Tanabata Valentine's Day, which pair of lovers most flash? whether it is stark reality or play in the teaser, the audience eyes of the lover is always sweet, this tanabata, offer a little love sweet, no matter you are single, lovelorn , passionate, remember with the mirror of their own say: " Happy Valentine's Day :"

"Even without a lover, it's important to have this kind of love fetish." --Ju-ha

Tanabata Valentine's Day, our beloved love! Jingyuan Cowherd and the weaver girl affectionate leisurely long-distance love, also to love into the days of the old married. Which couples in the Tanabata most flash? Take a look at three pairs of "the more they flash you love" screen couple and reality couples file, this Valentine's Day, there is love not lonely.

Are the sunglasses ready? Let's keep looking down.

Pure Love of youth represents: Lin Sincerity and Xu Taiyu

Tanabata Valentine's Day, the woman fan editor came to "my teenage Age" press conference scene, the site gathered a lot of "mainland sister", was crowned the new small king, fresh Fresh Meat Wang Dalou Thank you all come to the scene, but also bless fans Happy Valentine's Day.

Song also secretly said himself yesterday rental Wang Mainland show loyalty phase quite let her very moved, can't help crying, moment as if the film Xu Taiyu out. Everyone's youth seems to have a boy like this: bad, leather, but always call you can not forget. Think of the film Xu Taiyu look at the hope of Lin sincerely in the heart said: "My wish is that you wish to have me." "Perhaps, youth is such pure foolishness." (Recommend you: hit "My Teenage Age" youth scene: Everyone's memory has a small lucky )

Valentine's Day, you may and Lin sincerely like in the heart Think: "Childhood total fantasy grew up what they are, grew up just do a not how to work, talk about not how to love." "Even so, fortunately, there is a Xu Taiyu in our lives."

The more happiness of remarriage represents: Alyssa and Xiu-kai

Tanabata Eve, Alyssa in the face book PO Wendao, announced the daughter Jubjub Jubjub last Friday came to the world. Alyssa Thank Shujie: "Thank you for the most pain in my most need to accompany all around me, you work hard!" The next world is the beginning Oh, are you ready? 」

Shujie also responded: "During this time you always worry about my work too tired, sleep not enough ... In fact, the real hard people are you, but you are always smiling and I said "Never mind, I'm fine." "My luck has turned into happiness, now I will let you also become the happiest mother and daughter, Lifetime ... Love you guys. "(You would like:Vera Wang remarried!) The 60-Year-old still has the secret of a passionate mood.

Image source: Shujie Face Book

Photo Source: Shujie Face Book

When looking at their family, always let people believe that true love is worth waiting for. The 40-year-old Alyssa a child at the risk of old age, through the turmoil of divorce and the toil of a single mother. That year in front of the media because the former husband shed tears Alyssa has been left in the past, now she with intelligence and women's courage, be loved, be cherished, for the well-being of life, pay. " Are you ready?" she asked. "About happiness, I think, we are always ready to hug." (Hey dear: the Tanabata Book for You: In love, have their own special )

Hollywood Evergreen Rep: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Jolie

Eight years after the long-distance running into the auditorium in 2013, shocked the media circle of the couple files always let people have unstoppable flash. Angelina Jolie's previous courageous breast cancer declaration shows her autonomy and responsibility to the family, she hopes to have a healthy body, so that the child's husband have a happy family. Angelina Jolie Jolie once said: " for me, the so-called love is not to find the perfect person to love, but in the process of discovering each other imperfect perfect." 」

In the wife's life, Brad Pitt not leave her through the difficulties, from the young all the way, together slowly grow old they are no longer just Hollywood bright and beautiful couple party, enjoy to do the public good, adopt children, together to film The life. What is happiness? As Jolie said: Found imperfect, love his flaws, remember the warm love sparks, but also willing to years of quiet good. (Recommended reading: Jolie and ex-girlfriend Jenny Shimizu Happy final words: love let them into their respective halls )

The Smiths, the first film of the two.

Whether it's a stark reality or a teaser, the lover in the audience's eyes is always sweet, this tanabata, offer a little love of sweet, if you are hesitant, please take the initiative and love, if you are free to single, enjoy your fiery Valentine's Day, watching a movie, aftertaste youth, and good sisters eat a meal, review friendship, Also to the person in the mirror said: Hey dear, Happy Valentine's Day.