This September, we talk about women's power with " movement ", women's strength can be soft, can be strong, sometimes forward, sometimes concessions. Six movies talk about not only blood and momentum, but also learning in the movement of the flexibility of the proper and retreat! (Recommended reading: when nudity becomes socially responsible: A woman's fitness proclaims a strong soul )

When it comes to sports movies, we always think of jingzhuang strong muscles, the male image that comes in, the sweaty brotherhood or the outrageous stubbornness of one man alone. As if the "sportsmanship" of the blood surging only belong to masculine, is a man myth.

Women's myths and history, we have to remember, this era, power is not only symbolic rights or strength, women's power can be soft communication and balance of the way. Share with you five films that write about women's sportsmanship, exercise, inspire our unprecedented willpower, and write a woman's closer contact with the body. (Recommend you: thousand female Lust: academic circle, social movement and the feminine lust in popular culture )

The ambition that learns to regress but does not bow to fate

"All movement is to strive for victory, only tug of war must step by step to retreat." 」

"2010 years I learned from the media that the king of the United States tug-of-war team won the news, was immediately the group of girls endure hardship when the attitude moved. How can I give up my dream when I look at them so hard? Director Zhang Buri says the morale of the girls is that he burns his own energy.

In the movie, the tug-of-war team each girl has its own story, each space is like the tug of war, is a game of life's seesaw battle. "Ambition" talks about the interaction and contradictions between teachers and students in Taiwan's school team, and also discusses the "Sports students" in the face of a minority of teachers and the pressure of academic performance of the prejudice efforts. In the film depicts the king of the tug of war team body the most pure one of the insistence, they palm of the thick cocoon, followed by sweat streaming tears, indomitable ambition.

The person who likes sports, has a kind of primitive pure, that thing is called believe. (Recommended reading: that night I met a homeless man, he let me understand the power of faith )

Practice walking a long way: "At that time, I was left with the brave"

"If your consciousness abandons you, then jump off consciousness." 」

She was in the most important event of her life. Shirley Streed Cheryl Strayed (Rachel Witherspoon Reese Witherspoon) experiences the collapse of drug addiction, complex relationships, and divorces that lead to pregnancy, abortion, and the eventual divorce of her husband for seven years, when she sits in the wilderness and says: " My real life is more lonely than this. 」

In the end, she resolutely set foot on the Pacific Ridge Road hiking trip. "Walk" has always been the most quiet and the most stuffy movement, repeated the same action, how to exercise in every gesture between the mind? The protagonist of the hike is not compared with anyone, just step by step with a steady regret. (Extended reading: Relive the pleasures of innocence: To put aside your obsession, just walk and do Nothing)

The film was adapted from a real story, the author Xue-Streed wrote this road length of 1000 miles of the Pacific Ridge Road along the landscape, like life sometimes beautiful magnificent landscape, climate change, layers of overlapping hidden raging. When the climbers have to give up, she also insisted on continuing, each step on the overlapping past memories of the unruly, crazy, regret, she learned in this way to face and forgive themselves, and anger and sadness reconciliation.

What is important is not the end, but the way you arrive. The heroine is facing the arduous hardships of the road, so looking back, life is more magnificent. (Recommended reading: lose all, is to get the start )

The sports family cannot have no dream: "Climb the peak to strike"

"Once the decision is made, do not stop, and once you decide to stop, don't regret it." 」

Speaking of boxing movies, you will Think of "Rocky" inspirational Blood, "Bull" loneliness and self-salvation, as well as "Deng Feng Strike", different from the sincere in place boxing film, "Deng Feng Strike" on the survival of a female boxer glory.

Rough Boxing coach Klin Isse (Clint Eastwood) and female fighter Maggie (Hilary Swank) found their place in each other's history of pain and went to the championship. When everyone talks about sports movies is nothing more than a dream and inspirational, this movie break "as long as efforts, the dream will come true" fairy tale, let people see most of the athletes on the reality of fate and cruelty.

The so-called sportsmanship, rather than "endure to victory", more like a victory for the dream to live once. At the end of life, Maggie insists on the boxer's peculiar stubbornness: "When danger approaches, instead of going forward," she was paralyzed on her battlefield and decided to end her own hardships and die, and her last breath seemed to say: "My life has been wonderful, so I am not afraid of death." (You will like: Kai-fu Lee: I repaired the death credits, taught me to reflect on the meaning of Living )

The endurance of "beyond 7 minutes" in a lifetime

Zhou Ziyan is a legendary figure in the Hong Kong marathon world. She was a middle school teacher who, at the age of 30, resigned from her tenure as a full-time marathon runner for two years to represent Hong Kong in the Olympics. (Recommended reading: The first woman to run into a marathon )

Hong Kong marathon runners must face a breakthrough in every game, and face different challenges, such as sudden illness, lack of professional runway, and hard to find funding. In addition to recording runners to participate in the competition, the Director also recorded how the Friends and family group carefully planned the route to help the players refueling. The goose was not elected in 2012 to participate in the Olympic Games, but the game is not the result of important, but whether to do their best, do not give up.

Women's violence Aesthetics: Hit Go! The girl of the hurricane

Weird, punk, queer, Bump, sexy, hurricane, they are racing pulley girls! Racing pulley is the rapid rise in recent years, in Canada, the trend of the women's movement. The group, which has a strong identity, has redefined women's movements, highlighting the various appearances of the negative body--she can be injured, stiff, thick, tense, violent, and transgender.

The film is a record of the vibrant racing pulley community, and is renowned for its reputation as a powerful and sexy player: a wildly aggressive spanking at the same time. Let everyone itch, adrenaline burst!

Dance is the most honest language: "Pina"

Dance, dance, or we'll be lost. 」

Many people know that Baushu (Pina Bausch) is the Amodova director of the "quietly tell her", of which two ballet "Muller Café" and "Passion Mazurka" set off a wave of modern ballet.

"Pina" by the Wenwindes record form to restore the real moved in the theater. The film is unveiled on stage, symbolizing the "Dance Theatre" world of Baushu, where the dancers ' monologue is linked to their dances and their life's thickness. This documentary is about the dance soul of Baushu, and we are touched and heartbroken by one of her eyes.

Look at the dance of Baushu, we will understand that dance is not to be applied formula, are from the essence of human nature of the most real Pentium ecstasy, disappointed. Dance is one of the most honest languages, embracing and kissing, love and pain, and being sticky and detached. (Recommended reading: modern dance queen, Lena Baushu Pina Baush)

If you want to be honest with your body and have the closest relationship, you should start dancing.

Six sports movies are sometimes violent and sometimes gentle. The dance is about showing the soul with the body, racing the pulley under the woman's power can also be very speed sense. Exercise is to walk repeatedly, is indomitable pain, but also day after day soft mind. The nature of sports is wonderful! Each "move" between, all in return to oneself, each time because movement and Pentium, heart but quietly calm.