This is a great honor to invite W TAIPEI I Nsider--joyce to share with us the course of her journey here, and W TAIPEI Secret of success.

What kind of work need to help people to transfer a helicopter, buy a ticket difficult concert tickets, in Taipei, let people catch a balloon to see the night? Combined with music, design, fashion, new vision of the work of the entire Taiwan only--w TAIPEI Insider (time to reach people). Simply speaking, this is a completely customer-made work, whether it is to enter the hotel service, or walk into the north of the play line, the latest cool avantgarde information, she single-handedly, she is Joyce Xu Neu Yu. From the internship of Capitale Ventures, New York's largest PR firm, to the work of the top Japanese restaurant Privus, she took a step back from the United States to Taiwan's W TAIPEI, where she served as an unprecedented insider, what is insider?

Joyce said: "We hope that every customer who comes to W TAIPEI , whether he is a business-type stay or a traveler passing through Taipei, the ordinary journey they can because we have the intention of" wow "feeling. 」

Insider: From the nature of man, to find his own secluded paradise

It is the purpose of Joyce for each guest to experience the pleasures beyond the city experience. She chatted about "insider" 's job: "We need to link the city to our guests in a meaningful way, we want to sell a city, a home, a lot of good places in Taipei, This can be more than just a short stay in the city. 」

Joyce said she wanted to come here without feeling like she was in the city, but to escape from everyday life and feel herself. She shares the brand spirit of W TAIPEI "flirty (ambiguous tease), insider (expert lead), Escape (recluse Paradise)",joyce continued to say the words fascinated me, but also rethink their relationship with the city: "flirty This word in English is ambiguous tease meaning, I believe that everyone should tease their five senses, you hear, touch, all the soul you see will be able to feel. 」

Joyce said the five senses around the considerate "human" nature, and therefore in this restaurant is not only "insider" such avantgarde work, there are general hotel will not set up "music curator." I always feel that go into the W TAIPEI really is to walk into Alice in Wonderland in the back garden, they call "Escape" is a recluse, I think is a recluse also to join the world, that full of surprises rabbit hole, you can always freely come and go.

A job that leads the future: We are always in next!

I'm curious to Joyce how to introduce Taipei?

Joyce is very skillful in selling cities, she took people to go to travel agencies do not know Alley Lane Lane, has not been discovered by the tribal customers of the CP value of ultra-high shop, as if All Star stores have to go through the Joyce of the skillful hands lightly, she always has a meticulous vision can find the most original fresh information! (Extended reading: The secret trip to Taipei: Lukas Landa X Omake Live comforts the city's lonely mind!) )

I wonder why Joyce more than others to build the relationship between the customer and the city, why not introduce the popular goods, long queues of shops are good?

Joyce's answer gave me a very different understanding of W TAIPEI : "We are always next." We want to be the leader of the trend, also like to hold the city of the fresh people, I think it's great that W TAIPEI provides a stage for the music, design, fashion-related industries young people have the opportunity to display. 」

An international hotel brand, always in the excavation of the city's most innovative and dynamic activities, so they close to the fresh people industry, and even hold a new designer competition, to provide a platform for Taiwan's brand out of the world.

Marketing the fashion capital also develops the urban ecology plan

It's not just this that makes me so amazing, generally we think that the marketing of the city's fashion trends at the same time easy to consume the city and become a negative cycle of modernization, but with Joyce chat process I found this fashion brand is very international also very in the Earth, they have done a lot of quietly help Taiwan in the industry, philanthropy activities, Cooperation with the Breast Cancer Association advocates the purity of the body and soul of a woman; together with beekeeping units, small farmers for the city's ecological efforts.

Not only to "trendy" walking in the front, but also combined with Taiwan in the industry to promote more worthy of attention to the topic, inside and outside want! I think W TAIPEI very greedy, but the practice is very good, for example, the cooperation with beekeeping units is that they see "if the bees disappear, human can only survive four years" after rethinking the relationship between human and nature, but also in cooperation after the continuous purchase of small farmers honey, and actively pay attention to the ecological balance of the city.

