What's the taste of First love? Some say sour sweet, some say bitter. It was his bare hands that set up the history of your love, the microscopic and meticulous that he led you to love.

Think of him, there will be a little heartache, but I still willing to leave him in the bottom of my heart, even today, I do not know where he is, what he is doing, but at least, is he let me know, what is the first love this little thing. --The little thing of first love

Suddenly in the heavy rain city, you run into a second-hand bookstore to avoid the rain, you get into a coffee shop heating, you go back to the top floor of the small suite for their own drink. You are in such a deliberately empty time, think of a long time ago story. It is also the early evening after the rain, the sunset to tie your shadow in a piece, you still hide in the same eaves reluctant to leave. That is the first time to feel the temperature of another person's fingertips, is the first inexplicable heartbeat throb, is in the hot and humid summer heart but feel a light of happiness, it is about our first love this little thing.

Five you want to give the first love of thanks, give us can never come again the most beautiful ever.

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You're the most honest relationship I've ever had.

At that time we are not enough to understand what is the body's desire, only know that there is a itch in life. We spend little time to meet each other, because we use the greatest strength to please ourselves. At that time, like, is to be able to go home together after school is very satisfied, is in the welfare society to brush the whisper self-hi.

The honesty of first love makes one learn to be brave. He is just very honest to hold your hand, just want to say like to say he liked, he used to understand the world the way he treats you. I think of the movie "Starry Sky" in the adventure of the male heroine mad Crazy, together to experience the Shanyan of childhood sadness, together experience the pain of growth sweet. There is a scene, the heroine turned around to change clothes, the hero of the hero of the narrow eyes secretly look. I think this is the loveliness of first love, so clumsy. (Recommended reading: let him remember the moment of the heartbeat!) Three ways to create a first love feeling! )

We had a simple old-fashioned date.

"This place I have come." "You tilt your head to remember the memory that came here
"With whom?" "He raised a trace of jealousy and questioned you.

Later, he always eats the places you have been with others. The advantage of first love, is that others will never take advantage of his first time cheap. The first profound, is the journey together on the train, lightly leaning his head on his shoulder, after school about the tacit understanding of the ice shop, he carried the popular bag back, behind you, walk home a long way .

No luxury packages, no rules, a snack, a nap, even if you don't bother to design a date. then every time after that street corner, your old place, are like to walk again the road, originally had memories, so simple also is cherished. (same field Gayon: the existence of first love, is to regret "Aurora Love" than the Aurora more dazzling love )

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We don't talk about permanence, we're happy.

At that time just to say "I love you" feel ashamed shyness, which know what is love you have not thought of the original love heartache still have to go through dozens of years. There is no need to worry about living habits, after a married life plan, not to please each other's parents, because you just have to try to be happy.

Later we found that love makes us a lot of old, when the tangle of love troubles, now seems to be a trivial matter. The original really let people miss, is only me and your simple relationship.

"A person's life will meet two people, a stunning time, a gentle years." -- Soviet drama " the year "

Thank you first love, gentle we cherish the memory of the days of the lights dim.

Thank you for your patience to know my soul.

He lets us know the emotions that each relationship may experience-love and jealousy, trust, heartbreak and forgiveness. Although we don't have an aphrodisiac night, we still enjoy the time we spend together in some exclusive way. Your love took place in a clear afternoon, he was not in the laughter and laughter to pick up your shoulders falling hair, gentle hold Your hand, parting exchange cheeks kiss, in this sultry afternoon kiss is not too damp or too hot.

You are simply a little bit aware of love this matter, enjoy their own feelings, in the relationship between the changes in experience and learning, you through more eye-guessing to understand each other, more than the physical detection.

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Thank you for letting me know there's no need to despair

In the later feeling of heartbreak, you are more profound for the first time to experience the heartache of breaking up. He let you know that injury is not an end, not all love lasts forever, but it does not affect the ability of our lover. First love teaches us how to let go, and as the heart stitch is stitched up with time, you start loving yourself more, you begin to experience a second love, a third love, you are more familiar with how to deal with your own pain. (You will like: a step closer to the right person!) Five things to do after a breakup

Those who did not understand together, we understand in the later, those who agreed to go on the journey, you are the one to set foot. When you think of him, you remember your first self.

Perhaps the first contact is always silly, also not love, but your heart determined that the first love is absolutely a deeply shake your emotional system of people. Thank you first love for us to leave a summer of a touch of fragrance, a happy memory of the city scenery; Thank you first love let us inadvertently hear a song can be sweet smile, thank that lead us to understand the pain and heart-broken people, no matter how unforgettable to talk about the relationship between the first love, sweet, value back to the fare, Also in the aftertaste in the days of the gap fragrance.