For you select 27 American Billboard most rhythmic Movement song single, Simple Let you take away, go out to enjoy the sweat dripping carefree!

Honey, do you like sports? Whether it's running, cycling, or even yoga or dancing, regular exercise not only makes us healthier, but also strikes negative emotions. Scientists have long confirmed that exercise inhibits amygdala activation in the brain and prevents negative thoughts from appearing.

Exercise in addition to burning calories, let our body keep firm, also can burn off our life pressure, don't just want to move, staring at the mobile phone every day, moving to the only finger, quickly from the chair to stand up, tie the ponytail, put on sneakers, go out to sports! (same field Gayon: woman girl, let running give you strength )

Recommend to you 27 American Billboard List of the most suitable for sports songs, so that you are in the exercise, the ears are also carefree!

1. Walk the Moon-〈shut up and dance〉 Moon Stroll Orchestra--〈 nonsense, dance with me.

"she took my arm she grabbed my arm/I don ' t know how it happened I don't know what happened/we took the floor and she said we went to the dance floor and she said/oh oh oh sh UT up dance with me shut up and dance with me! 」

The Moon Walk Orchestra was made up in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2008, and the song's full of electronic alternative rock elements were always boiling. As soon as this song sings, do more than say, move up.

2. Rachel Platten-〈fight song〉 Rachel Pleton--〈 Battle Hymn

"this is my fight song it's My Song of Battle/take back, my life songs, I'm going to get my pace,/prove i ' m alright songs a song that proves I'm healed/my Power's turned on mine The power has been restored/starting right now I'll be strong I'll be strong/I'll play My fight song sing the Battle Hymn of mine

After lovelorn and setbacks, the most suitable for sports. With sweat dilute sadness, oath no longer weak determination! Rachel Platten sings the woman's strong and fearless, no matter how many times knocked down, we can stand up like a tumbler. (Share with you: a step closer to the right person!) Five things to do after a breakup

3. Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars -〈uptown funk〉 Marcrosen ft. The Martian Bruno--〈 the City of G.

"i ' m Too Hot (hot damn) I'm not feeling well/called a police and a fireman quick help me call the police and fire engine fire./I ' m too hottest (hotter damn) I'm really sexy,/make a dragon Wanna Retire man makes the fire-breathing dragon feel ashamed to retire.

The lyrics of this 〈uptown funk〉 are definitely the first to feel good about yourself! But when men and women in sports, fragrant sweat dripping, flushed face, is really the most sexy. I am in sports, narcissistic innocence, sexy rational!

4. Maroon 5-〈sugar〉 Magic red--〈 sugar poisoning

"sugar Sweetheart/yes Please yes/won ' t you come and putting in down I don't come in my arms/oh right here, ' cause I need come directly because I need you/littl E Love and little sympathy I'm/yeah you show me good loving let me see what true love is/make it alright make it all perfect "

Maroon 5 charm, needless to say, September will be held in Taiwan, they, concert tickets on sale was immediately seconds to kill. Maroon 5 of the song Rhythm Light and bright, suitable for brewing the sweet mood of the movement, perhaps running in the river bank, will meet with you hand run over the next half of the people. (Extension recommendation: about running, I want to say is actually ... Suzi running philosophy )

5. Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea-〈pretty girls〉 Britney Spears, Jiaji Leah--〈 Beautiful Girls

"all around the world, pretty girls pretty Girls dominate the worlds /Wipe the floor with all the boys the dance floor with the boys/pour the drinks, b Ring the noise open a few bottles of wine to heat up /We' re just so pretty! we're so beautiful.

Shen Ji A small period of time, Britney Spears finally returned, 〈pretty girls〉 Britney Spears and Igi Wonderful cooperation, just hear the name of these two people, let people sit hard ann, get up and move, pretty girl!

The American Billboard charts are definitely the best music for sports! If you have not really laughed for a long time, often feel glum, or pressure is difficult to release, quickly put this song into the mobile phone, from today onwards to form the habit of regular exercise, so that mood, color, body breath all changed well.