"Social responsibility" this matter, in them each body is the responsibility, in Joyce body I see this particularly moving characteristics: some things ah, as long as the cultivation, quiet to do, there will be harvest.

Not just a service, but a temperature relationship with people.

Joyce feels that the partners who work here have a very attractive trait-innovation, liveliness and discipline. She also specifically introduced W TAIPEI employees do not call employees, they called talent, I believe that everyone is a gift . The company also pays attention to each partner's staff training and the life plan, provides many fosters the opportunity and the promotion pipeline.

Joyce said that when he first entered the industry, Dad was very opposed, do not know why their daughter to pick such a hard thing to do, Joyce bluntly that they love this brand, because here to learn too much, so from the grassroots to do the kind of hard work is nothing: "I like a child who do not know what to come in, Our upper layer is very willing to give people the opportunity, they will believe that every partner is a talent, and you will notice that we here talent chest are not Shino, this is to allow everyone to establish relations with guests, the initiative to introduce themselves to the guests, in the chat process to learn treats and respect. 」

Also interesting is that as long as the Joyce service guests usually or have her cell phone, those who often call her to ask Taipei now the most interesting things where, Joyce laugh that they have been trained Phiming, at the same time have to deal with the many guests around the same time needs.

I think Joyce of course not only treat them as guests, she is taking care of a profound fate, but also full of challenges, open their eyes every day do not know what incredible work will be ushered in the task does not think bitter, open mouth is learning, in Joyce see a continuous learning power, this person as if the horsepower, are ready to take the long road.

Perfect balance: My job is to live!

For Joyce, whether work or life, is always full of learning opportunities. When I'm curious about how I love my job, does she have a life space? She said: "My job is not to affect life, my job is to live." (Extension recommendation: does work replace all your life?) Stop being the boss's robot! )

Joyce went on to say, "I've been trying out some fresh places, and meeting new people, like talking about travel." 」

Even when she travels, she learns to treat people, learn culture, and learn to be humble to the vastness of world history. She laughs when she goes abroad is a hotel mad, absolutely pay attention to many details, from others, Joyce is also a travel addict, she shares a lot of travel experience, Joyce like to Will feel the humanities, also love in India, Greece in the countryside scurrying.

She said: "Travel abroad is the best time to absorb information, has been learning, but also the life of their own, know how to make themselves better." 」

No matter where you travel, do not forget to open five sense of the world, I think she has a curiosity and adventure in the blood, in the big Environment Eye Quartet, and then absorb their own needs of the progressive energy.

Welcome to the woman label: Hey, it's very informative to be with me.

Constantly urge their own progress, and always actively improve themselves, like Joyce the "work" in front of the girls are often posted by the social "woman" label, we think a bit negative this sticker, Joyce but do not want to tear, she said: " The definition of a strong woman for me is to know where I belong in this society, know what I want. 」

Joyce said this society should not be afraid of "strong women", not afraid of a girl learning independence and autonomy: "Should never go to fear the strong woman, the boys should feel that the strong women can be trusted and reliable, because they with you in this society competition, life will not stop progress." Girls should be able to be a good mother, can also be in the workplace is very good, life experience to grow together. 」

A strong woman, the stronger is not a step out of the imposing momentum, not stand in a high display of superiority, Joyce said his comfortable state is "the serious will have to trust the shelf, the spoiled brat on the ease of a spoiled brat" she also said that the face of such a wide range of women phenomenon, boys should be summoned courage: "To be more aggressive, Be able to face a good girl, think that this girl makes you proud of "I have a relationship with her is very content", hey, the life of the strong woman is very interesting. 」

The life of a strong woman is very interesting, do you feel the same? In general, Joyce says, "In what role do you play such a person?" "Such a woman living at ease and satisfied, also can give oneself happiness."

