Hou Hsiao-hsien ,

Xie Xinying received a number of , but in Hou Hsiao-hsien , he felt "Four-Not-like".Let's take a look at how Xinying looks at the role of Maggie, and the process of interacting with actors such as Hou Zheng, Zhang Zhen, Shu Qi, and other actors.(In the same field: [Sniangniang] Huang Chia-chia: The most simple and most important field of learning )

Four Tang Dynasty Dancing Dancing, dressed in Chinese fashion, hairdresseding high ground, smiling and smiling from the distance from the distance of the gallery, the at which the woman was so delicate that the attitude of the woman was so delicate that she was so delicate and so much better.The one who left the front in the first place was the Princess of the Princess of Wales, and he appeared to be a little bit of a smiles in four of them, and he just smiled and smiled.Who knows that this gallery has not come to an end, and that it is hard to find the way it is, and that the white smoke is coming out of its body. It seems that the fire is burning out in the body, which makes him miserable.

This is the < assassin Nie > first released video clip, but in just 120 seconds, it shows the personality of the character Hu Hui .The hegemon of Kobe Hebe is not to be used in the face of the dominant male, and her tyrhy reveals that when she feels that she is free.He said that he had used the wrong way to interpret Koji Ji , but he had done a lot of homework, but he was frustrated by the wrong direction.(Recommended reading: 12 years of practice is not a one-half style but an internal success!An Interview with the Assassin, Nie Hidden, Art Guide Huang Wen-ying )

The bulgus of Koji ge : when she feels she is free

"Nie Nangniang" was very thin. It was only a dozen or twenty pages. All of them were words. When I got it, I was nervous. I wanted to say that I didn't even know how to play the script.At first, I felt that Koch very weak, as we had imagined for the ancient women, and I even tied my foot with a rope and wanted to practice a more elegant walk.He says that until now, when he recalls the role of Koch he still feels a full set of frustration, perhaps due to the fact that he was completely clocting from head to toe, or perhaps clotting atmosphere of the Nie Hidden Studios, making him "think too much".

"Put your clothes on, I feel like I'm going to be a piece of silk ," but I'm still Xie Xinying, and this kind of state makes me struggle, and finally becomes even less like four.In the final analysis, I really think that there are too many, and Hou's guidance is very simple. He just wanted me to thank Xin Ying for the performance I should have done. I even felt that I should take out the feeling that I felt when I was little. role of Hsin Ying, who led the way out of the mist, was Hou guided, and he wanted to imagine the past of Maggie , and the freedom that it belonged to.

" I told Hou about my confusion and he wanted me to imagine the past of Hu Ji .Before Hu Ji marries the main male, in his hometown, he may have been riding horses, dancing, and freelance as a small bird every day.After being married to the master, the only thing he can do is to stay at the bedtime every day and wait for someone who loves it.As a concubine, she cannot compete with his wife, and this freely-free bird becomes a caged bird.

" I think Kobe Hei is miserable.It seems like I've abandoned my past and become my present, but now I am unable to bring happiness to myself.For Xinying, Kobe Ji had her own freedom only when dancing and dancing. Other times, his joy and sadness depended on the master, as if the man's life was entirely on the other.

Facing Kobe Maggie this role, though it is a setback between talking and defeating, he still thinks that Hu Ji is the most preferred role in his acting career.After the bitter experience of the present, the experience and learning left behind is not much in the name of the Nie Hidden mother, only two sentences have been mentioned in the clip of Hee Hee

I had the fortune to watch this film first, and Xin Ying and his grandpa were very charming. He said he was not coordinated. He was a hard-out, and I totally couldn't believe it.And then the spinning picture, which is beautiful and free, is spinning out of the savannah, and it's hard to forget.I think Hsin Ying really did live with Hu Ji , and if it was a change to another person, temperament of Uhuri Ji would certainly be different.

The set of Hou guides is slow and quiet.

"Nie Nang's Filming Live" is like playing a game of "who speaks first and who loses."As soon as we entered the environment, no one was talking, because everyone was very focused on their own work. This is the first time I've encountered this kind of situation since I made a film.I believe that only a team of leading candidates can do so.Nie is a strong performer, and I ask Hsin Ying to make a film together with the real forces of Shu Qi and Zhang Zhen. Do you have any new epiphany?(Share with you: From Niangniang > See the Writers of Zhu Astronomy and Xie Hai: Reading Life, More than Writing )

says that he doesn't have much to do with Shuqi, so he has learned a lot from the main male. He observes Zhang Zhen, and finds that he only needs to be in the set, as long as he is in the set." Even if it's a director yelling, lighting or adjusting anything, he will still be quietly waiting in that environment, and he will never get out of the air.I think that this is where I want to learn again. This is actually very difficult. Sometimes the people next to me come and talk to me, and I will take out Xie Xin Ying again.He said that he would sit quietly in his resting time and sit quietly in the studio, and everyone wanted to make the best of his own, because he didn't have the "almost good" thing to do with the Hou.

