Media said she is a chess industry, she said she is a Guo Yan, not necessarily contend for when the protagonist, but to own absolute freedom and sprightly. The quirky black Ka ka is not just the media go goddess, but also a serious solid walk every step of the girl. Listen to black Ka Ka's go way, let us find the original intention of happiness .

Talking about Taiwan female chess, you may be the first to think of her, the media like to say she is "Chishi first beauty", "Go World Dragon Girl", because jiao good appearance and superb chess received warm attention, she is Taiwanese-Australian Weiqi player-Black ka ka. Ka Ka is the Taiwan Chess Institute of Women's six-part career, currently Taiwan's first, and is the only Chinese mainland to enter a paragraph of professional female chess.

This day I and Wei Xuan in the Haifeng chess courtyard and Jia Jia meet, rather than she is little Dragon woman, as she is Guo Yan, Jia Jia said that she is a bit silly, we seem to be hearty with heroism. She is the small East evil of chess, aura exudes a little naughty, lively and calm, with chess to teach friends, more win win.

Between winning and losing, always remember to play chess only for yourself

" I play chess because I am happy," he said. "Black Jia Jia said she was not particularly interested in the loss of chess, mom and dad will not ask her to win chess." So playing Weiqi is always happy for her. Ka Ka likes to go is from 5 years old mother Black Nan take out the chessboard of that moment, she grew up to think Weiqi is her life, until to the United States, no chess environment, she found that is their love, and then began to play online chess.

Wei Xuan said can know oneself love thing is lucky, black Ka ka's growth process in addition to go is also full of many "interest"-gymnastics, dance, piano, pipa, she also likes calligraphy, Chinese painting, Read Jin Yong.

To know that his life ambition looks like a needle in a haystack, Jia Jia said: "One thing a day does not do is very strange, that is Weiqi." "The joy of Weiqi, from Ka ka wholeheartedly like this thing, she is not expecting to win how many medals, but" always remember to play chess for themselves. 」

Jia Jia is a free girl, she almost does not care about the position, record, Jia Jia said that there are a few pieces of their own always lose chess, she does not feel helpless and setbacks. "Just feel a little strange, how to always lose it!" Jia Jia A word let Wei Xuan and I smiled happily, she does not discuss too many setbacks and sadness. We wonder how a 21-year-old can be so indifferent to winning or losing? Jia Jia said it is likely to be related to the acquisition of chess environment, from her Weiqi teacher Zhou Coping teachers do not want him to go out to play, not to ask for Chess force . Ka-ka's heart at chess is at ease, and perhaps only exceptionally well. (You will like: Japanese sex celebrity grand Slam!) Taiwan chess Sheil: "The best chess in life, the next plate")

The Chuang Tzu faction in the Weiqi world: whose life has no setbacks?

When the professional chess, also into the Chinese go, the people around the Jia Jia's record to look forward to, Wei Xuan said setbacks and success phase freshly long, then should be a little pressure? Kerry is open-minded to say: "Anything will have setbacks ah." "Setbacks for course, naturally do not add to ponder, I see in Jia Jia is not young worry and vitality, but experienced countless battlefield still choose to face the sun Lotte."

Jia Jia's Chifeng and her sex are very similar. She said she is able to fight, but usually do not provoke a fight without cause, but like nature to follow the fewest walk. Wei Xuan feel that black Ka jia is like Chuang Tzu, especially happy also with the same, as if encounter any difficulty is not difficult.

She automatically got up early at four or five to get up and play chess, but also never bored, for Ka Jia is a natural thing. Because the next happy, so will not be "reluctantly". She rarely said her efforts, this time Jia Jia but seriously looked at us and said: "I am really not smart, but I absolutely very hard." 」

Those efforts, she never take to say mouth, because effort is a necessity.

