Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning is one of the most high-profile actresses in the United States today, starting from the age of five. She was born in 2001 to an Oscar. He was not stupid. He was my father. Sam is a startling one, and the Hollywood movies that later performed have a remarkable achievement: "War of the World," " The Twile Saga Series …, and so on.

Elle Fanning

Elle Manning is a sister of Dakota Fanning, a sister of Dakota Fanning, four years of age.Her acting career began with the film, "He's not stupid, he's my dad, and I want to be sure." And under such pressure, El-Taffine once said, " We're not the same as our ordinary sisters. We went to school together and played together.hinted at her and her sister's pragmatic attitude towards life.

Next to watch Fanny's latest fashion show:

The two main features are the Chanel's advanced staples, and this year's autumn winter show is themed in the Milky Way galaxy, of which the star's color -- black and white -- is the focus of the season.On the left hand is a classic, elegant, white, short jacket with a Chanel design -- Black Mountain tea flower, which removes the headache of the necklace. The close-fitting woollen black skirt depicts the woman's line with elegance and a low profile.

The Dakota on the right is wearing a flat waist, and the lower sway is active (in fact, the design focus of Chanel's season), and the whole picture gives a visual impression of a moving visual.

In addition, the two heads of the two heads are the same, but with a very different style. The season's focus: Ellie's hat reflects smooth glossy glossy; the duke's intaglio and indeterminate contrast with a static image of the two people.

From left to right:

Elle is --

nylon elastic close-knit

nylon elastic closets

(wool black skirts)

House of Lavande earrings

Helen Uffner Vintage gloves


Chanel's advanced staples (black and white dress)

Chanel's advanced staples (hats)

Chanel Fine Jewelry earring (18K platinum; black, white diamonds)

Van Cleef & Arpels (18k gold, rose gold, silver, green stone, pink diamond)

Stephen Russell hand ring (platinum, diamond)

Shaneen Huxham gloves

Like the previous photo, this photo highlights white cleanliness in the gray scale, and in the absence of any other dark clothes, you can't help but focus on the lipstick of the center of the screen.The focus of this photograph is the purity of the accessories, the purity of the accessories, and the lipstick of the sister's lipstick, which symbolicative the simple, blond, blond, blond shirt that makes the two people look like an angel.

From left to right:

Dakota is a --

Advanced Edition of Dior Dior (Mace Top)

P.S. The Couture ceramic earring

Tiffany & Co. Platinum diamond ring

Elle is-

Dior Dior Advanced Deposit

Top-Top --- the-neck Rene

The first and second photo of this picture, the color of the color is cold, but it is also cold.The dazzledazzledresses are the first to occupy the visual focus of everyone.On the front of the dress, the light floating sleeves dilute the heavy feeling of metal patterns on the dress.

Elle is the --

Rodarte metal lines and the netting dress with the Schwallalos crystal

Vinttage Helen Uffner gloves

Back to the gray level, the focus of this time is on the ornaments.The pearls of a two-man neck of the neck, the flowers of the earrings, the two of them whisper, and the pearl ring in the middle of the photograph appear to be the secret of her sister's appeal to her sister-a precious thing that is not known to the people.

From left to right:

Dakota is --

Giambattista Valli's advanced stapling (gray silk cloak dress)

P.S. Couture Ceramic earring

Elle is a --

Giambattista Valli's advanced stapling (black, gray silk dress)

P.S. The Couture ceramic earring

Rhodeus pure silver pearl ring

The blonde and the robe are all blown up with the wind, and only the hand ring is falling in shape.Take a closer look. The lace on the dress is quietly hiding behind a thin yarn to wrap up the Dakota's body, so that the person can look at what she would look like if she put down the veil.

Dakota is --

Givenchy's advanced staples by Riccardo Tisci (silk lace)

Van Cleef & Arpels bracelets (18k platinum, pearls, sapphire, diamonds)

Elle Fanning and Dakota Fanning is the cover of the 2011 issue of W magazine, and the implicit thin-yarn top covers the physical well-being, while also means that the two sisters are not separated from each other.

Sister to step into the fashion circle and Lindsay Lohan with her sister:

Sisters in the magazine.

Lo Han Sisters Take Lindsay's Self-Brand 6126 Fashion Apparel.

The Sisters on Lindsay's Self-Brand 6126 Fashion Apparel.

6126 Collection by Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan, one of the popular Hollywood themes, created the "6126" fashion brand in 2008, giving everyone a focus on Hollywood star fashion people to get the first line of fashion.

> > 6126 Brand introduction and related

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