The " Chew Weekly " unit seeks to be thin but profound, taking a weight that allows you to take it easy; a topic that makes you chew slowly. Less time, one to chew! This time we pay attention to Hatano knot Cayen burning effect, but also to test themselves: how do you watch lust ?

Hatano knot clothing leisurely travel card news to burn a week, news a burst, everywhere is not negative comment. Hatano knot in the figure from boys in youth in the thin collection of puzzle became abandoned such as indignity "obscene leisurely travel card." Taipei leisurely card Company intends to Hatano knot clothing public Welfare Angel card surplus donated to the community to do the public good, social service Unit ungrateful said: "As long as the card screen no obscene images, not to accept donations." "The leisurely travel card has not had the traffic space, intends to spread in the network, Kovinge one to yell:" Does not make the matter big again, prohibits the public to sell. 」

When the goddess can only stay in the night fantasy

The former Taiwanese person "Diablo Lin Chi-ling", "is the sister Shang" suddenly became adults and children are despised characters. As if AV actress dyed yellow social purity, pornography tainted the halls of innocence of children. In the news picture the adult still takes out "does not see, does not listen, does not treat" the principle treats the child, never fair and Aboveboard tells the child "av Actress is a profession "; when the newspapers and magazines can only in the night of the boy pistol, vowed to say that he will not buy Hatano card, the goddess of the past overnight crash, what goddess, just stay in the illusion of the signal.

In the name of Hatano knot, let the lust be free

However, in these two days, the network began to appear on the internet, "Hatano card" bid auction; 9/1 hours in the morning, Taipei Big card company calls to sell, 30,000 cards sold out after four hour. Taiwan men's Magazine "FHM Men help" more in the face of the book launched an indefinite support Hatano knot "campaign slogan, they said:" Rengeyouzhi. " You can live in hypocrisy, can be high moral standards to see any event, but, men help think, when people in the face of desire, must be honest and calm, only to understand the desire to unhurriedly posture, look at and control the desire, to be able to do not want, Into evil. "

Do not let desire, become evil. Some people say that the sale of Hatano card is originally to please men and exist. Why do women's bodies exist only for men? It has always been a shame to be "pleasing a man with the flesh" is an embarrassing thing to say, when AV actress was crowned "lewd" in the name, when the FHM men help to embrace Hatano in the name of the campaign, why as a woman we dare not face that similar body composition and similar climax? "Support Hatano" indefinitely supports not only the sex industry workers, but also the freedom of each person's lust.

Why do you have to wear it back when you take off your clothes?

When all the actress is eager to use the "strength" to take off the clothes one by one to wear back, Hatano knot clothing in the opinion lived seven years. She is in the Tsai film nude, only Xiao Lu's body's "performance" to let fans yell disappointment. When she was interviewed, she said: "Although the" sashimi "in the" Shallow wild Summer Beauty "is to the brink of death before leaving AV work, but some of the same escape mentality is I have always been expected.

Perhaps the real escape is not the AV industry, but the pathological social unspoken rules-only the sex life buried in the night, obviously last night to watch a piece of the pistol in the news this morning but in the press to criticize pornography, not children have any sex education of Taiwanese parents. In the wave of support that has flooded the web, we yearn for a movie that no longer has to be clicked to download and talk; We expect the world to have more equal sex, when people think of a film not just for men. (Recommended reading: A film for exclusive women!) See how Female Porn to mark the coming of the New Age

From "#FreeTheNipple" to "Hatano card", our complaint is no longer "indecent screen", more people are willing to "go overboard" standing in the so-called indecent party, brave appeal for lust. Also let a person rethink: take off clothes, why must wear back? Why can't I bare the magnanimous, why can not show my favorite part of the body, why can not share the beauty of the human body?

I think, the real nasty is not the mouth burst, Yan shot, not those who are illegally downloaded a piece of the puzzle, not to become a man's desire to look at the woman naked, but the AV actress as a dirty thing thinking.

We're all that Hatano knot.

We all need to learn that there is no absolute political correctness in the world. When a person too believe the truth, it means that he lost his true ability to think independently, in front of a wave of abuse, after the waves to support the Hatano knot clothes, not only for Hatano knot clothes platform, more lust rectification. (Extended reading: The pure fury of lust: I want to take not the AV actress, but her reality )

I hope that day soon, the body of sex workers and housewife body can no longer be antagonistic, women can enjoy the process of showing desire, know that in sex with joy is profound, take off the clothes we are comfortable, watching the puzzle we do not have to hide in the long night.