In August, we invited you to disassemble naked, naked, naked, bravely and directly looking at your pain, followed by the girls' body stories, and they tampon themselves, whispered in whisper and itchy, and slightly whispered in the face of women.(Recommended reading: [#womanude] coexist with your body!Write the imperfect, the best self )

(Photo by Kiki Wu )

leaving this small fishing town, we were stranded on several
, and I thought it might be better for us to follow the stream, but look back, the body is maturing
the tides are not equal to us!You say next time you have to learn to wear clothes and go ashore.

— — Readers, faces addiction

Death of orgasm

If Joan Smith · "Sex" in the "Misogyny" book, " the sex of women is deemed to be death and pain, not as a symbol of life and happiness .

That sex is like a process of death, and when Ou spoke about sex, it gave you the greatest , and it gave you the greatest pain.It gives you both mad-love and deep pain. Every time you reach a climax, you know that it will disappear, and then the will lose hope and illusion.

sex is also like a flood of life. We have briefly in sex or orgasm. After the liquid flows out of the body, everything is like a resurrection, rebirth, a relief in pain, a delight in happiness, and a to the illusion.

— — Reader, Ema Chang

[ The drop plan ] Hair is fully donated to Cancer Hope Association

From the social system's constraints, nude-ness contact is naturally integrated, and returns to the baby soft and unbridless state, returning to the native self, expressing the human body and the mind and nature nature.

We are all soft and unhaired babies

— — Audience, Ema Chang

There was a time when you didn't want to face your body, because the spine was not.I hated going into the hospital and took X-rays and made a picture of me that I couldn't bear to look at.But now I understand that every inch of my body is part of me, and it's part of me.The lens, like my eyes, I'd like to say, this is me, no matter what the straigthing straight, this is the real me.

— — Reader, Angel

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