. However, no matter how many relationships you have, in fact, when you meet the doomed "he", there will still be a first love strange and uneasy, you will be foolish to make mistakes, forgive such a self, also forgive that he, remember to meet the beautiful, forgive is not perfect for us. (Hey dear: Even if not perfect, still can love Ah )

"Everyone's palm has a heart, hand to you, heart also to you." "The man's word is hidden"

One day, we go to some age, not covet the vanity of the relationship, but need a stable trust. We from the pursuit of many, enjoy the ambiguous person, become just want to focus on him, thin all his fine lines look into the eyes of the person. After the days no longer fall into the relationship easily, you because of such a double clear eyes, patiently waiting for his patience, the large palms, you finally made such a decision, hand to him, the future, holding in each other's hands.

"A man's heart is like a hedgehog, strong in appearance and weak in heart." "The man's word is hidden"

The man who truly loves you, is always so in front of you, a man's confession, like a hedgehog's gentleness, their appearance strong, pretending to be tough, encounter danger will roll up the body, so that the thorn, like an untouchable castle, at the same time, the Hedgehog's abdomen is still soft and fragile, only to encounter trust, He can unload his defenses, greet you, and bloom softly.

Men are always subject to the norms of social values: a pair of strong arms, the sky will collapse to carry. Simompova said that women are learning to become women, men are probably the same. They learn how to be men, so they don't talk about frailty, they learn how to be "boyfriends," so they forget to tell you how painful it is. Perhaps in the face of a man, we treat him as a child, they know how to treat him, his heart longing for the warmth, he also needs a man who can carry him, that has enough strength to accompany him through life waves of people. (Hey dear: Men to liberate your tears!) Tears, is the most gentle brave )

"We come to this world not to mend, to change, or to belittle another, but to support, to forgive, and to heal another person." The Miracle course of love

Often we think that as long as we work hard and continue to retreat, perseverance can change a person. "He will be more motivated for me", "he said there will be no next time", you use many excuses to stall "He does not love you enough", you think so, his tears in front of you to prove that you can redeem him, he smiled and said to you, "It's good for you", you think he really only you. With the "Redemption" of the heart to face a relationship, will not save anyone, will only let two people clutching a floating wood, together with drowning.

We live, never only from the "mutual" get along with the model of comfort, do not always think of "change him", learn "forgiveness" and "healing", can help us to get the sad homework done. Gently pat him on the injury, with the feelings of his pain replaced by his pain, such a gentle bland not fire, longer, Finally, gently whispered in his ear: "Hey, don't worry, I came." "I came, and we walked through this long road. (Recommended you see: take a more long-term feeling road!) Learn to listen rather than do what you do

"Love Mail"

After reading these love may be a little cruel but true, may help you to dial cloud to see fog, or your heart has more difficult to solve the problem, has the guessing not to finish "why", in this special talk the man woman true words new drama-"The male words hidden" We further study listens! In addition, the Director and the actors are also ready to talk with you! Choose a Chat object that you like, and leave a message in the form below, difficult knot, let them solve for you together!

Huang, "The Man of the hidden" choreographer: Aquarius. Master of Drama Institute of Taiwan University, current story factory art director. Addendum Guide, like to see Life from the Haha , the theater as a kaleidoscope, focusing on stage picture management, good at the role of the dangerous Cliff, showing the value of human values and emotions. The motto is "Turn the world into the way we like it." If you want to have a deep talk, the director will be your great listener.

Yang Chihui, the heroine of "The Hidden Man's word" Diyi: Pisces . Graduated from the drama Department of Taiwan University. In the host, the drama, the film and television all walks of life to show the bright Eye, has the inexhaustible enthusiasm and the energy to the performance. He was given the task of finishing the 2015-year Golden Melody Award on the Star Road. In the "Man of the hidden" play has heard the man's voice super ability of the protagonist, in the loss of power, began to learn to " listen." At the 7/12 meeting, you want to ask Yang Chihui what's wrong with Pisces? Or do you want to know more about women? Fill in a form below!

Zhang Shunjie, the hero of the hidden male actor Shi Yaolin: Taurus. Originally engaged in modelling work, because of performance TV idol drama "Dou Fish" open the performing arts career door. Has participated in a number of television idol drama, in recent years, between Taiwan and China, TV dramas filming work, a remarkable performance, explosive power. " male words hidden" is the leading part of the performance of the stage play, not only with the talented woman Yang Chihui romantic love, and opened the Golden Voice from the play , presenting a versatile side. The character of the decorated characters is slow and familiar, and the private character coincides with the special feeling of play. If you are in a stagnant relationship, perhaps very suitable to talk with the hoon, once is not the marriage doctrine of him, how to begin to love more than a trust? (You will like: Di Zhijie, Zhang Shunjie talk about the addictive addiction: "Stand on the stage, you must live in the role! ")

Di Zhijie, decorated with "The Hidden Man," the actor Su name Yang: Sagittarius. Graduated from Taiwan Art University drama department, screen performance class members, senior stage drama and TV drama actor, through the role of play to pass the threshold of their real life. Love the drama, and strive to "under the control of a high degree of concentration, loose to show the role" ability. For love, he believes that marriage is not the tomb of love, but the beginning of a new look, love again. Plays the well-known music production person, for obtains the heroine to be suitable for the heart, with Zhang Shunjie plays the composer to unfold also the enemy also friend's love wrestling, the relationship is delicate. Di Zhijie has a very deep insight into the business of marriage, if you want to talk to him about the marriage, please fill in the following "Love Box" form to enter your question!