This time I want to talk about more physical impressions-the soldiers who have retreated from the battlefield, see the immense strength and pride in their mutilated bodies, and let us recognize the nakedness of the strong.

Behind the war, in addition to the innocent sacrifice of the people, we often forget the war in the shadow-soldiers. They may also dislike the beacons, but they have to stand on the front line of artillery fire and take bullets for the country. Some have died in the battlefield, and some have returned to their homes with the most painful medals--a half-mutilated body.

California photographer Michael Stokes photographed the naked bodies of the brave warriors, starting with Alex Minsky, A US Marine, who lost a leg in the war in Afghanistan, But he is still confident in the lens of photographer Michael Stoke , a picture that has drawn attention to a number of war-disabled fighters who have enrolled him in the shooting. So Michael Stokes assembled the photos of the men's soldiers, and published a photographic collection of "Always loyal". Always Loyal, see their figure healthy posture beauty, look at the lofty sentiments of their expression--eternal glory.

"I don't need to give them confidence that they already have it," Michael Stokes said in his interview. "
"I ' m not giving them back their confidence." They already have it "

Michael Stokes also said that I photographed this series of photos are Alex Minsky's influence, when he saw Alex Minsky in the gym and decided to take his sexy look. Because Alex Minsky is not in the wheelchair to wait for sadness, so his power in the lens condensation of such a powerful.

Alex Minsky

Michael Stokes himself a photographer who likes to shoot sexy and sensual, his yardstick always walks on the edge, when he shoots when Alex Minsky, he just wanted not to embarrass him or make him feel like he was in a "sympathetic position", but Alex Minsky himself, but the sun was shooting, without the slightest shame on his body shyness.

Alex Minsky became the world's hottest model. He said he had gone through a lost day. "Who can accept that after waking up, the world is different, your brother is dead, you are missing a leg." "alex in his interview with this experience, he also talked about this painful experience:" 18 years old I was in the army; 20 years old one of my legs was blown up. " I was 21 years old when I retired. I'm gone. Most people pass the road after the injury-I want to run away, I don't want to be in the pain, so I drink and take drugs. After I wanted to start over, I quit drinking and got into the gym habit and fixed frequency, where I met Michael Stokes and it all started. (Same field Gayon: The life gave me the "burn" test: I have a hand, can flip life )

Alex Minsky

Escape from the scene of pain, is the mechanism for everyone to protect themselves, this escape will sometimes go further and farther, take you away from the "own" track. However, these soldiers they choose to re-enter life, feel alive, share the body of the different, they still look at the expression of warrior pride, these people's courage, is the world's good pride.

Finally, I also gave you a passage from Alex: "One of the ideas that really helps me is that everyone's life is extraordinary and everyone's frustration is his own." We can't compare with each other because we are so independent and unique. In the face of setbacks, we need to figure out how to overcome your demons. I am thankful that I did not die on June 1, 2009 that day, in the long run, killing my those, make me stronger. (Recommended reading: Scars on flowers: lost breasts, I still unique and beautiful )