This woman from Turkey was raped and killed in Aslan .In Turkey, men and women, no matter who they are, have no choice but to take to the streets to protest, demanding a better society.

Perhaps these days, you have noticed that many Turkish men put on the streets in a miniskirt, and many Turkish women have been angry at the coffin, holding the slogan " I was born free and have to live from “ I was born and will live as ”

Aslan Ö zgecan Aslan, a Turkish university girl, was 20 years old, and on February 11 she was deeply aware of the absolute insecurity of women in Turkey.On that day, she set up a minibus and the bus driver attempted to rape her, and she took out the face of the chick-water driver. The driver was infuried to attack her until she died. Later, she chopped Aslan's hand and worried that his fingernails would leak his DNA.

violence triggered outrage in the Turkish region, which followed the prime minister's release of the prime minister's of " laughing , and again, recognizing the lack of women's rights in Turkey and the lack of attention given to women in Turkey's larger environment.A Turkish woman, carrying the coffin of Aslan, does not allow any man to touch her body again (according to Imam rules that men are responsible for carrying coffins, women must go to the coffin) and take to the streets, calling on the government and society to face up to rape, adultery and more gender-related crimes.(Recommended reading: Brave suffering!A Columbia Student Student's Student Mattress, Complaint Complaint, Rape Culture )

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According to The Guardian report , in the last decade, gender-related massacres have tripled in Turkey, with domestic violence rising by 1,400 percent.According to Bianet, a local human rights institution, 281 women were murdered in 2014, 31 % more than in the previous year, and 27 more women were killed in January alone.There are thousands of girls and women who are no longer waking up behind Aslan.

Sexual Harassment of Sexual Violence, which used to be whisper in a friend's friend, was a battleground in which women's bodies and lifestyles became ideologically conscious of the pain of adultery.But this battle, Turkish women are not alone.(Recommended to you: Sexual violence is not a women's issue, but a human rights issue

The Hashtag named #sendeanlat #OzgecanAslan # Ö zgecani ç insiyahgiy continues to heat on a wide range of social sites.#seneanlat means "you tell us too" to invite other victims to tell their stories, with 4.4 million stories accumulated in two days.# Ö zgecani ç insiyahgiy is a "black coat for Aslan", and homage to Aslan.

Turkish men also launched the campaign "On the streets of Aslan mini-skirts" #ozgecanicinminietekigy, refusing to ignore the truth of the problem of "women wearing the equal number of rape invitations".Shouldn't be an excuse, no one should be raped, matter short the dress is.

They wear skirts, and if the society thinks that the dress is "short," the reason for being raped, then let's go." The streets of Turkey have never been so full of love and change.(Recommended reading: Raped, not a woman's self-looking )

incident in Aslan in Turkey this month also reminded me of case of Jyoti Singh Pandey, bus in India three years ago, when her abdomen, her head, intestines, genitals were attacked by iron bars, and she said, "I want to live," and she died later.This is a sad event that happens in India, in Turkey, in the Middle East, in the corners of our lives, where our tears are flowing, and our anger is saying, again, our hope is time and again, but we still believe that we deserve to live in a world of respecnicality, and that we deserve to live in a better world.

Because I believe, every force, people dressed in black, people who see this report, people who wear miniskirts in Aslan, the people of hashtag #OzgecanAslan, are an opportunity for change.

If there is a society that thinks that the dress is too short, and that it is a legitimate reason to be raped, let us protest and change that kind of society.Turkey's new prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, also publicly said: "Violence against women is a bloody wound."I will continue to pay attention to this incident so that the perpetrators will receive the severe punishment that they deserve."

Pray this story for Aslan and pray for the beautiful soul of the meteor, and remind us to look at India, to look at the United States, to look at the United States, to look at the United States, to look at the United States, to look at the United States, and to see the world.(Sibling: Emma Watson: "Not just for women's rights, but the freedom of both sexes" )