KMT presidential candidate Hong Xuoju was suggested by party workers: "Because not married, elected can wear wedding dress, married to the Republic of China," what exactly is the problem?

KMT presidential candidate Hong Xuoju yesterday to Pingdong to participate in the party meetings, but it was said that "because there is no marriage, if elected president can wear wedding gown, to express the marriage to the Republic of China" news. and Hong Xuoju response "can consider", so that the presence of the people applauded, the media even this response interpreted as her Miroto show.

(Photo source: United Audio and video , reporter Lin Yu photo)

"Grass-roots party workers and others suggested that she" you are not married, I hope you are elected to wear a wedding dress to take office, you marry the Republic of China. Hong Xuoju said, "the inauguration wearing bridal clothing will become a world topic", but you can consider. This word, immediately attracted the whole audience applause, refueling sound. "( Apple Daily )

"In the course of the discussion, some party workers suggested that hung Sau, who was not married, should marry the Republic of China", and even suggested that if she were elected, she would be able to take up her wedding dress on inauguration day. Hong Xuoju Smell laughs response: "Inauguration wear bridal dress will become world news", said willing to seriously consider, humorous response won applause. "( joint report )

Such an idea is really confusing, As a "single woman" politician who serves the country and serves the people, it must be a concept of "being in the body".

(Photo intercepted from: Apple Daily )

This is not the first time for "unmarried" to be taken out of the Hong Xuoju, since the announcement of the election, many media has been her unmarried, single point of view to ask questions. Have you ever received a love letter? Have you ever been driven by a boyfriend? Problems of this kind are endless. (Extended recommendation: not just George Aimer Aramudin's fiancee, let us give you the name:

" Hong Xuoju in the morning of the press conference, the film in the same style of yellow sports car, was asked by the media whether the boyfriend had been driving the car?" On this sharp question, Hong Xuoju said: "No, do not provoke my sad things!" "( free times )

"Do not know the maiden period of the Flood show pillar, have you ever dreamed of Prince Charming appear?" The deputy Dean of the Legislative Yuan Hong Xuoju: "(Vice President you have been tempted to) Ah, I forget yes, so long things, young things how will remember, I was speaking out from the heart, I now see you, I think it is our children." "" ( people view News )

I suspect that Hong Xuoju face such problems, there will be various called " Miroto's answer, perhaps because he was asked about a similar problem on the way to politics, it may be that this kind of joke is harmless, but the last thing I hope for is that the desire to be exposed as a presidential candidate is unavoidable, and often only this is the media's willingness to give her exposure.

During her tenure as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton was asked: "What designer clothes do you like to wear?" And then she responded smartly: "Would you ask a man this question?" "The same applause and cheers from all the people in the audience, but Hillary Clinton's answer for women leaders to take a breath, more courage to face and break the gender framework."

I think of the "#AskHerMore" that Hollywood girls launched on the red carpet in 2014, hopefully, when the stars walk through the red carpet, the media will not only ask about the price of their clothing brands and jewellery, but will be more focused on the awards and works, just as other male stars are treated. (recommended you see: Cai English domineering female force! Women's political leadership under the lens of Time magazine

The 2016 presidential election in Taiwan is the confrontation of two female leaders , is a fit for collective reflection. #AskHerMore "The timing of our vision of female leaders should not be confined to emotional states and appearances. I think both Hong Xuoju and Cai are worth asking questions that are worth asking.