For example, if Hou feels that Chen's exhibit, fine arts, and props are not complete enough, he doesn't ask others to do it. Instead, he starts doing things quietly, and when you see it, you will be very nervous and naturally ask for more stringent requirements."I want to see the appearance of Hou's personal guidance, and I feel that I can understand the slow and strenchable atmosphere of the Nie Hidden," he said.It was not a forced reaction, but because of the respect for Hou, who wanted to create the perfect film with him, and the self-proclaimed drag was never to be a drag on the team.Such a team is very powerful.

I asked Xin Ying, did he learn anything from him this time with Hou? "There is, absolutely."" question is not finished yet, and Xin Ying frequently nodd his head.He said that if he asked him the question during the filming of the film, he would definitely not answer the question, because the anxiety and tension in that moment were still very large.However, in retrospect, Hingei feels a sense of sensitivity. He says that although there is not much chance of direct contact with Hou at the set, he often has a dialogue with other people to understand the film, and to push through the way he interpretse the role.

" I later realized the great place of Hou.In the past, when I was in contact with the crew, there were times when there was no extra time for the actors to play, and we were asked to move quickly to a point in every action.However, the film was completely different from the Hou directing film. The pressure was all carried by him and other staff members. When Hou was an actor, he was very comfortable. He just threw you in that environment, and let you try it, that's all.In an era of rapid demand for everything, Hou likes to slow down and slow down, and what is deliberately done is unnatural. He is a professional performer who is accustomed to the need to speed up his work. In the face of Hou, Hsin Ying must slow down and return to zero.

< assassin Nie > not only a film, but also a work of art

I was at the special exhibition at the Golden Horse Film Festival, I looked at the audience with the audience, "Nie Nieang," and only recalls that in the interview with Hou Zen-hsiang, Hou was joking and joking, " That is, I want you to look at it again.That's right. Frankly, I really don't understand a lot of things.When you look at Nie Hidden, you only feel that the lights, the pictures, the atmosphere and the atmosphere are so beautiful that you are so drunk, but the plot and the dialogue are few, but they are very untouched.

this way, the writer Chu Tien-wen says so. When he first saw Nie's finished product, he felt like he was abandoned, and Hou led a rocket to outer space. On the way, he abandoned his propellers, and was very simple to show no emotion. " You want to do this, you have to get yourself, you don't care about the world, but it's a high-and-expensive, free ride.This is what Chu Tien-wen and Hou said. I asked Hsin Ying for the first time to see Nie's movie. Is it just like him?Hsin Ying shook his head, saying only that he was too respect for Hou.(Sibling together: Looking for the same type in the desolate generation!Chu Tien-niang: "Everyone has his own loneliness" )

Is it blind or not? I will not doubt my own likes and respect."In fact, the rhythm and atmosphere of the finished product is not far from what I imagine. But the film does give us a lot of explanations. We have read the script, and we may be more confused about what we are talking about and perhaps the audience.However, if the story is too straightforward, there is not enough room for everyone to imagine, as if you did not take the big brain to see a piece of the film, and there was no other answer. You can have many answers. You can have many answers. Every viewer wants to believe in what he wants, and I believe it.

Hsin Ying says that he used to be afraid to meet directors, but during the filming of Nie's wife, he found that Hou's milling was valuable.What viewers see on the big screen are all grinted from time to time, rather than simply piled up with technology." I really think that this is only done by Hou. The Nanny is definitely a piece worth exploring, and it is a work of art."It takes three years to get actors and drama groups to figure out a film, and in the film industry, in addition to Hou Hsiao-hsien, who doesn't know who has the courage and ability to do so."

In my eyes, Xin Ying, with unique temperament and natural art, doesn't think of a female star who has a similar character to him in Taiwan's entertainment circles. This is the best actress in the Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting Actress, " said the actress, who won the Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting Actress, and the best actress at the Taipei Film Festival.Hey, go to theaters to see the hut, and you'll see in the very stillness of the very stillness, the rich excitement of the moment, and the freedom to see the hidden, coral Ji .