It would be different if you were more positive than the others.

Joyce said that the social view of the strong woman is actually related to the "face of inadequacy", because feel the lack of their own insecurity, have to use another form of repression than we better people, but the face of the problem should be to accept it, and competition with it. Joyce For example, in a previous Steve chat with one of YouTube's founders, Steve mentioned that he was often invited to a speech in Taiwan and found that the most popular question for Taiwan's entrepreneurial circle was: "What should I do if I fail?" 」

At that time, Steve points out the problem also affects Joyce, become her work attitude, Steve said that Taiwanese children easily because of failure to stop trying, in fact, all entrepreneurs are failures too many times, you hear is a success story.

Joyce said that whether in the workplace or in the face of gender awareness, we must be brave to see their own shortcomings, not only to envy the success of the story, she believes that as long as more positive than others, it will be very different, and will be more aware of their own in the "workplace" or "gender role" position.

Three psychological exercises before applying for a job

Joyce has a unique view of "failure", and I would also like to invite her to share her work philosophy to the recent community of fresh people, who may be facing a never-ending interview, and constantly waiting, Joyce gave the community fresh people three job search key:

(1) Ask the heart: Why do you want this job?

Joyce first talked about her past interview new experience, she said before she asked the interview people "Why to work in W TAIPEI ", most people answer her: "Because this is very new and stylish hotel." "joyce bluntly:" It's not enough for me, it takes a lot of enthusiasm to work here and a heart that is willing to keep improving. " The other thing is that you have to "from the heart", we answer the phone talent in the process is absolutely smiling, because on the phone can also hear your voice quickly unhappy. 」

(2) Show your body language

Joyce also said that he had a test, in the interview she said: "hello,my name is joyce." was surprised that 80% of the people just nodded gently.

joyce:"a little more response to this sentence, such as back:" Hi,my name is Tom,how are to you today? " Compared to nothing is absolutely a big bonus points, body lauguage at this time is very important, get up and shake hands to show their limbs language and tolerance are very good. 」

(3) believe that you are very different

Joyce also encourages fresh people to believe that they can do more than they think, she said this year in a recruitment campaign, a boy went ahead and asked her, "You're insider Joyce, right?" May I ask you what is the difference between your job and others? At that moment, she immediately felt that this young man is very different, because he pays attention to detail, do homework, do not understand to ask, Joyce said he came in after the original self-conscious body shy want to do switchboard, and later was launched to do contact guests, now his gestures are self-confidence.

Joyce said to believe that they have enough ability to challenge the things that have never been done, the courage to try, is definitely the best career capital.

If this job only makes you feel happy, you should leave.

In the end, we ask Joyce to give a word of encouragement to the new workplace, she said: "Do not stay in the comfort zone, to always improve themselves, challenge themselves to learn every day." 」

Joyce said that hard work is necessary, to survive the past will find their position in the workplace, also do not work for work, the work as a part of life will have passion and happiness, she also reminded everyone when happy and comfortable working condition to maintain too long, should feel dangerous, to start to find their next challenge. (same field Gayon:"I'm afraid I'm too comfortable to learn anything anymore" interview Century Ogilvy founder Ding )

Joyce said that only make you happy and comfortable environment is dangerous, so she always run away, know the new world face, always looking for challenges, believe that everyone can be very different, she welcomed the strong woman label, because she embraced her soft and resolute coexistence characteristics. Joyce Live at ease also frankly, I think, can find the same concept with their own brand enterprise is her lucky, is also the blessing of the brand, with Joyce partners must also be deeply happy, because life has a positive driver of life partner, absolutely can help each other courage.

If this job only makes you happy, then you should leave. Forever to challenge the unknown, you deserve to be more courageous, this is the story of Joyce to our blessings, go out, can feel the displaced, also enjoy the wonderful life of the period.