We may have been able to see the "Love" in Ka Jia, just like in the Dream Road pick up all the way away, accidentally lost the original intention. Wei Xuan and I interviewed three chess, not to mention their way of winning or losing, Zhou Junxun teacher talk about life can not be greedy, according to Min think the victory and defeat all exercise themselves, Jia Jia in the victory, first consider themselves fast unhappy. The only thing that is the same is the dedication, the passion for the dream and the special feeling. (Recommended reading: woman fan CEO and chess Zhou Junxun to talk about: The game of life, learning to "lose" the gentle style )

Chess on the body as if there is such a trait, go seems very quiet, the mind is swirling the hot Pentium, Jia Jia body of hearty, bright, Lotte all in chess concise, she also smiled to say that their character is good, certainly and go has a great relationship.

She is not without sadness, but willing to believe in innocence and happiness

Jia Jia is not a perfect, not a child without emotion, her unique freedom in addition to talent, but also a mother's promotion. Mother took her to the go world, but also never asked Jia Jia to get good results. Kerry's mother died last year from illness, the hardest part of her life. "After Mom left, everything had to come to her own, before the competition, go abroad ah everything has her help me arrange well." 」

Jia Jia will learn not only to arrange life, but also to live anew. "Now think of it, really do not know how to come over at that time." "For a long time she had no way to play," she said, "but it's time to get better." "Jia Jia said the light, we know how she spoke these words is how hard to word out, endure tears." Ka Ka has always been happy in front of people, sharing sadness is particularly necessary for her to practice, in the face of Sadness, Jia Jia remembers mother said: "Compared to your grades, I care more about your fast unhappy." (Recommended reading: Life is the same?) Eight secrets to live each day happily.

I think we have no doubt about the seemingly easy "happy", the positive to the somewhat doubtful "Lotte" that Ka Ka had previously said. In front of us is not a simple, not experienced sad girl, but in any case, are willing to believe in innocence and happiness of the Black Ka ka.

Jia Jia's mother walked quickly, Wei Xuan asked if there is a chance, want to say with mother what words? She said: "When I was in professional chess, my mother always played with me, and we had very few family together." If there is a chance, or hope that a family can gather together, although very ordinary, but is the most beautiful memories. "The most beautiful is the most ordinary, that is the desire of the heart of Black Ka ka."

Freedom: The sensation of pursuing a heartbeat between movement and motion

After passing mother died, Jia Jia not talk about setbacks, not to say pressure, her mind like a soft ocean, can embrace those unhappy impurities. I saw the black Ka ka-ming Bright Eyes, smiling like the wind chimes comfortable and cheerful. As she said, she was more like Guo Yan, a small, quirky thing. "I like adventure, like the heartbeat of the feeling." "(Extended reading: adventure while Young, because of the fall )

Kerry has a classic and freedom of conflict between the United States, she quiet down calligraphy, chess, graceful in a kind of atmosphere, a talk and like a small squirrel in the forest, Lightsome lively, like in the journey of life at ease jump, static in a kind of Pentium.

From an early age in the development of freedom and adaptation of the environment grew up, and therefore accumulated a lot of experience, who can think of a girl will pipa also love gymnastics. Freedom makes a child loyal to the heart and has his own philosophy of happiness. Kerry also particularly encourages Taiwanese parents to try to listen to what their children "want", because we are all the children who want to be ourselves.

I always remember the 18-Year-old in 2012, standing at Tedxtaipei〈 's inspiring liberal education, to share her parents ' way of educating her: "The child is with you, but not yours." A 18-year-old girl stood in front of hundreds of adults and spoke confidently. At that time she also to "go ten tactic" in "not greedy win" knot, she said that regardless of parents and children to understand, go to win a half head is also win, win 100 eye is also win, not try win those few steps, each other happy.

At that time her words, faithfully carry out in life, for the black Jia Jia, freedom is not endless indulgence, but in the movement of the pursuit can make their heartbeat of things, not greedy, let her more can have satisfied the sweetness. At the end of the interview, we asked Black Ka ka to wish the reader a life of chess, she said: "Weiqi is very free, no one can decide which step you want to take, find the step you want to go is very important, you can be completely free." 」

If our life can be more than a Guo Yan of uninhibited and sprightly, a little indifferent to the impulse of the rules of the world, I think we will also understand the black Jia Jia like Chuang Tzu to be contented. Where does freedom and happiness come from? What makes you feel the heartbeat? I think you'll know. (You will like: the biggest goal in life is not success, but someone to share your happiness )