Women are obsessed with the first female-era classroom run! On the theme of "Taiwan In My Eyes", we have invited the DPP presidential candidate Tsai, the young generation representative and every one who believes in you. Without distinction of gender, age, no region, no island inside and outside, we are "luminous", "forward", "dialogue", "practice" as the key words on the scene, we have a rational dialogue, we have a gentle embrace, there is no confrontation, right and wrong, with practical action to become a better power for Taiwan. (Women's Times Lecture hall: Taiwan in My eyes )

"Women's times in the classroom, in order to carry forward the female force for the heart, to promote the times as a practical goal, not to do the forum, not to do the summit, but the classroom." Because everyone has the right to speak, everyone is responsible for the times. 」

Women are fascinated by the first female-era classroom, "Taiwan in My Eyes" as the core of concern, the first invitation to the Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate Tsai, the Time magazine described as "confident and firm", emphasizing that Taiwan as the core of female leadership, in the past time continued to work in the wild, and put forward the slogan "Light Taiwan." Women are obsessed with the Taiwan issue and want to look at it, what is the shape of Taiwan in Cai's eyes? On the intersection of Taiwan's past, present and future, how can she solve Taiwan's problems? (Recommended reading:"Time Magazine" under the lens of female force leadership )

The lecture hall is not a Yiyantang, no one's words is absolute truth. In addition to Chua's English, we invite the rising generation of young people to the scene to present their subtle observations of the Times. Why stay in Taiwan and not run away? How can we change Taiwan while we stay? Their gaze has never been transferred from Taiwan.

NASA filmed the Taiwan

What is the first impression that comes to mind in the eyes of Taiwan? From cross-strait development, nuclear energy to free trade, everyone has their own Jie Fang of the status quo, so women fans would like to pass the "generation of rational dialogue" and "gentle embrace difference" two values.

Because we are convinced that rational dialogue is a space for creating a public consensus for the different generations of Taiwanese society in which generations value breaks and ideas diverge. We invite young speakers, Tsai and every one of you to come to the scene, embrace conflict in reality, and never forget the "other voice" of the moment, because dialogue is the fundamental way to eliminate generational antagonisms.

Because we are convinced that the embrace of differences, because this era of female power rise, has a gentle toughness, whether society or country, only lack of a stage for female voice. Women fans want to provide a pluralistic perspective of interpretation, with everyone to understand the differences between the various, when we go beyond the established ideas, care can converge. (Women are fascinated by the heartbeat: women are not the same, why force us the same? )

The imagination of Taiwan is an ongoing story, the most important thing is not the present right and wrong, but the possibility of future rendezvous.

We are still waiting for the better future. So we can only be gentle, more gentle.

You may not be satisfied with the current Taiwan, but you also do not want to give up believe, the screen before you, perhaps Taiwan's insistence is not necessarily the same, but you also believe that the need for communication; Before the screen you may have male and female, perhaps in Taiwan different side, but you also want to Taiwan a better future. Women fans to invite you to the scene, holding a doubt so action, with questions to come so change, believe that it is worthwhile to try a gentle dialogue.

"Taiwan is the soft land on which we live, the air we breathe, the sound we hear, the present we see as we open our eyes, the future we hope to meet." 」

Taiwan, our motherland at our eyes. 8/ On the night of 26, women are obsessed with the first female-era classroom run, with your imagination, we listen, we talk, we hug, and then become better people in Taiwan. 3.5 hours, through the stimulation of different issues, erase the right and wrong and confrontation, we are only honest listening and speaking, standing in the intersection of the Times, to exchange each other see Taiwan, and to move to the future of their choice.

This night, together to see in your eyes, in my eyes, in the eyes of Taiwan. (same field Gayon: Taiwan "small indeed lucky" behind the big pattern, real ambition, hard emboldened )

The female force times the classroom to start the heart to read

Women fans believe that action is the only solution to change the status quo. The female force time classroom, each stage symbolizes the different times to drive. "Luminous", "forward", "dialogue", "practice", look forward to participate in the people, after the meeting with full force to infect people around, for Taiwan to bring change.

01. Glow! The young Generation View "The Taiwanese"shine! in my eyes Younger generations point of view

Young generation have light, they are steadfast to meet the times, but they still have dreams. Listen to the three key words offered to Taiwan by younger generations, talk honestly about the anxieties of Taiwanese youths, and share their little observations about Taiwan's situation.

02. Move forward! The Taiwanese "proceed! in my eyes Tsai ' s point of view

No matter how dark the situation is, there will always be someone who has to walk with us. Mr Cai will spend 40 minutes talking about Taiwan's past and present and her vision for Taiwan's future.

03. Dialogue! The intersection dialogue! of young generation and Cai English When talk begins, Taiwan starts ....

We opened our eyes, turned our ears open, and raised our hands to imagine the future of Taiwan. One hours of questioning time, reserved for you with Cai English.

04. Practice! You, the appearance of Taiwan action! What do decide What Taiwan looks like.

Do you believe that your actions determine the shape of Taiwan. Every one of us has the right and the ability to do something on top of the time classroom. Walk out of here and take your actions to practice.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights says "Everyone is entitled to" "rights and freedoms set forth at this declaration, without distinction an any kin D, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth O R other status. "

8 This is the first scene of the women's Times, no gender, no age, no region, no race, no political stance, not divided into the island and outside, let us create the times.