In the first place, join the SPD legislator, Miao Boya, and Lu Xinjie, to talk about the grassroots phenomenon in Taiwan, to the gender issue, and to talk about their own election route!

People are political animals.The pursuit of good life is a reason for political existence.Aristotle gave a brilliant parsing of the political term more than 300 years ago.The emergence of politics is the service of the people, and is the pursuit of a more virtuous and sound living system.

Then, 2015, we live on the island of Taiwan today, and we have a few degrees of political disappointments, perhaps because of our complacency, until we find that rejection of politics will only make us more and more far away from this island.

The so-called politics, in simpler terms, is in fact all the aspects of our lives.What we see, what we hear, the lives, the breathing, the sense of space, the sense of space and time, are all related to politics, and all of us are connected to our decisions.(Recommended reading: Most people are willing to make small changes in the real change of Taiwan )

On this island, we believe there are too many people who are concerned about the island; in women's fans, we hope to talk to people who are involved in politics every Wednesday, so that we don't fear politics and let us know that politics is not so far away, and that we can be a better force for each of us.

Politics is not the right toy, politics is the interaction between people and lives, and politics is a more kind-hearted living.

The first lecture, to be run at the women's wonderland in the evening of 8/19!We have invited the political elements of the political field to the political scene of the political scene, to be included in the political scene of Taiwan. Miao Boja and Lu Xinjie are the members of the SPD's Taipei Municipal Chung Cheng District Council, as well as the members of the Hsin-yi Mountain Legislative Yuan. They are the people who have decided to stand up for "Taiwan can be better and better."

Lu Xinjie is known to many people because of her gay identity, as well as her long-term involvement in gender movement, human rights, action, growth, and international initiatives.This time she came out to run for a disadvantaged group of people who needed more resources. Many people knew her because of the 318 student film. Her eyes were strong. This time she came out to stand for the centre-left Social Democratic Party, challenging the KMT's biggest party in the deep blue constituency that grew up.

This path has never been easy.Miao Boya and Lu Xinjie, who appeared in women's fans, wanted to talk about the young people participating in politics: the grassroots, gender, and themselves.

The vegetable market Grandma Lu asks Lu Hsin-tig: "When are you going to get married" (in Taiwan), Lu Xinjie laughs: "Aah Wan has not passed the same sex marriage bill!"Voters have great eyes and asked Miao: " Ah, did you finish your military service?"(It seems a bit of a gender disorder), this is the most realistic situation of political field."No one has told you that the political reality that nobody has ever talked about is a little bit cute, a little bit interesting, and it's not that much more.If you want to change the Taiwan, then you have to be able to make the changes yourself.

Is it a political one who breaks into a political circle, and what problems will they encounter?Why did Miao Boja and Lu Xinjie go into the political circle for what?Why should young people participate in politics?Is politics really such a dirty and black gold?Listen to what they have to say, 8/19, 19:30-21:30, two hours of political getting started, together with women's fans wonderland (on the second half of Taipei's Taipei Peace East Road, 50)!

Political Speaker: Miao Boya +

Miao Boa, "Taiwan, no time waiting for us to become old"

In the case of the Social Democratic Party, the people's aspirations are not many, but they can live equally, enjoy their jobs, have their own nests, and freely love them. But such "happiness" is a luxury in today's political environment."

In terms of third power, there is no easy constituency, and it's very difficult to choose between two kinds of refugees, " said Miao Boya.She reveals that the Social Democratic Party wanted to pursue the equality and dignity of the people, to turn around the numbers and the rankings. She wanted to go from a place where she was raised and most familiar. She never felt that she would have been elected to the National Assembly.

More cognito: An Interview with Miao Boya:

Lu Hingjie, "Before it's too late,"

"My mom said," Why do you have to do what other people don't do?"And I said, " Because it's just that nobody's doing it." "

this is Lu Hsin-tien, who says, "What other people don't do," she feels that she is duty-bound to do it well.Lu Xinjie graduated from the department of the Taipei First Girls' High School in Taiwan, and joined the gay movement for 12 years. He was the director of the Ministry of Culture and Education for the gay community.Lu Hingjie started speaking around the age of 19, and now has more than 600 rounds.She said: "It's not just the gay community that I serve in the long term, but also a young person like me, a person like my parents, a disadvantaged group like my sister who needs resources to build a better society to make a better life for everyone.""

More known to Lu Hingjie: An Interview with Lu Hsing-jie

It's our time to speak Taiwan!Time of Day Schedule

2 hours of time, they belong to us as well.Miao Boya and Lu Xinjie share the Taiwan and the political realities of their eyes. We also exchanged ideas and answers through questions and answers.

Main Process

  • 19:30-19:40 Moderator Introduction + Video Playing + Welcome
  • 19:40-20:00 Beauya: Youth Politics:
      Gender: Gender Issues in the Political Circle? Don't you see I'm a biological woman?
  • grassroots: Taiwan's land and people
  • yourself: participate in politics, because Taiwan does not have time to wait for us to become
  • 20:00-20:20 Lu Hingjie: Youth political participation
    • Sex: Can you have a "comrade" in the election?
    • roots: deal with the local people in Taiwan
    • yourself: political participation, as it is time to
  • 20:30-20:50 female fan-on-line questions + chat time
  • 20:50-21:20 Deskside Time!Guest Onsite Challenge
  • 21:20-21:30 End of End + Free Exchange Time
  • If you have the following symptoms, come to our [talk of the Taiwan] meeting

    • want to know more about the young people who are interested in politics
    • who are so interested in public affairs-who are as bold as we can talk ~ ~ ~)
    • longing for more political figures, and more political practices.
    • Expecting a new political development
    • Expecting to see a better bay and looking forward to contributing to it

    We want to meet you in the evening of about 8/19, and we're working with Politcal Wedesday!

    [hours] 8/19 (3) 19:30-21:30 (19:00 open for approach)
    [location] women's jungles womany Wonderland, United States of Northern City Grand Anai, Middle East 50 style = "color:"
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    Note: The admission ticket contains a bottle of beer, with simple tea and tea, available at the scene.Drinking beer, talking about Taiwan, politics, and not going to break up!Before 8/19, let's first ask questions with Miao Boja and Lu Xinjie !