photographer Benita Marcussen with "Men & Dolls" series of photos to vindicate these men, it can also be true feelings of the filling.

When it comes to inflatable dolls, we always label such lovers as "no social otaku", "Variable ", "Freak" labels. The sex minorities who are branded as stigmatized, their love is hard to say, and their sexual pleasure is always accompanied by a shameful sense of shame, and it is this hiding in the shadows that explains the existence of the stigma. When we go to the essence of stigma, it comes from our fear and anxiety about the unknown and the different .

The anxiety of hiding in the shadows

And Benita Marcussen, a photographer from Copenhagen, chose to use the lens to gradually deconstruct the stigma and capture the men who live with the inflatable dolls in a way that doesn't look like a strange sight.

At the beginning of the filming program, Marcussen found these inflatable doll lovers through a private forum on the Internet, a secret that could not be kept in the sun, fearing that they could be viewed by social spectacles, so they could only hide in private forums and discuss each other. here, they can speak freely and display photos of their dolls. There is also a virtual market that can buy and sell dolls.

The intrusion of these private communities is a fear that, "if the public knows, women will think we are disgusting, and away from us, we will no longer be able to establish a normal intimate relationship." "They said to Marcussen , after six months of private contact, Marcussen has won the trust of the lovers, willing to let her take the camera to uncover their story with the inflatable doll." (Recommended reading: "Love" in the name of exclusion: Without love, we can not be good to people? )

The real emotional need behind the stigma

"Men & Dolls" series is a gentle image of Marcusse N, and she hopes to make more people who reject doll lovers To see their real feelings on the edge of the ground .

Some people criticize these lovers only for a fantasy companion who satisfies their desires, and the female "beauty" of the stereotype is enormous, because human women have defects, and have their own thinking ability, men can not control the real woman like the arbitrary charge doll, so they can only choose to transform the doll's appearance into their ideal woman, And these inflatable dolls as a pure desire for sexual tools.

But When capturing images, Marcusse N does not focus only on men's sexual relationships with dolls, but on the desire and struggle to make them feel at the bottom of life, through photo narration .

Sex is the language of desire, love is the language of the relationship, the man and the doll in the emotional dialogue, in addition to sex, but also the language of love.

we have an unknown fear of atypical erotic practices, so the doll lovers are considered to be stereotyped "sexual perverts" and cannot explore the subtle loneliness and longing, so Marcusse N Photography of the General people in the pure and transparent world, the "love" is difficult to look straight. (Extended reading: VCDs The feminine lust in the days of the day : The emotional export of a man's wife cheating )

The story of a man and a doll

These dolls, according to the different fantasies of each fetish, have their own distinct personalities. MarcusseN says that both men and dolls have their own unique stories.

These inflatable enthusiasts, some married, some divorced, some unmarried, Some couples died prematurely, and some never with the real world of women to establish a system. Although they have different external and background, but in the hearts of the same desire to love and understanding.

They are equally attentive and gentle in taking care of the inflatable doll: by gently combing their hair, adding clothes and makeup to them, taking care of their lives and talking to them, these lovers know that they are not just living in delusion, but are sober and truly love the illusion of women. The existence of each doll not only provides the original sexual desire vent pipe, also satisfies the emotional psychological demand. (same field Gayon: Leong Talk about "Nian Nian": "You feel lack of love, you try to walk toward Love")

This brings to mind the beginning of the movie "The Air humanoid", an ordinary man comes home from work and speaks to a beautiful inflatable doll. This man is like any lonely modern person--while he is close to himself and eager to be understood, he derives a skillful act of acting. In this dusty world, men faithfully give fantasy women meaning and fill the emotional details of the broken face of life.

Guijeck, a psychologist, said: "Love makes us avoid the scarcity of being." "We think that the fetish is living in the illusory dreamer, but in fact, the lovers than anyone understand the reality of the suffering, so they chose to replace the filling to offset the impact of reality." Lovers are no different than ordinary people, they are afraid to lose and look forward to embracing.

Can be in the huge fear before shouting let is not brave, true courage is to bear the disappearance of ownership, and find the strength to settle their own hesitation. In this world of scarcity, the reproduction of stigma is like the use of stereotypes, events and warnings to reveal all weakness and sadness, but everyone has their own hell, love and the flow of Passion in the practice, may we all be free anyway.

The man in the photo bought the doll after his wife died of cancer, and he designed and named her according to his wife.

After the birth of the first child in 1986, Chris ' wife sued for divorce, which caused him to get along with the real woman, who had two inflatable dolls and slept with him at night.

Everard likes to take Rebekka and June to the backyard to photograph, when his neighbors will hide back in the house.

Custom-made inflatable dolls are not cheap and the price is between $6,500-$50,000. Phil in the photo had to quit smoking for a year before he bought Jessica. Phil's friends know about Jessica, and he says he doesn't care what others think of his addiction.

In many people's minds, inflatable dolls are nothing more than a toy that satisfies a singular fantasy, but some lovers treat her as a life partner, like the man with his three inflatable dolls, which occupy most of the space and drawers.

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