The United Nations speech at Emma Watson, which brought men and women together to work for the future of gender equality, changed the way many people were thinking about feminist = nativism.

I believe you must have seen Emma Watson's moving speech at the United Nations conference , calling on men and women to fight for the rights of both sexes: "Not just for women's rights but for both the sexes.""

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" We should start to treat Gender as a flowing spectrum, rather than two opposing gender idealistic stereotypes.Because men and women should be able to express their vulnerability and to be strong, not limited to their gender.No matter which gender is able to recover part of his or her undisplayed part of society, it becomes more genuine and more complete." (Full speaker content: The full text of the United Nations speech that is shaken by Emma Watson )

#HeforShe has not been much longer, and has earned a lot of support from many Hollywood stars.History is rewriting, perhaps we can also say, " Behind a strong woman, there are a few gentle men who support it." They are Tom Hiddleston, Russell crowe, Matthew lewis, and you on the screen.

By Tom Hiddleston, who is the head of the Avengers, Loki, said: " Emma Watson, your performance is impeccable, and it's a new one!I'm fine.I believe in gender equality!#HeForShe

head of the Harry Potter series, getting rid of the baby fat, the longer the older, the Marshal Nevis Lewis is a great beauty!He said, " I am so proud of Emma Watson!From the young girl I grew up in that year to today's influential woman, I am with you. #HeForShe (Recommended reading: When the woman is happy, don't let stereotypes negate the beauty of a woman )

Luo Suklou uses an image to express support for #HeForShe's activities!

The #HeForShe makes men the backers of women, " said Chris Colfer, an American actor Chris Colfer, starring Glee, starring Glee, and publicly out of the closet.Very proud of Emma Watson. " (Recommended reading: teach children to respect comrades from childhood )

British actor Douglas Booth said: "I am a strong supporter of gender equality #Heforshe."

Next, they also support #HeForShe!

My friend emma watson has delivered a speech with strength in UN, "said Logan Lerman, who appeared in the corner of" Percy · Jackson "in the film" The Jackson > Series ".I'm flat!#HeForShe

You must be a strange face!"The true wisdom of a society is that we listen more carefully and value women's voices," said the 79th Oscars, who won the 79th Oscars at the end of the final Scots.Women have the power and the strength of society.Empower women, empower us all. "

I am my wife's husband, my daughter's father, and my mother's son, " said Simon Pegg, a British actor and director, who starred in the starring and starring detective Simon Pegg.I'm going to join this battle!#HeForShe

As a feminist and a real human being, I fully agree with Emma watson, "said Neil Giman, a Jewish writer who has published the" Sleepy " comic series, the novel

, and the American audience of the American Grottoes.#HeforShe "

By adding #HeForShe's men, the influential star producer, Lena Dunham , also says they are considering using male stars to support the #HeForShe's photo to make the sexy "Charity of the Year"!Yeah, what's more sexy than supporting gender equality?Supporting Gender Equality is the new sex!(Sibling together: Why is the British racing team banned from being charities?)

#HeForShe, for the person you love, for a girl who can't go to school, to show a vulnerable boy, to whom you don't recognize, and to whom you don't know, and we can all be gender-free. A simple idea, a far-reaching impact, will be an opportunity to change the rigid world of gender.(Recommended reading: Beyonce: " We are fighting for more than women's rights, but human rights